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12018An Exploration of Epistemological Beliefs, Learning Environment Expectations and Persistence Intentions: Insights into the Shaping of Student Persistence in the First Semester of University Study at Three Australian UniversitiesGodwin, Julie ; Kember, David19-Jun-2019
22015Developing Information Literacy and Academic Writing Skills Through the Collaborative Design of an Assessment Task for First Year Engineering StudentsWilkes, Janelle ; Godwin, Julie ; Gurney, Lisa J29-Sep-2015
32014The role of collaboration in re-designing a first-year writing taskWilkes, Janelle ; Godwin, Julie ; Gurney, Lisa J26-Sep-2014
42013Reconceptualising student experience: Creating inter-connections between the curricular, co-curricular and technologies into a seamless place of learningKek, Megan; Godwin, Julie ; Counter, Vivienne; Padro, Fernando23-Jul-2014
52013First Year Advisors at UNE: An embedded approach to student learning supportGodwin, Julie ; Belmont, Winifred; Holmes, Nola ; Chambers, Dianne23-Sep-2014
62013Partnership approach to topic selection of first year university assessments in sustainabilityWilkes, Janelle ; Gurney, Lisa J; Godwin, Julie 31-Mar-2014
72010Re-thinking persistence in the first year of higher educationGodwin, Julie 26-Sep-2014
82009Location, Location, LocationGodwin, Julie 26-Sep-2014
92006Connecting Students, Community and UniversityWijeyewardene, Ingrid ; Godwin, Julie 23-Jul-2012
102004Evaluating academic skill programs - which way?Godwin, Julie 23-Jul-2012
112003The Faculty Mentor Program in the Sciences: an innovative approach to supporting student learningGodwin, Julie ; Muldoon, Robyn 25-Sep-2008
122002Changes of Australian tertiary students: a broad description and case study of learning approaches and student satisfaction in scienceQuinn, Frances ; Godwin, Julie 23-Jul-2012

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