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1Oct-2020The Keys to STEM: Australian Year 7 Students' Attitudes and Intentions Towards Science, Mathematics and Technology CoursesKennedy, JohnPaul ; Quinn, Frances ; Lyons, Terry 28-Mar-2019
211-Feb-2019Understanding Changing Enrolments, Attitudes, And Intentions Of Students Towards Science, Mathematics, Engineering And Technology Courses In Australian High-SchoolsKennedy, John Paul ; Taylor, Neil ; Lyons, Terry ; Quinn, Frances 1-Dec-2020
32016Rural First Year University Science Students: As Engaged, Aspirational and Motivated as Anyone - But Different Science 'Choices' in Year 12 and UniversityQuinn, Frances ; Lyons, Terry 31-May-2016
42015Understanding Declining Science Participation in Australia: A Systemic PerspectiveLyons, Terry ; Quinn, Frances 6-Jan-2015
52014How Relevant are Australian Science Curricula for Rural and Remote Students?Lyons, Terry ; Quinn, Frances 4-Nov-2014
62014The Influence of School Science Teachers: The Differential Importance Attributed by Males and Females To Encouragement From Science TeachersWilson, Sue; Lyons, Terry ; Quinn, Frances 14-Nov-2014
72014The Continuing Decline of Science and Mathematics Enrolments in Australian High SchoolsKennedy, John ; Lyons, Terry ; Quinn, Frances 5-Sep-2014
82014Introduction: The Upper Secondary Tier and the Place of Science ThereinVlaardingerbroek, Barend; Taylor, Neil ; Lyons, Terry 24-Jul-2014
92014Educating for sustainability in virtual worlds: Does the virtual have value?Quinn, Frances ; Lyons, Terry 5-Jun-2014
102014Sex differences in the perceived value of outreach and museums/science centres in students' decisions to enrol in university science, technology and engineering coursesLyons, Terry ; Quinn, Frances 5-Jun-2014
112013'Should I Stay or Should I Go?': Rural and Remote Students in First Year STEM CoursesWilson, Susan; Lyons, Terry ; Quinn, Frances 16-Jul-2013
122013The Influence of School Science Teachers: The Differential Importance Attributed by Males and Females to Encouragement from Science TeachersWilson, Sue; Lyons, Terry ; Quinn, Frances 4-Mar-2014
132012Are You Game? Integrating the Multi-User Virtual Environment 'Quest Atlantis' into Secondary Science Preservice Teacher EducationQuinn, Frances ; Doyle, Helen; Lyons, Terry 15-Nov-2012
142012Rural High School Students' Attitudes Towards School ScienceLyons, Terry ; Quinn, Frances 15-Nov-2012
152012MUVE-ing pre-service teachers into the futureQuinn, Frances ; Doyle, Helen; Lyons, Terry 4-Jan-2013
162012The influence of teachers on students' decisions about choosing science: Comparing student and teacher perceptionsLyons, Terry ; Quinn, Frances 20-Feb-2013
172012Starting out in STEM: A study of young men and women in first year science, technology, engineering and mathematics coursesLyons, Terry ; Quinn, Frances ; Rizk, Nadia ; Anderson, Neil; Hubber, Peter; Kenny, John; Sparrow, Len; West, Jan; Wilson, Sue3-Jan-2013
182011Participation in science and technology: young people's achievement-related choices in late-modern societiesBoe, Maria; Henriksen, Ellen; Lyons, Terence ; Schreiner, Camilla22-Sep-2011
192011High school students' perceptions of school science and science careers: A critical look at a critical issueQuinn, Frances ; Lyons, Terence 22-Feb-2012
202011New Directions for Educational Welfare in Rural Schools: Symposium ProceedingsChoi, Joon Yul; Lyons, Terence 3-Apr-2012
212011Differences in the attitudes of Australian rural and urban high school students towards school scienceLyons, Terence ; Quinn, Frances 3-Apr-2012
222011Islamic contributions to the International Organization for Science and Technology Education (IOSTE)Lyons, Terence 30-Mar-2012
