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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
111-Dec-2023Automated Livestock Vocalisation Detection in Farm Acoustic EnvironmentsBishop, James ; Welch, Mitchell ; Paul, David ; Kwan, Paul ; Falzon, Gregory 21-Dec-2023
228-Jan-2023Automated Livestock Vocalisation Detection in Farm Acoustic EnvironmentsBishop, James ; Falzon, Gregory ; Welch, Mitchell ; Paul, David ; Meek, Paul 5-Feb-2023
33-Feb-2022Smart Farming with Wireless Visual Sensor NetworksAseel Hasan Edan Al-Nasar; Sadgrove, Edmund ; Fleming, Peter ; Falzon, Gregory ; Paul, David John 8-Aug-2023
424-Nov-2021Biometric Identification of Cattle via Muzzle Print Patterns and Deep Learning in a Few-Shot Learning ContextShojaeipour, Ali ; Cowley, Frances ; Falzon, Gregory ; Paul Kwan; Paul, David 23-Nov-2023
5Nov-2021The Segmented Colour Feature Extreme Learning Machine: Applications in Agricultural RoboticsSadgrove, Edmund J ; Falzon, Greg ; Miron, David ; Lamb, David W 16-Nov-2021
6Nov-2021Automated Muzzle Detection and Biometric Identification via Few-Shot Deep Transfer Learning of Mixed Breed CattleShojaeipour, Ali ; Falzon, Greg ; Kwan, Paul ; Hadavi, Nooshin ; Cowley, Frances C ; Paul, David 28-Jan-2022
76-Oct-2021Promoting Usage of Deep Learning Object Detection in Ecology by Improving Performance and AccessibilityShepley, Andrew Jason ; Falzon, Gregory ; Kwan, Paul 27-Nov-2023
827-Sep-2021Promoting Usage of Deep Learning Object Detection in Ecology by Improving Performance and Accessibility - DatasetShepley, Andrew Jason ; Falzon, Gregory ; Kwan, Paul 27-Nov-2023
96-Jun-2021Biometric Identification of Cattle via Muzzle Print Patterns and Deep Learning in a Few-Shot Learning ContextShojaeipour, Ali ; Falzon, Gregory ; Hadavi, Nooshin ; Cowley, Frances 23-Nov-2023
10May-2021Automated location invariant animal detection in camera trap images using publicly available data sourcesShepley, Andrew ; Falzon, Greg ; Meek, Paul ; Kwan, Paul28-Feb-2022
11Apr-2021U-Infuse: Democratization of Customizable Deep Learning for Object DetectionShepley, Andrew ; Falzon, Greg ; Lawson, Christopher ; Meek, Paul ; Kwan, Paul28-Feb-2022
122021Tomographic reconstruction using tilted Laue analyser-based X-ray phase-contrast imagingChalmers, M C; Kitchen, M J; Uesugi, K; Falzon, G ; Quin, P ; Pavlov, K M 16-Apr-2024
131-May-2020Camera Trapping Technology and Related Advances: into the New MillenniumMeek, Paul D ; Ballard, Guy ; Falzon, Greg ; Williamson, Jaimen ; Milne, Heath ; Farrell, Robert ; Stover, Joshua ; Mather-Zardain, Atalya T; Bishop, James C ; Cheung, Elrond Ka-Wai ; Lawson, Christopher K ; Munezero, Amos M ; Schneider, Derek ; Johnston, Beau E ; Kiani, Ehsan ; Shahinfar, Saleh ; Sadgrove, Edmund J ; Fleming, Peter J S 12-Nov-2021
14Jan-2020ClassifyMe: A Field-Scouting Software for the Identification of Wildlife in Camera Trap ImagesFalzon, Greg ; Lawson, Christopher; Cheung, Ka Wai ; Vernes, Karl ; Ballard, Guy A ; Fleming, Peter J S ; Glen, Alistair S; Milne, Heath; Mather-Zardain, Atalya; Meek, Paul D 4-May-2021
152020The role of soil temperature and seed dormancy in the creation and maintenance of persistent seed banks of Nassella trichotoma (serrated tussock) on the Northern Tablelands of New South WalesRuttledge, Annemieke; Whalley, Ralph D B ; Falzon, Gregory ; Backhouse, David ; Sindel, Brian M 11-Mar-2022
