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14-Apr-2024Activity of dingoes (Canis familiaris) and their use of anthropogenic resources in the Strzelecki Desert, South AustraliaMeek, Paul D ; Ballard, Guy A ; Abell, James ; Milne, Heath ; Smith, Deane ; Fleming, Peter J S 4-May-2024
2Jun-2023Inferring inter‑colony movement within metapopulations of yellow‑footed rock‑wallabies using estimates of kinshipSmith, Deane A ; Lethbridge, Mark R; Allen, Benjamin L ; Andrew, Rose 5-Apr-2024
37-Apr-2023Activity of free-ranging dogs (Canis familiaris) in the Arcadia Valley, QueenslandMeek, Paul D ; Ballard, Guy ; Marshall, Darren; Marshall, Lachlan; Smith, Deane ; Fleming, Peter J S 19-Mar-2024
427-Mar-2023The Ecology and Conservation of the Spotted-tailed Quoll (Dasyurus maculatus) in a Fragmented Landscape within the Hunter Valley Region of AustraliaHenderson, Timothy James ; Ballard, Guy ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Vernes, Karl ; Fancourt, Bronwyn Anne 4-Aug-2023
514-Feb-2023Ecological Implications of Primary and Secondary Dispersal of Fungi by VertebratesElliott, Todd ; Vernes, Karl ; Ballard, Guy ; Bruhl, Jeremy 4-Aug-2023
6Jan-2023Habitat use by the endangered spotted‑tailed quoll in a fragmented landscapeHenderson, T ; Fancourt, B A ; Rajaratnam, R ; Vernes, K ; Ballard, G 3-Feb-2023
72023The dingo (Canis familiaris) as a secondary disperser of mycorrhizal fungal sporesElliott, Todd F ; Paine, C E Timothy ; Ballard, Guy-Anthony ; Milne, Heath ; Van der Eyk, Josh ; Elliott, Kelsey; Meek, Paul ; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Vernes, Karl 26-Apr-2024
82023Brushtail possum terrestrial activity patterns are driven by climatic conditions, breeding and moonlight intensitySmielak, Michal Krzysztof ; Ballard, Guy ; John Sabine Fleming, Peter ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Vernes, Karl ; Reid, Nick 11-Apr-2024
9Sep-2022Density estimates reveal that fragmented landscapes provide important habitat for conserving an endangered mesopredator, the spotted-tailed quollsHenderson, Timothy ; Fancourt, Bronwyn A ; Rajaratnam, R ; Vernes, Karl ; Ballard, Guy 15-Mar-2023
1025-Jul-2022Density estimates reveal that fragmented landscapes provide important habitat for conserving an endangered mesopredator, the spotted-tailed quollHenderson, T ; Fancourt, B A ; Rajaratnam, R ; Vernes, K ; Ballard, G 9-Aug-2022
11Jul-2022Spatial and temporal activity patterns of owned, free-roaming dogs in coastal eastern AustraliaSparkes, Jessica; Körtner, Gerhard; Ballard, Guy ; Fleming, Peter J S 21-Jun-2024
129-Jun-2022Wild Dogs, Fences and People in the Southern Rangelands of Western AustraliaDowden, Deborah Louise Alison; Ballard, Guy ; McLeod, Lynette Jean ; Hine, Donald William ; Kreplins, Tracey29-Jan-2024
1318-Mar-2022Mitigating camera trap loss using permanent security posts: 10 years of developmentMeek, P D ; Ballard, G A ; Abell, J; Perrie, S; Blackford, A; Jones, R; Fleming, P J S 19-Mar-2024
1415-Feb-2022The Ecology and Conservation of the Spotted-tailed Quoll (Dasyurus maculatus) in a Fragmented Landscape within the Hunter Valley Region of Australia - DatasetFancourt, Bronwyn ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Vernes, Karl ; Ballard, Guy ; Henderson, Tim4-Aug-2023
