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12023Evaluating Behaviour Change Interventions: A Practical GuideMcLeod, Lynette J ; Howard, Tanya M ; Driver, Aaron B ; Hine, Donald W 22-Jul-2023
23-Feb-2022Interpreting ‘accessible to members of the public’: Implications for collections using ss 49 and 50 of the Copyright Act (Australia)Madugalla, Kaushalya Kumari ; Perry, Mark ; Howard, Tanya ; Cormier, Monique 31-Aug-2023
32022Invasive Species in Forests and Rangelands of the United States: A Comprehensive Science Synthesis for the United States Forest SectorHoward, Tanya M 14-Jun-2024
4Oct-2021Intergenerational farm succession: How does gender fit?Sheridan, Alison ; Newsome, Lucie ; Howard, Tanya ; Lawson, Andrew ; Saunders, Skye 30-Jun-2021
52-Mar-2021Specialist Sentencing Courts for Indigenous OffendersLong, Simon William Campbell; Perry, Mark ; Howard, Tanya ; Edgely, Michelle 29-Jan-2024
62021Evolving values of wilderness in the Age of ExtinctionBible, Vanessa ; Howard, Tanya 3-Aug-2022
72020Regulatory resistance to environmental law in rural Australia: land clearing, murder and the mediaHoward, Tanya M 8-May-2020
8Dec-2019Best Practice Land Use PlanningCosby, Amy ; Howard, Tanya 8-May-2020
913-Nov-2019Farmers, murder and the media: getting to the bottom of the city-country divideHoward, Tanya M 8-May-2020
102019Community engagement theory for a new natural resource management paradigmBridger, Jeffrey C; Alter, Theodore R ; Frumento, Paloma Z; Howard, Tanya M ; Adams, Lisa B6-Apr-2020
112019Framing community engagementHoward, Tanya M ; Alter, Theodore R 6-Apr-2020
122019Community Pest Management in Practice: A Narrative ApproachHoward, Tanya M ; Alter, Theodore R; Frumento, Paloma Z; Thompson, Lyndal J2-Sep-2021
132019Community-Based Control of Invasive SpeciesMartin, Paul ; Alter, Theodore ; Hine, Don ; Howard, Tanya 6-Apr-2020
1410-Mar-2018Environmental regulatorsHoward, Tanya M 22-Feb-2021
152018Wild dog management in Australia: An interactional approach to case studies of community-led actionHoward, Tanya M ; Thompson, Lyndal J; Frumento, Paloma; Alter, Theodore 21-Feb-2020
162018Balancing the see-saw of natural resource governance: the interaction of legislation, policy and practice in four Australian participatory processesHoward, Tanya M 8-May-2020
1713-Nov-2017The rules of engagementHoward, Tanya ; Martin, Paul; Williams, Jacqueline13-Nov-2017
1815-Jul-2017Deadly clash between farmers and conservationHoward, Tanya M 22-Feb-2021
192017Taking away David's sling: environmental justice and land-use conflict in extractive resource developmentKennedy, Amanda L ; Schafft, Kai A; Howard, Tanya 30-Nov-2017
202017'Raising the bar': The role of institutional frameworks for community engagement in Australian natural resource governanceHoward, Tanya 17-Feb-2017
212016Improving the 'Rules of Engagement': Understanding how participatory processes are defined, experienced and implemented in Australian natural resource governanceHoward, Tanya ; Martin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Alter, Theodore31-Jan-2018
222015Olivebranches and idiot's guides: Frameworks for community engagement in Australian wind farm developmentHoward, Tanya 19-Feb-2015
232015The "Rules of Engagement": A Socio-legal Framework for Improving Community Engagement in Natural Resource GovernanceHoward, Tanya 11-Jan-2016
242015Possible legal obligations to consultHoward, Tanya ; Teles Da Silva, Solange7-Jan-2016
252015From international principles to local practices: a socio-legal framing of public participation researchHoward, Tanya 7-Jan-2016
262015Soil Governance: Accessing Cross-Disciplinary PerspectivesHoward, Tanya ; Lawson, Andrew 7-Jan-2016
272014Cotton: part of the social fabric?Howard, Tanya 8-May-2017

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