162020Automated cattle counting using Mask R-CNN in quadcopter vision systemXu, Beibei ; Wang, Wensheng; Falzon, Gregory ; Kwan, Paul ; Guo, Leifeng; Chen, Guipeng; Tait, Amy; Schneider, Derek 17-Apr-2024
172020“How many images do I need?” Understanding how sample size per class affects deep learning model performance metrics for balanced designs in autonomous wildlife monitoringShahinfar, Saleh ; Meek, Paul ; Falzon, Gregory 15-Apr-2024
182020Livestock classification and counting in quadcopter aerial images using Mask R-CNNXu, Beibei ; Wang, Wensheng; Falzon, Gregory ; Kwan, Paul ; Guo, Leifeng; Sun, Zhiguo; Li, Chunlei17-Apr-2024
192-Oct-2019Embedded Machine-Learning For Variable-Rate Fertiliser Systems: A Model-Driven Approach To Precision AgricultureStover, Joshua Marc ; Falzon, Gregory ; Lamb, David 11-Mar-2020
20Jul-2019Livestock vocalisation classification in farm soundscapesBishop, James C ; Falzon, Greg ; Trotter, Mark ; Kwan, Paul ; Meek, Paul D 12-Nov-2021
2111-Mar-2019Public perceptions and user experience study on the use and adoption of a mobile internet e-Voting smartphone app within the Australian contextZada, Phillip Charles ; Kwan, Paul ; Falzon, Gregory 1-Apr-2019
222019Do lethal trap devices threaten foot-hold trap capture efficacy?Meek, Paul D ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Falzon, Greg 8-Apr-2019
2327-Oct-2018The MEC-ELM and its Application in Robotic Vision for Pastoral LandscapesSadgrove, Edmund J ; Falzon, Gregory ; Miron, David J ; Lamb, David 23-Jan-2024
24Jul-2018OpenCL performance prediction using architecture-independent featuresJohnston, Beau ; Falzon, Gregory ; Milthorpe, Josh30-Apr-2024
252018Real-time object detection in agricultural/remote environments using the multiple-expert colour feature extreme learning machine (MEC-ELM)Sadgrove, Edmund ; Falzon, Gregory ; Miron, David ; Lamb, David 10-May-2018
2616-Oct-2017Sound analysis and detection, and the potential for precision livestock farming - a sheep vocalization case studyBishop, James C ; Falzon, Greg ; Trotter, Mark ; Kwan, Paul ; Meek, Paul D 12-Nov-2021
2716-Oct-2017Hardware and embedded algorithms for real time variable rate fertiliser applicationsStover, Joshua ; Falzon, Greg ; Jensen, Troy; Schroeder, Bernard; Lamb, David W 4-Jun-2019
282017Fast object detection in pastoral landscapes using a Colour Feature Extreme Learning MachineSadgrove, Edmund ; Falzon, Gregory ; Miron, David J ; Lamb, David 14-Jun-2017
29Dec-2016The higher you go the less you will know: placing camera traps high to avoid theft will affect detectionMeek, Paul D ; Ballard, Guy A ; Falzon, Gregory 18-Apr-2024
302016Risk mapping of redheaded cockchafer ('Adoryphorus couloni') (Burmeister) infestations using a combination of novel k-means clustering and on-the-go plant and soil sensing technologiesCosby, Amy ; Falzon, Gregory ; Trotter, M ; Stanley, John ; Powell, Kevin ; Lamb, David 15-Apr-2017
312016Analysis of the Functionality, Value and Constraints of Using Camera Traps for Wildlife Monitoring and Ecological ResearchMeek, Paul ; Vernes, Karl ; Fleming, Peter ; Ballard, Guy ; Falzon, Gregory 8-Aug-2017
322016Evaluating remote sensing technologies for improved yield forecasting and for the measurement of foliar nitrogen concentration in sugarcaneRobson, Andrew ; Rahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Falzon, Gregory ; Verma, Niva ; Johansen, Kasper; Robinson, Nicole; Lakshmanan, Prakash; Salter, Barry; Skocaj, Danielle4-Jan-2018