152022Predictively modelling the distribution of the threatened brush-tailed rock-wallaby (Petrogale penicillata) in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, north-eastern New South Wales, AustraliaThurtell, Lachlan ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Thomas, Piers; Ballard, Guy ; Bayne, Paul; Vernes, Karl 22-Oct-2021
162022Using camera traps to estimate spotted-tailed quoll densitiesHenderson, Tim ; Fancourt, Bronwyn ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Vernes, Karl ; Ballard, Guy 15-Mar-2023
17Dec-2021Spatial and temporal interactions between endangered spotted‐tailed quolls and introduced red foxes in a fragmented landscapeHenderson, T ; Fancourt, B A ; Rajaratnam, R ; Vernes, K ; Ballard, G 4-Aug-2021
182021Satellite and telecommunication alert system for foot-hold trappingMeek, Paul D ; Ballard, Guy ; Milne, Heath ; Croft, Simon; Lawson, Geoff; Fleming, Peter J S 29-Apr-2022
192021Lethal control of eutherian predators via aerial baiting does not negatively affect female spotted-tailed quolls (Dasyurus maculatus maculatus) and their pouch youngClaridge, Andrew W; Ballard, Guy ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Fleming, Peter J S ; Forge, Trent ; Hine, Abby5-May-2022
2024-Jul-2020Making time for tea in the public sector: Natural resource management agencies as learning organisationsDickson, Katrina Lynne ; Bartel, Robyn ; Alter, Theodore ; Ballard, Guy 3-Jan-2024
211-May-2020Camera Trapping Technology and Related Advances: into the New MillenniumMeek, Paul D ; Ballard, Guy ; Falzon, Greg ; Williamson, Jaimen ; Milne, Heath ; Farrell, Robert ; Stover, Joshua ; Mather-Zardain, Atalya T; Bishop, James C ; Cheung, Elrond Ka-Wai ; Lawson, Christopher K ; Munezero, Amos M ; Schneider, Derek ; Johnston, Beau E ; Kiani, Ehsan ; Shahinfar, Saleh ; Sadgrove, Edmund J ; Fleming, Peter J S 12-Nov-2021
22Jan-2020ClassifyMe: A Field-Scouting Software for the Identification of Wildlife in Camera Trap ImagesFalzon, Greg ; Lawson, Christopher; Cheung, Ka Wai ; Vernes, Karl ; Ballard, Guy A ; Fleming, Peter J S ; Glen, Alistair S; Milne, Heath; Mather-Zardain, Atalya; Meek, Paul D 4-May-2021
23Jan-2020Envisioning the future with 'compassionate conservation': An ominous projection for native wildlife and biodiversityCallen, Alex; Hayward, Matt W; Klop-Toker, Kaya; Allen, Benjamin L; Ballard, Guy ; Beranek, Chad T; Broekhuis, Femke; Bugir, Cassandra K; Clarke, Rohan H; Clulow, John; Clulow, Simon; Daltry, Jennifer C; Davies-Mostert, Harriet T; Di Blanco, Yamil E; Dixon, Victoria; Fleming, Peter J S ; Howell, Lachlan G; Kerley, Graham I H; Legge, Sarah M; Lenga, Dean J; Major, Tom; Montgomery, Robert A; Moseby, Katherine; Meyer, Ninon; Parker, Dan M; Periquet, Stephanie; Read, John; Scanlon, Robert J; Shuttleworth, Craig; Tamessar, Cottrell T; Taylor, William Andrew; Tuft, Katherine; Upton, Rose M O; Valenzuela, Marcia; Witt, Ryan R; Wuster, Wolfgang29-Apr-2022
242020A large-scale automated radio telemetry network for monitoring movements of terrestrial wildlife in AustraliaGriffin, Andrea S; Brown, Culum; Woodworth, Bradley K; Ballard, Guy-Anthony ; Blanch, Stuart; Campbell, Hamish A ; Crewe, Tara L; Hansbro, Philip M; Herbert, Catherine A; Hosking, Tim; Hoye, Bethany J; Law, Brad; Leigh, Kellie; Machovsky-Capuska, Gabriele E; Rasmussen, Thomas; McDonald, Paul G ; Roderick, Mick; Slade, Chris; Mackenzie, Stuart A; Taylor, Philip D30-Mar-2020
