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12023Foundling museums: exhibition design and the intersection of the vital materiality of foundling tokens and affective visitor experienceClark, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele 3-Nov-2023
25-Sep-2020A Disciplinary Perspective on the post-Covid university. What can History offer?Clark, Jennifer ; Nye, Adele 16-Aug-2022
32015History on Trial: Evaluating Learning Outcomes through Audit and Accreditation in a National Standards EnvironmentBrawley, Sean; Clark, Jennifer R ; Dixon, Chris; Ford, Lisa; Nielsen, Erik; Ross, Shawn; Upton, Stuart20-Jun-2016
42015Embedding an institution-wide capacity building opportunity around transition pedagogy: First Year Teaching and Learning Network CoordinatorsClark, Jennifer ; Gurney, Lisa J; Lawrence, Sarah ; Leece, Rhonda; Malouff, John M ; Masters, Yvonne ; Reid, Jacqueline ; Tasker, Isabel ; Valenzuela-Abaca, Fredy ; Wilkes, Janelle 7-May-2015
52015Methodism and the Challenge of 'the Sixties'Clark, Jennifer R 9-Jul-2015
62014ReligionClark, Jennifer R 24-Nov-2015
72013The American Idea of England, 1776-1840: Transatlantic WritingClark, Jennifer R 29-Aug-2013
82013Learning outcomes assessment and History: TEQSA, the After Standards Project and the QA/QI challenge in AustraliaBrawley, Sean; Clark, Jennifer R ; Dixon, Chris; Ford, Lisa; Ross, Shawn; Upton, Stuart; Nielsen, Erik23-May-2013
92013Peopling the Public History of Motoring: Men, Machines, and MuseumsClark, Jennifer R 23-May-2013
102012Objects of subversion: Contested spaces, competing stories and the material culture of motoringClark, Jennifer R 14-Dec-2012
112012The Church Act: The expansion of Christianity or the imposition of moral enlightenment?Stoneman, David; Roberts, David ; Scully, Richard ; Ihde, Erin ; Clark, Jennifer R 23-Jul-2012
122011Applying standards to tertiary-level history: Policy, challenges and the 'After Standards' projectBrawly, Sean; Clark, Jennifer R ; Dixon, Chris; Ford, Lisa; Grolman, Leah; Ross, Shawn; Upton, Stuart20-Feb-2012
132010Rethinking Learning in Your Discipline: Proceedings of the University Learning and Teaching Futures Colloquium, 2010Muldoon, Robyn ; Clark, Jennifer R ; McCormack, Cathryn Louise; Fleming, Melanie; Jessop, Susan21-Aug-2013
142010The 'rough and tumble': displaying complexity in the motor museumClark, Jennifer R 25-May-2010
152010The Problematic Church Building: History, Authority and the Liturgy of Church Closure in Australia, 1973-1998Clark, Jennifer R 26-May-2010
162010Roadside Mourning: Exposing the Grief Behind Roadside Memorial ConstructionClark, Jennifer R ; Tidswell, Toni10-Jun-2010
172009The Material Culture of Road Safety: Road safety as museum display?Clark, Jennifer Rose 3-Feb-2010
182009What use is SoTL?: Using the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to Develop a Curriculum for First Year University History ClassesClark, Jennifer R 25-May-2010
192008Challenging motoring functionalism: Roadside memorials, heritage and history in Australia and New ZealandClark, Jennifer Rose 21-May-2009
202008Competing Voices on the Road: Seeking Pleasure and Representing Death on the Pacific HighwayClark, Jennifer Rose ; Cushing, Nancy; Oakley, Rilka5-May-2010
212008Church Closure: New Opportunities for Church HistoryClark, Jennifer Rose 13-Aug-2009
222008Aborigines & Activism: Race, Aborigines & the Coming of the Sixties to AustraliaClark, Jennifer Rose 11-Aug-2009
232008Powerpoint and pedagogy: maintainging student interest in university lecturesClark, Jennifer Rose 11-Aug-2009
242008'Your spot': Marking place with roadside memorialsClark, Jennifer Rose 18-Aug-2009
252007Views of the verge: Roadside Memorials and Local Government PoliciesClark, Jennifer Rose 1-May-2009
262007'This Special Shell': The Church Building and the Embodiment of MemoryClark, Jennifer Rose 1-May-2009
272007Seeing the Dead: Giving Visibility to the Victims of Road Trauma with Roadside MemorialsClark, Jennifer Rose 12-May-2009
282007IntroductionClark, Jennifer Rose 12-May-2009
292006Religious LifeClark, Jennifer Rose 5-May-2009
302006Authority from Grief, Presence and Place in the Making of Roadside MemorialsClark, JR ; Franzmann, MM 30-Jun-2008
312004RIP by the Roadside: A Comparative Study of Roadside Memorials in New South Wales, Australia, and Texas, United StatesClark, JR ; Cheshire, A18-Jul-2008
322002'A Father, A Son, My Only Daughter': Memorialising Road TraumaClark, JR ; Franzmann, MM 29-Jul-2008
332002Poisoned Pens: the Anglo-American Relationship and the Paper WarClark, JR 7-Jul-2008

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