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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
15-May-2023An Exploration of Effective Pedagogical Practices for Mathematics Learning in the Nigerian ContextAdeniji, Saidat Morenike ; Baker, Penelope ; Schmude, Martin 4-Aug-2023
2Apr-2023Effects of Worked Example on Students' Learning Outcomes in Complex Algebraic ProblemsAdeniji, Saidat ; Baker, Penelope 30-Mar-2023
323-Mar-2023Redesigning a mixed-method research study during a pandemic: A case study from Nigeria and AustraliaAdeniji, Saidat ; Baker, Penelope ; Schmude, Martin 30-Mar-2023
49-Feb-2023Educating About Mass Vaccinations in a Post-Truth EraTaylor, Subhashni ; Taylor, Neil ; Baker, Penelope 21-May-2023
5Dec-2022LEAAP - Leadership for Ezidi and Aboriginal youth in Armidale Program final reportO'Neill, Kristy ; Baker, Pep ; McCarroll, Brad9-May-2023
6Dec-2022Co-constructed talent development as a realisation of Ganma: A talent development model for gifted Aboriginal (Yolnu) studentsThraves, Genevieve ; Berman, Jeanette ; Baker, Penelope ; Dhurrkay, Miriam28-Oct-2022
76-Oct-2022An Exploration of Effective Pedagogical Practices for Mathematics Learning in the Nigerian Context - DatasetAdeniji, Saidat Morenike ; Baker, Penelope ; Schmude, Martin 4-Aug-2023
824-Sep-2022Stakeholder engagement with funding bodies, steering committees and surveys: Benefits for education projectsRogers, Marg ; Baker, Penelope ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Johnson, Amy; Bird, Jo ; Bible, Vanessa 14-Nov-2022
91-Jun-2022Worked-examples instruction versus Van Hiele teaching phases: A demonstration of students' procedural and conceptual understandingAdeniji, Saidat ; Baker, Penelope 18-Oct-2022
1014-May-2022Structure of the Observed Learning Outcomes (SOLO) model: A mixed-method systematic review of research in mathematics educationAdeniji, Saidat ; Baker, Penelope ; Schmude, Martin 18-Oct-2022
11Feb-2022The power of partnerships: Education-community collaborations to enhance lifelong physical activity among young people from newly-arrived migrant and refugee backgrounds in regional AustraliaO'Neill, Kristy ; Baker, Penelope 8-Jun-2022
122022Comparative Effectiveness of Example-based Instruction and van Hiele Teaching Phases on Mathematics LearningAdeniji, Saidat ; Baker, Penelope 19-Oct-2022
1331-Dec-2021International Programs and Resources to Support Children from Military Families: A reviewRogers, Marg ; Bible, Vanessa ; Johnson, Amy; Bird, Jo ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Baker, Pep 31-Jan-2022
142-Dec-2021From the Bush to the City: Exploring the Purpose of Boarding School for Aboriginal Students in Remote Communities in the Northern Territory of AustraliaSuluma, Wili Evu ; Harper, Helen ; Baker, Penelope ; Taylor, Neil 23-Nov-2023
15Nov-2021Facilitating dialogue to support Ganma: a methodology for navigating contested knowledgeThraves, Genevieve ; Dhurrkay, Miriam; Baker, Penelope ; Berman, Jeanette ; Nye, Adele 4-Oct-2022
16Jun-2021Djalkirri Rom and gifts, talents and talent development: Yolngu Way, An Australian approach to talent developmentThraves, Genevieve ; Baker, Penelope ; Berman, Jeanette ; Nye, Adele ; Dhurrkay, Miriam15-Jun-2021
172021Driving Social Inclusion through Sport and Physical Activity (DSISPA) – the Armidale newly arrived migrant, refugee and friends regional sport networkO'Neill, Kristy ; Serow, Penelope (Pep) 17-May-2022
182021A new model of teacher education for small island states: The Nauru Teacher Education ProjectSerow, Penelope ; Taylor, Neil ; Sullivan, Terence 14-Sep-2021
192021Stakeholder engagement in an online community education project via diverse media engagementsRogers, Marg ; Johnson, Amy; Bird, Jo ; Serow, Pep ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Bible, Vanessa 25-Jun-2021
20Dec-2020Parent and Teacher Attitudes Towards Inclusive Education in NauruPage, Angela ; Berman, Jeanette ; Serow, Penelope 5-May-2021
212020Yolngu Way: An Aboriginal approach to talent development - DatasetThraves, Genevieve ; Serow, Penelope 14-Dec-2023
225-Sep-2019There is More Than One Way to Skin a Cat: An Exploration of Flexible Mental Multiplication Strategies with Pre-Service TeachersHall, Peter Denis; Whannell, Robert ; Serow, Penelope 20-May-2020
236-Aug-2019There is More Than One Way to Skin a Cat: An Exploration of Flexible Mental Multiplication Strategies with Pre-Service TeachersHall, Peter; Whannell, Robert ; Serow, Penelope 20-May-2020