232010Socio-cultural and Human Values in Science and Technology Education: Proceedings of the XIV Symposium of the International Organization for Science and Technology Education (IOSTE)Dolinsek, Slavko; Lyons, Terry 5-Jul-2011
242010Gender differences in Australian students' relationships with school scienceQuinn, Frances ; Lyons, Terence 5-Jul-2011
252010Looking Back: Students perceptions of the relative enjoyment of primary and secondary school scienceLyons, Terence ; Quinn, Frances 28-Sep-2011
262010Choosing Science: Understanding the declines in senior high school science enrolmentsLyons, Terence ; Quinn, Frances 15-Apr-2010
272009ISFIRE 2009: International Symposium for Innovation in Rural Education: Innovation for Equity in Rural EducationLyons, Terence ; Choi, Joon-Yul; McPhan, Gregory 23-Mar-2010
282009Teachers' motivations for working in rural schoolsLyons, Terence 24-Mar-2010
292009Attracting and retaining specialist teachers and non-teaching professionals in Queensland secondary schools: A report to the Queensland Department of Education and TrainingMiles, Bob; Greer, Lindsay; Akbar, Delwar; Dawson, Mark; Lyons, Terence ; Purnell, Ken; Tabert, Stacey17-Jun-2010
302008The 'Choosing Science?' Project Phase One: Science Teachers' Perceptions of the Influences on Enrolment DeclinesLyons, Terry 19-Sep-2012
312008Bright Girls Choosing Physics and Chemistry: The Importance of Self-Confidence and Self-EfficacyLyons, Terence 24-Nov-2011
322008An introduction to science education in rural AustraliaLyons, Terry 22-Dec-2009
332008More Equal than others?: Meeting the professional development needs of rural primary and secondary science teachersLyons, Terry 21-Dec-2009
342008Effective Earth and Space Science AnalogiesTaylor, Neil ; Lyons, Terry 19-Oct-2009
352007The professional development, resource and support needs of rural and urban ICT teachersLyons, Terry 9-Dec-2009
362007Opening Address to the VIth IOSTE Symposium for Central and Eastern European CountriesLyons, Terry 16-Aug-2012
372006The need priorities of rural and urban ICT teachersLyons, Terry 19-Sep-2012
382006Science, ICT and Mathematics Education in Rural and Regional Australia: State and Territory Case Studies - Companion volume to the SiMERR National SurveyLyons, Terry 22-Jan-2010
392006Different countries, same science classes: Students' experiences of school science in their own wordsLyons, T 13-May-2008
402006The Puzzle of Falling Enrolments in Physics and Chemistry Courses: Putting Some Pieces TogetherLyons, T 13-May-2008
412006'Not just another face in the crowd': Report from SiMERR New South WalesAfamasaga-Fuata'i, K ; Lyons, T ; Merrotsy, P; Paterson, DL ; Smith, HJ31-Jul-2008
422006Science, ICT and Mathematics Education in Rural and Regional Australia: The SiMERR National Survey - Abridged Report of FindingsLyons, Terry ; Cooksey, Ray Wagner ; Panizzon, Debra Lee ; Parnell, Anne ; Pegg, John Edward 20-Jan-2010
432006Choosing Physical Science Courses: The Importance of Cultural and Social Capital in the Enrolment Decisions of High Achieving StudentsLyons, T 24-Sep-2008
442006Science, ICT and Mathematics Education in Rural and Regional Australia: The SiMERR National Survey - A research report prepared for the Department of Education, Science and TrainingLyons, T ; Cooksey, RW ; Panizzon, DL ; Parnell, A ; Pegg, JE 29-Sep-2008
452004Using Digital Video in Science TeachingBrown, Anthony Read; Lyons, Terry 19-Feb-2010
462003Decisions by 'Science Proficient' Year 10 Students About Post-Compulsory High School Science Enrolment: A Sociocultural ExplorationLyons, Terence ; Ninnes, Peter; Fleming, Keith; Panizzon, Debra1-Sep-2015

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