252020Aerial baiting and wild dog mortality in south-eastern AustraliaBallard, Guy ; Fleming, P J S ; Meek, P D ; Doak, S29-Apr-2022
2617-Sep-2019A global review of the ecological significance of symbiotic associations between birds and fungiElliott, Todd F ; Jusino, Michelle A; Trappe, James M; Lepp, Heino; Ballard, Guy-Anthony ; Bruhl, Jeremy ; Vernes, Karl 28-Apr-2021
2713-Sep-2019Conventional distance sampling versus strip transects and abundance indices for estimating abundance of greater gliders (Petauroides volans) and eastern ringtail possums (Pseudocheirus peregrinus)Emerson, Luke D; Ballard, Guy-Anthony ; Vernes, Karl 4-May-2021
28Aug-2019Deconstructing compassionate conservationHayward, Matt W; Callen, Alex; Allen, Benjamin L; Ballard, Guy ; Broekhuis, Femke; Bugir, Cassandra; Clarke, Rohan H; Clulow, John; Clulow, Simon; Daltry, Jennifer C; Davies-Mostert, Harriet T; Fleming, Peter J S ; Griffin, Andrea S; Howell, Lachlan G; Kerley, Graham I H; Klop-Toker, Kaya; Legge, Sarah; Major, Tom; Meyer, Ninon; Montgomery, Robert A; Moseby, Katherine; Parker, Daniel M; Périquet, Stéphanie; Read, John; Scanlon, Robert J; Seeto, Rebecca; Shuttleworth, Craig; Somers, Michael J; Tamessar, Cottrell T; Tuft, Katherine; Upton, Rose; Valenzuela-Molina, Marcia; Wayne, Adrian; Witt, Ryan R; Wüster, Wolfgang3-May-2022
29Jun-2019Camera trap theft and vandalism: occurrence, cost, prevention and implications for wildlife research and managementMeek, Paul D ; Ballard, Guy A ; Sparkes, Jess; Robinson, Mark; Nesbitt, Brad; Fleming, Peter J S 8-Apr-2024
30Apr-2019Animal welfare considerations for using large carnivores and guardian dogs as vertebrate biocontrol tools against other animalsAllen, Benjamin L; Allen, Lee R; Ballard, Guy ; Drouilly, Marine; Fleming, Peter J S ; Hampton, Jordan O; Hayward, Matthew W; Kerley, Graham I H; Meek, Paul D ; Minnie, Liaan; O'Riain, M Justin; Parker, Daniel M; Somers, Michael J29-Apr-2022
312019Efficacy of lethal-trap devices to improve the welfare of trapped wild dogsMeek, Paul D ; Brown, Stuart C; Wishart, Jason; Milne, Heath ; Aylett, Paul; Humphrys, Simon; Ballard, Guy ; Fleming, Peter 3-May-2022
322019Denning behaviour of female spotted-tailed quolls during the breeding seasonKoertner, Gerhard ; Claridge, Andrew ; Ballard, Guy 1-May-2022
3310-Dec-2018Estimating macropod grazing density and defining activity patterns using camera-trap image analysisMorgan, Helen R ; Ballard, Guy ; Fleming, Peter J S ; Reid, Nick ; Van der Ven, Remy; Vernes, Karl 4-May-2021
3427-Oct-2018Management of wild canids and trophic cascades: How is vegetation influenced by top-order predators?Morgan, Helen ; Reid, Nicholas ; Fleming, Peter ; Hunter, John ; Ballard, Guy ; Vernes, Karl 2-Aug-2019
3528-Nov-2017Invasive species and their impacts on agri-ecosystems: issues and solutions for restoring ecosystem processesFleming, Peter J S ; Ballard, Guy ; Reid, Nick C H ; Tracey, John P3-May-2022
