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12-Jun-2022Developing and Evaluating Educational Innovations for STEAM Education in Rapidly Changing Digital Technology EnvironmentsLavicza, Zsolt; Weinhandl, Robert; Prodromou, Theodosia ; Anđić, Branko; Lieban, Diego; Hohenwarter, Markus; Fenyvesi, Kristof; Brownell, Christopher; Diego-Mantecon, Jose Manuel3-Apr-2024
2Oct-2021An attempt to evaluate STEAM project‑based instruction from a school mathematics perspectiveDiego-Mantecon, Jose-Manuel; Prodromou, Theodosia ; Lavicza, Zsolt; Blanco, Teresa F; Ortiz-Laso, Zaira3-Apr-2022
32021Enhancing Learning Outcomes with 'Big Data' from Pedagogy for Conceptual Thinking with Meaning Equivalence Reusable Learning Objects (MERLO) and Interactive Concept Discovery (INCOD)Etkind, Masha; Prodromou, Theodosia ; Shafrir, Uri26-Apr-2022
42021Big Data in Education: Pedagogy and ResearchProdromou, Theodosia 27-Jun-2022
52021Analysing Aspects of Brazilian Curricula for Teaching Statistics Involving Big DataMonteiro, Carlos Eduardo Ferreira; Martins, Maria Niedja Pereira; Prodromou, Theodosia 6-May-2022
62021Big Data, Analytics and Education: Challenges, Opportunities and an Example from a Large University UnitKenett, Ron S; Prodromou, Theodosia 6-May-2022
72021Statistical literacy in data revolution eraProdromou, Theodosia 11-May-2022
82020Integrating STEM-related Technologies into Mathematics Education at a Large ScaleLavicza, Zsolt; Prodromou, Theodosia ; Fenyvesi, Kristof; Hohenwarter, Markus; Juhos, Istvan; Koren, Balazs; Diego-Mantecon, Jose Manuel9-Jul-2020
92020Boundary Objects in Mathematics Education and Their Role Across Communities of Teachers and Researchers in InteractionRobutti, Ornella; Aldon, Gilles; Cusi, Annalisa; Olsher, Shai; Panero, Monica; Cooper, Jason; Carante, Paola; Prodromou, Theodosia 10-Jul-2020
102020Teachers Involved in Designing MERLO ItemsRobutti, Ornella; Carante, Paola; Prodromou, Theodosia ; Kenett, Ron S10-Jul-2020
112020Augmented Reality in Educational SettingsProdromou, Theodosia 9-Jul-2020
1225-Jun-2019Primary and Middle Years Mathematics: Teaching DevelopmentallyVan de Walle, John; Karp, Karen; Bay-Williams, Jennifer M; Brass, Amy; Bentley, Brendan; Ferguson, Sue; Goff, Wendy; Livy, Sharyn; Marshman, Margaret; Martin, David; Pearn, Cath; Prodromou, Theodosia ; Symons, Duncan; Wilkie, Karina10-Jul-2020
13Mar-2019Education for Sustainability in the Secondary Sector - A ReviewTaylor, Neil ; Quinn, Frances ; Jenkins, Kathy ; Miller-Brown, Helen; Rizk, Nadya ; Prodromou, Theodosia ; Serow, Penelope ; Taylor, Subhashni16-Oct-2019
142019Enhancing Kuwaiti Teachers' Technology-Assisted Mathematics Teaching PracticesSoliman, Mamdouh; Lavicza, Zsolt; Prodromou, Theodosia ; Al-Kandari, Maryam; Houghton, Tony10-Jul-2020
152019Visualisation of Selected Mathematics Concepts with Computers - the Case of Torricelli's Method and StatisticsGuncaga, Jan; Zawadowski, Wacek; Prodromou, Theodosia 6-Jul-2020
16Dec-2018Making sense out of the emerging complexity inherent in professional developmentProdromou, Theodosia ; Robutti, Ornella; Panero, Monica6-Jul-2020
171-Nov-2018Inquiry-Based Learning in Statistics: When Students Engage with Challenging Problems in STEM DisciplinesProdromou, Theodosia ; Lavicza, Zsolt9-Jul-2020
182017Teachers Analyzing Sampling With 'TinkerPlots': Insights for Teacher EducationMartins, Maria Niedja Pereira; Monteiro, Carlos Eduardo Ferreira; Prodromou, Theodosia 6-Jun-2017
192017Data Visualisation and Statistics Education in the FutureProdromou, Theodosia ; Dunne, Tim6-Jun-2017
202017Statistical Literacy in Data Revolution Era: Building Blocks and Instructional DilemmasProdromou, Theodosia ; Dunne, Tim5-Jul-2017
212017Data Visualization and Statistical Literacy for Open and Big DataProdromou, Theodosia 16-Jun-2017
222017Model-based Informal InferenceProdromou, Theodosia 11-Oct-2017
