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19-May-2024An Exploration of the English Spoken Language Skills of Iraqi Postgraduate Students Studying in Two Regional Australian Universities: A Functional Linguistics AnalysisAlruhaimi, Dunya Jawad Kadhim; Feez, Susan ; Harper, Helen ; Nye, Adele 21-May-2024
29-Oct-2023A conceptual history of progress in the policy documents of the ACT education system, 1967-2022Molony, Damien Peter; Charteris, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele 29-Jan-2024
329-Jul-2023Affirmative Ethics in the COVID-19 Moment: Perplexities, Paradoxes, and SurprisesCharteris, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele ; Pillay, Daisy; Foulkes, Ruth16-Aug-2023
420-Mar-2023The influence of postgraduate study experience in Australia on the professional and personal lives of returning faculty members in the two colleges of education in BhutanTshering, Dolay; Nye, Adele ; Miller, Judith ; Berman, Jeanette 10-Aug-2023
517-Jan-2023Formative performance assessment in preservice teacher education - working through the black boxesAdlington, Rachael ; Charteris, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele 7-Jul-2023
62023Shifting Work and Home Spatialities: Connecting in and Through Arts-Based Research During the COVID-19 PandemicNye, Adele ; Foulkes, Ruth; Pillay, Daisy; Charteris, Jennifer 3-Apr-2023
72023Foundling museums: exhibition design and the intersection of the vital materiality of foundling tokens and affective visitor experienceClark, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele 3-Nov-2023
831-Dec-2022Influence of Study Abroad Experiences in Australia on Teacher Education in Bhutan’s Education CollegesTshering, Dolay; Berman, Jeanette ; Miller, Judith ; Nye, Adele 17-Jan-2023
93-Feb-2022A Study of the Barriers to Learning English as a Second Language (ESL) Experienced by Students in Sri Lankan Universities and Pedagogical Strategies Used by their TeachersRubasing Siriwardhana, Kosala Manori; Yilmaz, Devrim ; Feez, Susan ; Maniam, Vegneskumar ; Nye, Adele 21-Nov-2023
102022The Affective Entanglements of the Visitor Experience at Holocaust Sites and MuseumsNye, Adele ; Clark, Jennifer6-Jan-2023
11Nov-2021Facilitating dialogue to support Ganma: a methodology for navigating contested knowledgeThraves, Genevieve ; Dhurrkay, Miriam; Baker, Penelope ; Berman, Jeanette ; Nye, Adele 4-Oct-2022
129-Sep-2021Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Participation in Higher Education at a Regional University Campus: Policy, People and PlaceFarrell, Lynette Dawn; Nye, Adele ; Charteris, Jennifer ; Boughton, Robert 1-Dec-2023
1330-Jun-2021A study of the barriers to learning English as a Second Language (ESL) experienced by students in Sri Lankan universities and pedagogical strategies used by their teachers - DatasetSiriwardhana, K M R; Yilmaz, Devrim ; Feez, Susan ; Nye, Adele ; Maniam, Vegneskumar 21-Nov-2023
14Jun-2021Djalkirri Rom and gifts, talents and talent development: Yolngu Way, An Australian approach to talent developmentThraves, Genevieve ; Baker, Penelope ; Berman, Jeanette ; Nye, Adele ; Dhurrkay, Miriam15-Jun-2021
153-Feb-2021Yolŋu Way: An Aboriginal Approach to Talent DevelopmentThraves, Genevieve Ane ; Serow, Penelope; Nye, Adele ; Berman, Jeanette 14-Dec-2023
162021Teaching History for the Contemporary World: Tensions, Challenges and Classroom Experiences in Higher EducationNye, Adele ; Jennifer Clark26-May-2021
172021Teaching History for the Contemporary World: An IntroductionClark, Jennifer; Nye, Adele 23-Jun-2021
182021Learning to research in distance mode: Technologies for building higher degree research community onlineNolan, Huw ; Nye, Adele ; Rumpca, Nikki; Van Luyn, Ariella 26-Jul-2022
192021In and Beyond the Now: A PostscriptNye, Adele ; Clark, Jennifer23-Jun-2021
202021Positioning: Making Use of Post-qualitative Research PracticesNye, Adele ; Clark, Jennifer23-Jun-2021
212021Posthuman COV-llaboration: Enfleshing Encounters of Connectedness Through Imaging MemoryPillay, Daisy; Charteris, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele ; Foulkes, Ruth27-Mar-2023
2229-Sep-2020Reflections from members of UNE's School of Education on the new normalGregory, Sue ; Charteris, Jenny ; Nye, Adele ; Bartlett-Taylor, Tim ; Cox, Robyn 10-Sep-2021
235-Sep-2020A Disciplinary Perspective on the post-Covid university. What can History offer?Clark, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele 16-Aug-2022