36Feb-2017Enumerating a continental-scale threat: How many feral cats are in Australia?Legge, S; Murphy, B P; McGregor, H; Woinarski, J C Z; Augusteyn, J; Ballard, G ; Baseler, M; Buckmaster, T; Dickman, C R; Doherty, T; Edwards, G; Eyre, T; Fancourt, B A ; Ferguson, D; Forsyth, D M; Geary, W L; Gentle, M; Gillespie, G; Greenwood, L; Hohnen, R; Hume, S; Johnson, C N; Maxwell, M; McDonald, P J; Morris, K; Moseby, K; Newsome, T; Nimmo, D; Paltridge, R; Ramsey, D; Read, J; Rendall, A; Rich, M; Ritchie, E; Rowland, J; Short, J; Stokeld, D; Sutherland, D R; Wayne, A F; Woodford, L; Zewe, F7-Apr-2021
372017Social, conservation and economic implications of rabies in AustraliaSparkes, Jessica; Ballard, Guy ; Fleming, Peter ; Brown, Wendy 7-Aug-2017
382017Roles for the Canidae in food webs reviewed: Where do they fit?Fleming, Peter ; Nolan, Huw; Jackson, Stephen M.; Ballard, Guy ; Bengsen, Andrew; Brown, Wendy ; Meek, Paul ; Mifsud, Gregory; Pal, Sunil K.; Sparkes, Jessica17-Jan-2018
392017Trophic cascades and dingoes in Australia: Does the Yellowstone wolf–elk–willow model apply?Morgan, Helen ; Hunter, John T ; Ballard, Guy ; Reid, Nick ; Fleming, Peter 1-Jun-2018
402017The trophic cascades concept may constrain Australian dingo reintroduction experiments: A response to Newsome et al. (2017)Morgan, Helen ; Hunter, John T ; Ballard, Guy ; Fleming, Peter 29-May-2018
412017Homo sapiens is the apex animal: anthropocentrism as a Dionysian swordFleming, Peter; Ballard, Guy 26-Sep-2017
42Dec-2016Contact rates of wild-living and domestic dog populations in Australia: a new approachSparkes, Jessica; Ballard, Guy ; Fleming, Peter J S ; van de Ven, Remy; Koertner, Gerhard 2-May-2022
43Dec-2016The higher you go the less you will know: placing camera traps high to avoid theft will affect detectionMeek, Paul D ; Ballard, Guy A ; Falzon, Gregory 18-Apr-2024
4422-Oct-2016Quantifying effects of wild dogs, domestic dogs and humans on the spread of rabies in AustraliaSparkes, Jessica Louise; Brown, Wendy ; Ballard, Guy ; Fleming, Peter ; Koertner, Gerhard 16-Jan-2023
45Feb-2016Feral cat home-range size varies predictably with landscape productivity and population densityBengsen, A J; Algar, D; Ballard, G ; Buckmaster, T; Comer, S; Fleming, P J S ; Friend, J A; Johnston, M; McGregor, H; Moseby, K; Zewe, F29-Apr-2022
462016Analysis of the Functionality, Value and Constraints of Using Camera Traps for Wildlife Monitoring and Ecological ResearchMeek, Paul ; Vernes, Karl ; Fleming, Peter ; Ballard, Guy ; Falzon, Gregory 8-Aug-2017
472016Cooperative hunting between humans and domestic dogs in eastern and northern AustraliaSparkes, Jessica; Ballard, Guy ; Fleming, Peter J S 2-May-2022
482016Are we getting the full picture? Animal responses to camera traps and implications for predator studiesMeek, Paul ; Ballard, Guy ; Fleming, Peter ; Falzon, Gregory 17-Apr-2024
492016Between a rock and a hard place: Management issues for the endangered brush-tailed rock-wallaby, 'Petrogale penicillata', in north-eastern New South WalesGowen, Catie Maree; Vernes, Karl ; Reid, Nick; Ballard, Guy ; Hunter, John 14-Aug-2017
502016Rabies disease dynamics in naȉve dog populations in AustraliaSparkes, Jessica; McLeod, Steven; Ballard, Guy ; Fleming, Peter ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Brown, Wendy 18-Aug-2016

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