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11-Dec-2023Mechanisms for the production and amelioration of ammonia (NH3) from cattle manure using in vitro methodsWilkes, Janelle ; Cowley, Frances ; Tait, Louise ; Creevey, Skye Caitlin 10-Nov-2023
2Dec-2023Effect of woodchip bedding during wet conditions on feedlot cattle productivity, behaviour and relative adrenal gland weightTait, L A ; Taylor, P S ; Wilkes, J ; McGilchrist, P ; Reid, Jacqueline ; Cowley, F C 26-Apr-2024
312-Jul-2023Mechanisms for the Production and Amelioration of Ammonia (NH3) from Cattle Manure Using in vitro MethodsCreevey, Skye Caitlin ; Wilkes, Janelle ; Tait, Louise Amy ; Cowley, Frances 10-Nov-2023
42023Lessons for Protected Area Management in Vietnam: Outcomes of Local Ethnic Minority Participation in Forest Protection of Cat Tien National ParkDuong, Thi Minh Phuong; Lobry de Bruyn, Lisa ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Marshall, Graham R ; Wilkes, Janelle 13-Mar-2023
5Oct-2022Physical and chemical characteristics of feedlot pen substrate bedded with woodchip under wet climatic conditionsWilkes, Janelle ; Tait, Amy L; Flavel, Richard J ; Turnell, James ; Cowley, Frances C 11-Jul-2023
628-Jul-2022The application of an iterative and collaborative learning design framework in AGFN100 Fundamentals of AgricultureWilkes, Janelle ; Mclachlan, Jonathan W 11-Dec-2023
723-Jul-2022The Role of Livelihood Initiatives in Reducing Non-wood Forest Product Reliance in Protected Areas of Southern Vietnam: Opportunities and ChallengesLobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Duong, Thi Minh Phuong; Kristiansen, Paul ; Marshall, Graham R ; Wilkes, Janelle 10-Oct-2023
8Jul-2022Efficacy of zeolite in reducing NH3 production in beef cattle manure in an in vitro systemCreevey, S ; Cowley, F ; Tait, A ; Clay, J ; Wilkes, J 26-Oct-2023
92021Nature and level of NTFP reliance: a case study in the buffer zone of Cat Tien National Park, VietnamDuong, Thi Minh Phuong; Lobry de Bruyn, Lisa ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Marshall, Graham R ; Wilkes, Janelle 31-Mar-2021
102021An investigation into the interaction of bedding application rates and air flows on positional behaviour of beef cattleHanafi, I N; Tait, L A ; Wilkes, J ; Hegarty, R S ; Jenkins, S ; Cowley, F C 8-Jul-2021
1114-Oct-2020The Performance of Alternative Livelihood Initiatives on Local Livelihoods and Forest Conservation Management - A Case Study in Talai Commune, Dong Nai Province, VietnamDuong, Thi Minh Phuong; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Wilkes, Janelle ; Marshall, Graham 22-May-2023
121-Jun-2020The Performance of Alternative Livelihood Initiatives on Local Livelihoods and Forest Conservation Management - A case study in Talai Commune, Dong Nai Province, VietnamDuong, Thi Minh Phuong; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Marshall, Graham ; Wilkes, Janelle 22-May-2023
137-Jul-2019B.FLT.1005: Survey of Australian feedlot drinking water qualityWilkes, Janelle ; Cowley, Fran ; Hegarty, Roger ; Jewell, Margaret28-Jul-2020
1430-May-2019B.FLT.0244: Graded levels of woodchip during wet feedlot conditionsCowley, Frances ; Tait, Amy; Wilkes, Janelle ; Taylor, Peta ; Hegarty, Roger ; McGilchrist, Peter 28-Jul-2020
152019Development and Application of a Distributed Leadership Framework to the Curriculum Mapping of Quantitative Skills in First-Year Undergraduate Agriculture DegreesWilkes, Janelle ; Reid, Jackie 15-Jul-2020
162019Student’s perception of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in agricultureWilkes, Janelle ; Flavel, Richard 15-Jul-2020
172019A Decade of Agriculture Graduates' Employability and Career PathwaysWilkes, Janelle ; Burns, Adrienne15-Jul-2020
182019Evaluating industry-relevant teaching in agriculture using an authentic alignment frameworkCowley, Fran ; Wilkes, Janelle 17-Jul-2020
192019Importance of university residential colleges for agricultureLincoln, Jason; Wilkes, Janelle ; Moore, Jamie17-Jul-2020
20Jun-2018A Decade of Graduates' Employability and Career PathwaysWilkes, Janelle ; Burns, Adrienne 27-Jul-2020
21Jun-2018Study motivations, learning approaches and nature relatedness of first-year on campus and online agriculture studentsWilkes, Janelle 28-Jul-2020
22Jun-2018Mapping quantitative skills in agriculture - in an on campus and online teaching environmentWilkes, Janelle ; Reid, Jacqueline 27-Jul-2020
232016Developing and applying quantitative skills maps for STEM curricula, with a focus on different modes of learningReid, Jackie ; Wilkes, Janelle 11-Aug-2016