232017Integrating Technology into Mathematics Education in an Entire Educational System - Reaching a Critical Mass of Teachers and SchoolsProdromou, Theodosia 1-May-2018
242016Pre-Service Teacher Training on Game-Enhanced Mathematics Teaching and LearningMeletiou-Mavrotheris, Maria; Prodromou, Theodosia 4-Oct-2016
252016Secondary School Students' Reasoning about Conditional Probability, Samples, and Sampling ProceduresProdromou, Theodosia 16-Dec-2016
262016Mobile technologies in the service of students' learning of mathematics: the example of game application A.L.E.X. in the context of a primary school in CyprusKyriakides, Andreas O; Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Maria; Prodromou, Theodosia 7-Apr-2016
272016Helping students interpret large-scale data tablesProdromou, Theodosia 4-Jul-2016
282015Adults Perceptions of Risk in the Big Data EraProdromou, Theodosia 30-Jun-2015
292015Encouraging Students' Involvement in Technology-Supported Mathematics Lesson SequencesProdromou, Theodosia ; Lavicza, Zsolt; Koren, Balazs3-Jul-2015
302015Development of Modelling Competencies in Statistical InferenceProdromou, Theodosia 21-Sep-2015
312015Teaching and assessing with new methodological tools (MERLO)Prodromou, Theodosia 6-Oct-2015
322015Evaluating Teachers' Technology Integration Practices Informed by the Perspectives of Their StudentsLavicza, Zsolt; Prodromou, Theodosia ; Juhos, Istvan; Koren, Balazs; Fenyvesi, Kristof6-Oct-2015
332015GeoGebra for Australian secondary and senior secondary mathematics teachersProdromou, Theodosia 6-Oct-2015
342015Students' Emerging Reasoning About Large-Scale Data TablesProdromou, Theodosia ; Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Maria21-Sep-2015
352015Creating models and simulations of real world phenomena by defining attributes for a phenomenonProdromou, Theodosia 24-Sep-2015
362015Teaching statistics with technologyProdromou, Theodosia 24-Sep-2015
372015Encouraging Students' Involvement in Technology-Supported Mathematics Lesson SequencesProdromou, Theodosia ; Lavicza, Zsolt28-Jul-2015
382015Teaching and Assessing with New Methodological Tools (MERLO): A New Pedagogy?Arzarello, Ferdinando; Kenett, Ron S; Robutti, Ornella; Shafrir, Uri; Prodromou, Theodosia ; Carante, Paola10-Jul-2015
392015Changing Children's Stance towards Mathematics through Mobile Teaching: The Case of Robot A.L.E.X.Kyriakides, Andreas O; Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Maria; Prodromou, Theodosia 13-Jul-2015
402015Students' Kinaesthetic Interactions with a Touch-Enabled Virtual Mapping ToolProdromou, Theodosia ; Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Maria; Kyriakides, Andreas O13-Jul-2015
412015Students' Emerging Reasoning About Data Tables of Large-Scale DataProdromou, Theodosia 29-Jul-2015
422015Increasing Students' Involvement in Technology-supported Mathematics Lesson SequencesProdromou, Theodosia ; Lavicza, Zsolt; Koren, Balazs5-Feb-2016
432015Assessing with New Methodological ToolsProdromou, Theodosia 4-Jan-2016
44Nov-2014GeoGebra in Teaching and Learning Introductory StatisticsProdromou, Theodosia 14-Nov-2014
452014Drawing inference from data visualisationsProdromou, Theodosia 14-Nov-2014
462014Teaching Statistics with GeoGebraProdromou, Theodosia 3-Nov-2014
472014Graphical Competence: Using GeoGebra to Construct Frequency Histograms and Polygons and Set Appropriate Classes of DataProdromou, Theodosia 14-Nov-2014
482014Drawing Inference From Data VisualisationsProdromou, Theodosia 19-Nov-2014
492014Students' Interactions with the Recce 3D MapProdromou, Theodosia ; Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Maria; Kyriakides, Andreas23-Dec-2014
502014Semiotic resources in the development of early probabilistic thinking when teaching mathematics as storytellingProdromou, Theodosia 12-Jan-2015

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