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112-Jul-2023Ideology and Propaganda Foundational to Animal Industries and their PatronsWidolf, Helena Ellinor; Bible, Vanessa Louise ; Toiviainen, Leila; McDonell, Jennifer 25-Jan-2024
224-Sep-2022Stakeholder engagement with funding bodies, steering committees and surveys: Benefits for education projectsRogers, Marg ; Baker, Penelope ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Johnson, Amy; Bird, Jo ; Bible, Vanessa 14-Nov-2022
331-Dec-2021International Programs and Resources to Support Children from Military Families: A reviewRogers, Marg ; Bible, Vanessa ; Johnson, Amy; Bird, Jo ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Baker, Pep 31-Jan-2022
42021Evolving values of wilderness in the Age of ExtinctionBible, Vanessa ; Howard, Tanya 3-Aug-2022
52021Stakeholder engagement in an online community education project via diverse media engagementsRogers, Marg ; Johnson, Amy; Bird, Jo ; Serow, Pep ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Bible, Vanessa 25-Jun-2021
622-Oct-2016On Common Ground. Cultivating Environmental Peace: A History of the Rainbow RegionBible, Vanessa ; Ihde, Erin ; Branagan, Martin 4-Nov-2021

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Oorala Aboriginal Centre
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