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1Dec-2023Parental perceptions of social and emotional well-being of young children from Australian military familiesRogers, Margaret ; Johnson, Amy; Coffey, Yumiko ; Fielding, Jill ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Bhullar, Navjo10-Jan-2024
22023Describing a teacher’s pedagogical mathematical knowledge in STEM teachingGetenet, Seyum; Fielding, Jill ; Hay, Ian ; Callingham, Rosemary 15-Mar-2024
3May-2022Using situated expectancy value theory to explore initial teacher education students' motivation to engage with challenging mathematical tasksFielding, Jill ; Geiger, Vincent; Miller, Jodie; Bruder, Regina; Towara, Ulrike; Ratnayake, Iresha30-May-2022
45-Feb-2022The role of structured inquiry, open inquiry, and epistemological beliefs in developing secondary students' scientific and mathematical literaciesWang, Hsin-Hui; Hong, Zuway-R; She, Hsiao-Ching; Smith, Thomas J; Fielding, Jill ; Lin, Huann-shyang30-May-2022
5Feb-2022Challenging conceptual understanding in a complex system: supporting young students to address extended mathematical inquiry problemsFielding, Jill ; Makar, Katie11-May-2022
62022Investigation cycle for analysing image-based data: perspectives from three contextsKazak, Sibel; Fielding, Jill ; Zapata-Cardona, Lucia8-May-2023
72022A multi-country study of teachers' beliefs about implications of covid-19 for changing the teaching of statistics and mathematicsBansilal, Sarah; Fielding, Jill ; Geiger, Vince; North, Delia; Porciúncula, Mauren; Schreiber, Karla; Gal, Iddo9-May-2023
82020Facets of Numeracy: Teaching, Learning and PracticesGeiger, Vince; Yasukawa, Keiko; Bennison, Anne; Wells, Jill Fielding ; Sawatzki, Carly31-Mar-2022
930-Oct-2019Don't just solve for x: letting kids explore real-world scenarios will keep them in maths classFielding-Wells, Jill ; Fry, Kym30-May-2022
102019Introducing Guided Mathematical Inquiry in the Classroom: Complexities of Developing Norms of EvidenceFielding-Wells, Jill ; Fry, Kym31-May-2022
112019Extending Yackel and Cobb's sociomathematical norms to ill-structured problems in an inquiry-based classroomMakar, Katie; Fielding-Wells, Jill 30-May-2022
122019Designing challenging online mathematical tasks for initial teacher education: Motivational considerationsFielding-Wells, Jill ; Geiger, Vince; Miller, Jodie; Bruder, Regina; Roder, Ulrike; Ratnayake, Iresha9-Jun-2022
132019Extending Yackel and Cobb's sociomathematical norms to ill-structured problems in an inquiry-based classroomMakar, Katie; Fielding-Wells, Jill 9-Jan-2024
14Dec-2018Dot plots and hat plots: supporting young students emerging understandings of distribution, center and variability through modelingFielding-Wells, Jill 30-May-2022
15Mar-2018Shifting more than the goal posts: developing classroom norms of inquiry-based learning in mathematicsMakar, Katie; Fielding-Wells, Jill 30-May-2022
162018The Practice of StatisticsWatson, Jane; Fitzallen, Noleine; Fielding-Wells, Jill ; Madden, Sandra31-May-2022
172018Scaffolding Statistical Inquiries for Young ChildrenFielding-Wells, Jill 30-May-2022
182018Fluid Methods to Make Sense of an Unknown: An Emergent Grounded Theory Study of Cultural WellbeingEmery, Sherridan; Fielding-Wells, Jill 31-May-2022
192018Supporting young students emerging statistical understandings of centre through modellingFielding-Wells, Jill ; Hillman, Judith9-Jun-2022
209-Dec-2017Building A New Generation: Community Expectations On Raising Aspirations In Rural TasmaniaCorbett, Michael; Fraser, Sharon; Reaburn, Robyn; Smith, Heidi; Roberts, Janine; Fielding-Wells, Jill 30-May-2022
219-Dec-2017Aspire High: Impacting Student Aspirations In A Regional CommunityRaeburn, Robyn; Fraser, Sharon; Smith, Heidi; Fielding-Wells, Jill ; Corbett, Michael30-May-2022
22Jun-2017Using expectancy-value theory to explore aspects of motivation and engagement in inquiry-based learning in primary mathematicsFielding-Wells, Jill ; O'Brien, Mia; Makar, Katie30-May-2022
