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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
124-Jul-2020Making time for tea in the public sector: Natural resource management agencies as learning organisationsDickson, Katrina Lynne ; Bartel, Robyn ; Alter, Theodore ; Ballard, Guy 3-Jan-2024
22019Managing outcome-focused, engaged 'human' researchMartin, Paul ; Alter, Theodore R ; Hine, Donald W; Choy, Darryl Low; Curtis, Paul12-May-2020
32019Steps towards more effective citizen actionMartin, Paul ; Alter, Theodore R ; Hine, Donald W 12-May-2020
42019Community-Based Control of Invasive SpeciesMartin, Paul ; Alter, Theodore ; Hine, Don ; Howard, Tanya 6-Apr-2020
52019Community engagement theory for a new natural resource management paradigmBridger, Jeffrey C; Alter, Theodore R ; Frumento, Paloma Z; Howard, Tanya M ; Adams, Lisa B6-Apr-2020
62019Framing community engagementHoward, Tanya M ; Alter, Theodore R 6-Apr-2020
77-Apr-2018A new role for regional development agencies and the transition to a low carbon placeKeegan, Darren James ; Thomas, Philip ; Alter, Theodore 13-Oct-2021
82018Wild dog management in Australia: An interactional approach to case studies of community-led actionHoward, Tanya M ; Thompson, Lyndal J; Frumento, Paloma; Alter, Theodore 21-Feb-2020
92017Intentional Innovation Communities: Concepts and Preliminary EvidenceFortunato, Michael; Alter, Ted ; Adapa, Sujana ; Thomas, Philip18-May-2017
102016Evaluation of a natural resource management program: an Australian case studyVerbeek, Miriam ; Martin, Paul ; Fortunato, Michael; Alter, Ted ; Bridger, Jeffrey; Radhakrishna, Rama13-Apr-2017
112015EditorialMartin, Paul ; Arnalds, Andres; Alter, Ted 26-Sep-2016
122015Theory and Practice of Regional Community Based Intentional Innovation in Northern Inland New South WalesThomas, Philip; Adapa, Sujana ; Fortunato, Michael; Alter, Ted 10-Feb-2016
132011Intentional Innovation Communities: strengthening innovation performance in the Northern Inland Region of NSWThomas, Philip; Adapa, Sujana ; Davies, Elizabeth ; Fortunato, Michael; Alter, Ted 29-Jul-2014
142011Regional Innovation: Strategic Development Community Based Innovation in the Northern Inland Region of NSWThomas, Philip ; Fortunato, Michael; Adapa, Sujana ; Davies, Elizabeth; Alter, Theodore 7-Jan-2015
152010Researcher Lessons from Community Partnership and Trans-disciplinary Research in a Peri-urban Setting: The WISER Experience in Western SydneyMartin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Stone, Christopher ; Alter, Ted 15-Dec-2014

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