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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
129-Jul-2021How personal values shape job seeker preference: A policy capturing studyHicklenton, Carol L; Hine, Donald W ; Driver, Aaron B ; Loi, Natasha M 18-Aug-2021
22020Work Climate: Implications for Pro-Environmental Behavior, Workplace Engagement, and RecruitmentHicklenton, Carol; Hine, Donald; Loi, Natasha ; Driver, Aaron 14-Jan-2021
314-Aug-2019Change the Humans First: Principles for Improving the Management of Free-Roaming CatsMcLeod, Lynette J ; Hine, Donald W ; Driver, Aaron B 12-Sep-2019
42019Using audience segmentation and targeted social marketing to improve landholder management of invasive animalsHine, Donald W ; Sharp, Trudy; Driver, Aaron B 24-May-2020
52017Audience Segmentation and Climate Change CommunicationHine, Don W ; Phillips, Wendy J ; Driver, Aaron ; Morrison, Mark9-May-2017

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Aaron Driver
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Driver, Aaron
Driver, Aaron B
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Lecturer in Marketing
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UNE Business School - Management
Faculty of Science, Ag, Business and Law
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UNE Business School