24Mar-2019Education for Sustainability in the Secondary Sector - A ReviewTaylor, Neil ; Quinn, Frances ; Jenkins, Kathy ; Miller-Brown, Helen; Rizk, Nadya ; Prodromou, Theodosia ; Serow, Penelope ; Taylor, Subhashni16-Oct-2019
252019Primary Mathematics: Integrating Theory with PracticeSerow, Penelope ; Callingham, Rosemary; Muir, Tracey14-May-2020
262019Assessment for Learning Techniques in the Pacific Island Context: What are Teachers' Views?Serow, Penelope ; Clark, Julie26-Feb-2020
278-Apr-2018An Investigation Into Teaching Practices that Integrate ICT to Promote Student Understanding of Geometry in a Bilingual Japanese Elementary SchoolStumbles, Robert; Serow, Penelope ; Taylor, Neil 20-May-2020
282018Nauruan Perspectives of Assessment Learning Through Assessment UseSmardon, Diane; Serow, Penelope 11-Mar-2019
2917-Nov-2017An investigation into students' understandings of linear relationships when using dynamic mathematical software as an exploration toolAventi, Belinda; Serow, Penelope 12-Sep-2018
302017Supporting families: a nurturing teacher education strategy in NauruSullivan, Terry ; Serow, Penelope A ; Taylor, Neil ; Angell, Emily ; Tarrant, Jodana; Burnett, Greg; Smardon, Dianne8-Feb-2017
312017Wellbeing and Resilience among Teacher Education Students in NauruSullivan, Terry ; Serow, Penelope A ; Taylor, Neil 13-Feb-2018
322017Integrating Science and Literacy Using Teacher-Made ReadersSerow, Penelope A ; Sullivan, Terry ; Taylor, Neil 29-Mar-2018
332016Pre-service Teacher Education in Nauru: Where, Who, and WhySerow, Penelope A ; Taylor, Neil ; Sullivan, Terry ; Tarrant, Jodana; Burnett, Greg; Smardon, Dianne; Angell, Emily 31-May-2016
342016Primary Mathematics: Capitalising on ICT for today and tomorrowCallingham, Rosemary; Muir, Tracey; Serow, Penelope A 5-Jul-2016
352016Assessment of Mathematics Learning: What Are We Doing?Serow, Penelope A ; Callingham, Rosemary; Tout, David6-Jul-2016
362016Practitioner exchange: Teaching Inquiry Learning in the Social SciencesFussell, Madeline ; Porter, Kim ; Sullivan, Terry ; Serow, Penelope A ; Taylor, Neil ; Smardon, Dianne; Burnett, Greg5-Jul-2016
372016International Partnerships for Teacher Education in NauruSerow, Penelope A ; Taylor, Neil ; Sullivan, Terry ; Burnett, Greg; Tarrant, Jodana; Angell, Emily ; Smardon, Dianne22-Jun-2017
382016NauruSerow, Penelope A ; Taylor, Neil 7-Apr-2016
392015Education for Sustainability in Primary Mathematics EducationSerow, Penelope A 4-Nov-2015
402015A Flexible Delivery Teacher Education Strategy in MicronesiaSullivan, Terence ; Serow, Penelope A ; Taylor, Neil ; Burnett, Greg; Tarrant, Jodana; Smardon, Dianne; Angell, Emily 9-Dec-2015
412014Linking GeoGebra to Explorations of Linear RelationshipsAventi, Belinda; Serow, Penelope A ; Tobias, Stephen 12-Aug-2014
422014One Size Doesn't Fit All: Teacher Education In Developing Pacific Island CountriesSerow, Penelope Anne ; Taylor, Neil ; Burnett, Greg; Sullivan, Terry ; Smardon, Dianne; Tarrant, Jodana; Angell, Emily 23-Dec-2014
432014Primary Mathematics: Capitalising on ICT for Today and TomorrowSerow, Penelope A ; Callingham, Rosemary A; Muir, Tracey6-Feb-2014
442014A Locally Focused and Sustainable International Teacher Education Project within OceaniaSerow, Penelope A ; Taylor, Neil ; Sullivan, Terry ; Burnett, Greg; Tarrant, Jodana; Angell, Emily ; Smardon, Dianne4-May-2015
452013Mathematics Curriculum Development in the Republic of Nauru: Local Teachers' PerspectivesSerow, Penelope A ; Tobias, Stephen ; Taylor, Neil 6-Feb-2014
462012Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching of MERGA MembersCallingham, Rosemary A ; Beswick, Kim; Clark, Julie; Kissane, Barry; Serow, Penelope A ; Thornton, Stephen10-Apr-2013
472012Investigating Teachers' Technology Use to Enhance Student Understanding of AlgebraMasige, Michael; Tobias, Stephen ; Serow, Penelope 19-Apr-2012
482012Early career primary teachers and education for sustainabilityKennelly, Julie Anne; Taylor, Neil ; Serow, Penelope Anne 14-Aug-2012
492012Education for Sustainability and Pre-Service Teacher EducationKennelly A, Julie; Taylor, Neil ; Maxwell, Tom; Serow, Penelope A 16-Apr-2018
502011Environmental education and the whole school approach in one Australian primary schoolKennelly, Julie A; Taylor, Neil ; Serow, Penelope A 22-Feb-2012

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