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12018Australian enrolment trends in technology and engineering: putting the T and E back into school STEMKennedy, John; Quinn, Frances; Lyons, Terry
22014The Continuing Decline of Science and Mathematics Enrolments in Australian High SchoolsKennedy, John; Lyons, Terry; Quinn, Frances
32010Coupling online quizzes with interactive digital content: familiarising pre-service teachers with resources available for science and sustainabilityQuinn, Frances; Adlington, Rachael
42015e-Assessment for Learning (eAfL) in higher education: is it a wolf in sheep's clothing?Charteris, Jennifer; Quinn, Frances; Parkes, Mitchell; Fletcher, Peter; Reyes, Vicente
52016e-Assessment for learning and performativity in higher education: A case for existential learningCharteris, Jennifer; Quinn, Frances; Parkes, Mitchell; Fletcher, Peter; Reyes, Vicente
62015Education for Sustainability in Pre-service Teacher Education: An Opportunity for ChangeHardy, Joy; Quinn, Frances; Smith, Susen
72009First-year Biology Students' Understandings of Meiosis: An investigation using a structural theoretical frameworkQuinn, Frances; Pegg, John E; Panizzon, Debra L
82002Formal Academic Mentoring: a pilot scheme for first-year science students at a regional universityQuinn, F; Hollingworth, A; Muldoon, R
92011High school students' perceptions of school science and science careers: A critical look at a critical issueQuinn, Frances; Lyons, Terence
102014How Relevant are Australian Science Curricula for Rural and Remote Students?Lyons, Terry; Quinn, Frances
112014The Influence of School Science Teachers: The Differential Importance Attributed by Males and Females To Encouragement From Science TeachersWilson, Sue; Lyons, Terry; Quinn, Frances
122016Investigating Views of Science- and Humanities- Tertiary Educated Adults on Complementary and Alternative MedicinesQuinn, Frances; Taylor, Neil; Coll, Richard Kevin; McClune, William
132011Learning in First-Year Biology: Approaches of Distance and On-Campus StudentsQuinn, Frances
142018Open-ended science inquiry in lower secondary school: Are students' learning needs being met?Whannell, Robert; Quinn, Frances; Taylor, Subhashni; Harris, Katherine; Cornish, Scott; Sharma, Manjula
152013Relationships between learning approaches and outcomes of students studying a first-year biology topic on-campus and by distanceQuinn, Frances; Stein, Sarah
162016Rural First Year University Science Students: As Engaged, Aspirational and Motivated as Anyone - But Different Science 'Choices' in Year 12 and UniversityQuinn, Frances; Lyons, Terry
172012Rural High School Students' Attitudes Towards School ScienceLyons, Terry; Quinn, Frances
182016The school science attitude survey: a new instrument for measuring attitudes towards school scienceKennedy, John; Quinn, Frances; Taylor, Neil
192013'Should I Stay or Should I Go?': Rural and Remote Students in First Year STEM CoursesWilson, Susan; Lyons, Terry; Quinn, Frances
202016Teachers' conceptions of the environment: anthropocentrism, non-anthropocentrism, anthropomorphism and the place of natureQuinn, Frances; Castera, Jeremy; Clement, Pierre

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