23Apr-2017Engaging with Mathematics through Picture BooksMuir, Tracey; Livy, Sharyn; Bragg, Leicha; Clark, Julie; Wells, Jill ; Attard, Catharine5-Aug-2022
242017Developing an Understanding of what Constitutes Mathematics Teacher Educator PCK: A Case Study of a Collaboration Between Two Teacher EducatorsMuir, Tracey; Fielding-Wells, Jill ; Chick, Helen30-May-2022
252017Dream Big: Evaluation Final ReportCorbett, Michael; Fraser, Sharon; Beswick, Kim; Smith, Heidi; Wells, Jill ; Raeburn, Robyn; McCarthy, Robyn; Roberts, Janine; McCleod, Catriona; Sutton, Georgia; Smith, Caroline29-Jun-2022
262016"Mathematics is just 1+1=2, what is there to argue about?": Developing a Framework for Argument-Based Mathematical InquiryFielding-Wells, Jill 31-May-2022
272016What is Next in Educational Research?Fan, Si; Fielding-Wells, Jill 18-Aug-2022
282016"Mathematics is just 1 + 1 = 2, what is there to argue about?": Developing a framework for Argument-Based Mathematical InquiryFielding-Wells, Jill 9-Jan-2024
292015Investigating Mathematical InquiryMakar, Katie; Fielding-Wells, Jill ; Fry, Kym; Allmond, Sue; Hillman, Jude1-Jul-2022
302015"If it doesn't have an apex it's not a pyramid": Argumentation as a bridge to mathematical reasoningFielding-Wells, Jill ; Makar, Katie17-Jun-2022
312015Young children's development and use of models as evidence in support of informal statistical inferenceWells, Jill ; Makar, Katie19-Apr-2023
322015Inferring to a model: using inquiry-based argumentation to challenge young children's expectations of equally likely outcomesFielding-Wells, Jill ; Makar, Katie16-Jun-2022
332015Identifying Core Elements of Argument-Based Inquiry in Primary Mathematics LearningFielding-Wells, Jill 17-Jun-2022
342015How Inquiry Pedagogy Enables Teachers to Facilitate Growth Mindsets in Mathematics ClassroomsO'Brien, Mia; Fielding-Wells, Jill ; Makar, Katie; Hillman, Jude17-Jun-2022
35Jul-2014Where's your evidence? Challenging young students' equiprobability bias through argumentationFielding-Wells, Jill 17-Aug-2022
36Mar-2014Inquiry pedagogy to promote emerging proportional reasoning in primary studentsFielding-Wells, Jill ; Dole, Shelley; Makar, Katie1-Jun-2022
372013Inquiry-Based Argumentation in Primary Mathematics: Reflecting on EvidenceFielding-Wells, Jill 29-Jun-2022
38Jul-2012Developing Primary Students' Argumentation Skills in Inquiry-Based Mathematics ClassroomsFielding-Wells, Jill ; Makar, Katie27-Jun-2022
3931-Jul-2011Teaching Teachers to Teach Statistical InvestigationsMakar, Katie; Fielding-Wells, Jill 21-Mar-2023
402011Is This Game 1 or Game 2? Primary Children's Reasoning about Samples during InquiryMakar, Katie; Wells, Jill ; Allmond, Sue28-Apr-2023
412010Linking problems, conclusions and evidence: Primary students' early experiences of planning statistical investigationsFielding-Wells, Jill 10-Jun-2022
422010Thinking through Mathematics: Engaging students with inquiry-based learning - Book 1 (ages 6-8)Allmond, Sue; Wells, Jill ; Makar, Katie19-Aug-2022
432010Thinking through Mathematics: Engaging students with inquiry-based learning - Book 2 (ages 8-10)Allmond, Sue; Wells, Jill ; Makar, Katie22-Aug-2022
442010Thinking through mathematics: Engaging students with inquiry-based learning - Book 3 (Ages 10-13)Allmond, Sue; Wells, Jill ; Makar, Katie22-Aug-2022
452008Using Mathematical Inquiry to Engage Student Learning within the Overall CurriculumFielding-Wells, Jill ; Makar, Katie17-Aug-2022
462008Student (dis)engagement in mathematicsFielding-Wells, Jill ; Makar, Katie6-Jun-2022
47-Parental Perceptions of Social and Emotional Well-being of Young Children from Australian Military FamiliesRogers, Marg ; Johnson, Amy; Coffey, Yumiko ; Fielding, Jill ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Bhullar, Navjot 30-Aug-2023

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