2410-Jun-2020Learning in the Age of Distraction: Assessing the efficacy of technology integration on adolescent learningSebire, Karl; Gregory, Sue ; Bannister-Tyrrell, Michelle ; Nye, Adele 6-Aug-2020
252020Deleuzian 'interference' and emergent listening in intern teacher assemblages: singing in the (ref)rainCharteris, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele ; Jones, Marguerite14-Feb-2020
262019Educational Research in the Age of AnthropoceneReyes, Vicente; Charteris, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele ; Mavropoulou, Sofia10-Feb-2019
272019Posthumanist ethical practice: agential cuts in the pedagogic assemblageJones, Marguerite; Charteris, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele 6-Jun-2019
282019Posthuman Methodology and Pedagogy: Uneasy Assemblages and Affective ChoreographiesCharteris, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele 18-Feb-2020
29Sep-2018'Why Study History?': An Examination of Online Statements in Australian Universities 2008-2016Nye, Adele 10-Feb-2019
302018Heutagogy in Postgraduate Education: Cognitive Advantages for Higher Degree Online StudentsGregory, Sue ; Bannister-Tyrrell, Michelle ; Charteris, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele 19-Feb-2019
312018Feasible utopias and affective flows in the academy: A mobilisation of hope and optimismCharteris, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele ; Jones, Marguerite11-Feb-2019
322018Teacher perceptions of curriculum change in the bilingual reform programs in government schools in the United Arab Emirates: an Interpretative Phenomenological AnalysisEl Gamal, Glenda; Morgan, Anne-Marie ; Nye, Adele 21-Jun-2018
332018Snapshot: The Discipline of History in British and Australian UniversitiesCollins, Marcus; Nye, Adele 28-Jun-2018
342018Leadership: Enabling Leadership in the Teaching and Learning of History in Higher EducationNye, Adele ; Clark, Jennifer28-Jun-2018
352018Teaching the Discipline of History in an Age of StandardsClark, Jennifer; Nye, Adele 28-Jun-2018
362018The Three Contexts of Writing About History TeachingClark, Jennifer; Nye, Adele 28-Jun-2018
372018Feasible utopias and affective flows in the academy: A mobilisation of hope and optimismCharteris, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele ; Jones, Marguerite13-May-2024
382018Relational Aggression and the "Mean Boy": Re-gendering Concepts of Aggressive and Dangerous BehaviourPage, Angela ; Jones, Marguerite A; Charteris, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele 17-May-2018
392017A heterotopology of the academy: mapping assemblages as possibilised heterotopiasCharteris, Jennifer ; Jones, Marguerite A; Nye, Adele ; Reyes, Vicente1-Feb-2017
402017Voice, Representation and Dirty TheoryBarker, Lorina ; Nye, Adele ; Charteris, Jennifer 21-Jul-2017
412017'Surprise Me!' The (im)possibilities of agency and creativity within the standards framework of history educationClark, Jennifer; Nye, Adele 22-May-2017
422017Rebuilding Schools After FireNye, Adele 25-May-2017
432017Wild Choreography of Affect and Ecstasy: Contentious Pleasure (Joussiance) in the AcademyCharteris, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele ; Jones, Marguerite A6-Feb-2018
442017Prudentia as becoming-shame: knowledge production in Southern Theory research PracticeNye, Adele ; Amazan, Rose ; Charteris, Jennifer 13-Jan-2017
452016The emotional knots of academicity: a collective biography of academic subjectivities and spacesCharteris, Jennifer ; Gannon, Susanne; Mayes, Eve; Nye, Adele ; Stephenson, Lauren16-Feb-2016
462016'Working from the boot of a red falcon': The impact of major fires in four Australian schoolsNye, Adele 13-May-2016
472016"Being and Becoming" a Researcher: Building a Reflective Environment to Create a Transformative Learning Experience for Undergraduate StudentsNye, Adele ; Clark, Jennifer26-Sep-2016
482016Historical Thinking and Objects of NostalgiaNye, Adele 18-Nov-2016
492016Writing the (researcher) self: reflective practice and undergraduate researchNye, Adele ; Clark, Jennifer; Bidwell, Pam; Deschamps, Briahannon; Frickman, Lisa; Green, Jennifer7-Jun-2016
502015Rethinking Evidence: Assessment in the History Discipline in Australian UniversitiesNye, Adele 14-Jan-2015

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