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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
15-Feb-2023Telling Tales: Narratives for Climate Change - DatasetDriver, Aaron ; Hine, Donald ; McLeod, Lynette ; Phillips, Wendy ; Nunn, Patrick ; Alex, Anoop ; Loi, Natasha 28-Nov-2023
22023Evaluating Behaviour Change Interventions: A Practical GuideMcLeod, Lynette J ; Howard, Tanya M ; Driver, Aaron B ; Hine, Donald W 22-Jul-2023
32022Designing Community Surveys for Behaviour Change Research: A Practical GuideMcLeod, Lynette J ; Driver, Aaron B ; Hine, Donald W 18-Jul-2023
416-Jul-2020Understanding the Relationship between Intention and Cat Containment Behaviour: A Case Study of Kitten and Cat Adopters from RSPCA QueenslandMcLeod, Lynette J ; Evans, Di; Jones, Bidda; Paterson, Mandy; Zito, Sarah21-Sep-2020
52020Understanding why peri-urban residents do not report wild dog impacts: an audience segmentation approachHine, Donald W ; McLeod, Lynette J ; Please, Patricia M 19-Mar-2020
614-Aug-2019Change the Humans First: Principles for Improving the Management of Free-Roaming CatsMcLeod, Lynette J ; Hine, Donald W ; Driver, Aaron B 12-Sep-2019
7Jun-2019Using human behaviour change strategy to improve the management of invasive speciesMcLeod, Lynette J ; Please, Patricia M ; Hine, Donald W 22-Aug-2019
82019Using Audience Segmentation to Understand Nonparticipation in Invasive Mammal Management in AustraliaMcleod, Lynette J ; Hine, Donald W 30-Jul-2019
92019Designing Behaviour Change Interventions for Invasive Animal Control: A Practical GuideHine, Donald W ; McLeod, Lynette J ; Driver, Aaron B 19-Jul-2023
102018Waterworks: Developing behaviourally effective policies to manage household water useHine, Donald W ; McLeod, Lynette ; Driver, Aaron B 21-Jul-2023
112017Assessing the impact of different persuasive messages on the intentions and behaviour of cat owners: A randomised control trialMcLeod, Lynette ; Hine, Don W ; Bengsen, Andrew J; Driver, Aaron 18-Oct-2017
122017Refining Online Communication Strategies for Domestic Cat ManagementMcLeod, Lynette ; Driver, Aaron ; Bengsen, Andrew J; Hine, Don W 9-Jan-2018
132015Behaviourally Effective Communications for Invasive Animals Management: A Practical GuideHine, Don W ; Please, Patricia ; McLeod, Lynette ; Driver, Aaron 3-Jun-2015
142015Applying behavioral theories to invasive animal management: Towards an integrative frameworkMcLeod, Lynette ; Hine, Don W ; Please, Patricia ; Driver, Aaron 9-Jul-2015
152015Born to roam? Surveying cat owners in Tasmania, Australia, to identify the drivers and barriers to cat containmentMcLeod, Lynette ; Hine, Don W ; Bengsen, Andrew5-Jan-2016
162014Management of wild canids in Australia: free-ranging dogs and red foxesFleming, Peter ; Allen, Ben L; Allen, Lee R; Ballard, Guy ; Bengsen, Andrew; Gentle, Matt N; McLeod, Lynette ; Meek, Paul ; Saunders, Glen R7-Nov-2016

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