24Dec-2015Balancing the equation: A mentoring program for first year female studentsSmith, Erica ; Harris, Katherine; Iamsuk, Nansiri; McGuren, Therese; Miller, Jennifer; Wilkes, Janelle ; Reid, Jackie 15-Jul-2020
252015Developing Information Literacy and Academic Writing Skills Through the Collaborative Design of an Assessment Task for First Year Engineering StudentsWilkes, Janelle ; Godwin, Julie ; Gurney, Lisa J29-Sep-2015
262015Get Set for Success: Applications for engineering and applied science studentsWilkes, Janelle ; Burton, Lorelle J28-Jul-2020
272015Embedding an institution-wide capacity building opportunity around transition pedagogy: First Year Teaching and Learning Network CoordinatorsClark, Jennifer ; Gurney, Lisa J; Lawrence, Sarah ; Leece, Rhonda; Malouff, John M ; Masters, Yvonne ; Reid, Jacqueline ; Tasker, Isabel ; Valenzuela-Abaca, Fredy ; Wilkes, Janelle 7-May-2015
282015Using the Results of Teaching Evaluations to Improve Teaching: A Case Study of a New Systematic ProcessMalouff, John M ; Reid, Jacqueline ; Wilkes, Janelle ; Emmerton, Ashley J11-Feb-2015
292015Mapping Quantitative Skills (QS) in First-year Engineering for on campus and distance studentsWilkes, Janelle ; Reid, Jacqueline 25-May-2016
302014The role of collaboration in re-designing a first-year writing taskWilkes, Janelle ; Godwin, Julie ; Gurney, Lisa J26-Sep-2014
312014Taking it to the Students: The Effectiveness of Embedding Chemistry Drills into Residential College Study SessionsSmith, Erica ; Wilkes, Janelle 10-Feb-2015
322014Quantitative Skills in the First Year Science Curriculum: Reflections on a Collaborative JourneyWilkes, Janelle ; Reid, Jacqueline 10-Feb-2015
332013Towards a Successful Transition: Identifying the Gap between the Expectations of First Year Science Students and Teaching StaffReid, Jacqueline ; Wilkes, Janelle 5-Feb-2014
342013Partnership approach to topic selection of first year university assessments in sustainabilityWilkes, Janelle ; Gurney, Lisa J; Godwin, Julie 31-Mar-2014
352013Are engineering students' interests and attitudes to study different from scientists?Wilkes, Janelle ; Burton, Lorelle; Glencross-Grant, Rex ; Albion, Majella31-Mar-2014
362012Embedding Sustainability Principles in Engineering Education in Regional AustraliaGlencross-Grant, Rex ; Wilkes, Janelle 8-Jan-2013
372012Get Set for Success: An update on the EngCAT projectBurton, Lorelle J; Dowing, David G; Kavanagh, Lydia; O'Moore, Liza; Aubrey, Tim; Lowe, David; Wilkes, Janelle ; Glencross-Grant, Rex ; McBride, William6-Jun-2014
382012Examining First Year Students' Preparedness for Studying EngineeringBurton, Lorelle; Dowling, David; Kavanagh, Lydia; O'Moore, Liza; Wilkes, Janelle 6-Jun-2014
392012Screencasts - are they the panacea for dealing with students' diverse mathematical skills?Wilkes, Janelle 6-Jun-2014
402011Tackling the Engineering Challenge: Embedding Sustainability Principles in Engineering EducationGlencross-Grant, Rex ; Wilkes, Janelle 27-Feb-2013
412010Addressing the Diversity of Student Mathematics Preparedness for Engineering Surveying: A Proposal for a Technology Supported Learning ScaffoldWilkes, Janelle 2-Dec-2011
422010High resolution remote sensing for native vegetation assessment and monitoring: an impact assessment approachJenkins, Ross ; Frazier, Paul ; Lamb, David ; Wilkes, Janelle 13-Dec-2010
432009Perceptions and Applications of Information Literacy by First Year Applied Science StudentsWilkes, Janelle ; Gurney, Lisa J24-Mar-2010
442009Hydrology, Water Quality and Management Strategies of a Coastal Floodplain Wetland, New South Wales, AustraliaWhite, Nicole; Faulkner, Richard ; Frazier, Paul ; Wilkes, Janelle 13-Nov-2009
452008Creating a Library Presence in Online UnitsGurney, Lisa Jane; Wilkes, Janelle 25-Nov-2009
462007The effect of longwall mine subsidence on native vegetation and agricultural environmentsTrotter, Tieneke ; Frazier, Paul ; Jenkins, Ross ; Lamb, David ; Wilkes, Janelle 5-Sep-2011
472005Selective genotyping for determination of a major gene associated with cranial cruciate ligament disease in the newfoundland dogMacrossan, Paula Elizabeth; Kinghorn, Brian ; Wilkes, Janelle ; Rothschild, M F4-Feb-2010
482004Designing a 'Best Practice' Model of Integrated Biosystems of Waste Re-Use in a Typical Rural Town: Final Report - July 2004Patrick, Ian ; McNeill, Judith ; Stuart, Deidre; Wilkes, Janelle ; Glencross-Grant, Rex ; van der Muelen, Annie; Clibborn, Ben; Curtis, Murray; Cathcart, Max3-Jul-2013

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