332016Perceptions of the Australian Public Towards Mobile Internet e-Voting: Risks, Choice and TrustZada, Phillip ; Falzon, Gregory ; Kwan, Paul 11-Oct-2017
342016Are we getting the full picture? Animal responses to camera traps and implications for predator studiesMeek, Paul ; Ballard, Guy ; Fleming, Peter ; Falzon, Gregory 17-Apr-2024
352015Developing a landscape risk assessment for the redheaded cockchafer ('Adoryphorus couloni') in dairy pastures using precision agriculture sensorsCosby, Amy; Trotter, Mark ; Falzon, Gregory ; Stanley, John ; Powell, Kevin ; Lamb, David 25-Mar-2015
362015Potential for Remote Monitoring of Cattle Movement to Indicate Available BiomassRoberts, Jessica Jane; Lamb, David ; Trotter, Mark ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Falzon, Gregory ; Dobos, Robin 8-Jan-2016
372015A novel feature reduction framework for digital mammogram image classificationAlharbi, Hajar Mohammedsaleh H; Falzon, Gregory ; Kwan, Paul H 21-Jun-2016
382014Camera Traps Can Be Heard and Seen by AnimalsMeek, Paul ; Ballard, Guy-Anthony ; Fleming, Peter ; Schaefer, Michael T ; Williams, Warwick; Falzon, Gregory 30-Oct-2014
392014Computer-assisted identification of small Australian mammals in camera trap imageryFalzon, Gregory ; Meek, Paul; Vernes, Karl A 1-May-2015
402014Apparent electrical conductivity (ECa) as a surrogate for neutron probe counts to measure soil moisture content in heavy clay soils (Vertosols)Stanley, John ; Lamb, David ; Falzon, Gregory ; Schneider, Derek 12-May-2014
412013A relationship between faecal egg counts and the distance travelled by sheepFalzon, Gregory ; Schneider, Derek ; Trotter, Mark ; Lamb, David 4-Mar-2013
422013On the Reliability of Expert Identification of Small-Medium Sized Mammals from Camera Trap PhotosMeek, Paul; Vernes, Karl A ; Falzon, Gregory 22-Nov-2013
432013Intersect's Service OfferingsThurbon, Joe; Boshoff, Johan; Falzon, Gregory 9-Sep-2013
442013Surviving the data deluge: geostatistical and signal processing methodologies for smart farm sensor networksFalzon, Gregory ; Henry, David ; Taylor, Kerry; Lefort, Laurent; Gaire, Raj; Wark, Tim; Schneider, Derek ; Trotter, Mark ; Murphy, Aron ; Lamb, David 9-Sep-2013
452013The challenges of integrating geospatial technologies into livestock industriesDobos, Robin C ; Falzon, Gregory ; Schneider, Derek ; Trotter, Mark 9-Sep-2013
462013Mapping redheaded cockchafer infestations in pastures - are PA tools up to the job?Cosby, Amy ; Trotter, Mark ; Falzon, Gregory ; Stanley, John ; Powell, Kevin S ; Schneider, Derek ; Lamb, David 26-Aug-2013
472013Farming the Web of ThingsTaylor, Kerry; Griffith, Colin; Lefort, Laurent; Gaire, Raj; Compton, Michael; Wark, Tim; Lamb, David ; Falzon, Gregory ; Trotter, Mark 17-Mar-2014
482012The Dynamic Aerial Survey Algorithm Architecture and Its Potential Use in Airborne Fertilizer ApplicationsFalzon, Gregory ; Lamb, David ; Schneider, Derek 4-Mar-2013
492012Monitoring and managing landscape variability in grazing systemsTrotter, Mark ; Yerbury, Mark; Guppy, Christopher ; Edwards, Clare; Haling, Rebecca ; Trotter, Tieneke ; Donald, Graham; Dobos, Robin C ; Powell, Kevin S ; Bruce, Rebecca; Henry, David ; Taylor, Kerry; Barron, Josh ; Lefort, Laurent; Moore, Darren; Lamb, David ; Anderson, Samantha ; Cosby, Amy ; Roberts, Jessica ; Stanley, John ; Schneider, Derek ; Falzon, Gregory ; Walkden-Brown, Steve W 12-Sep-2013
502012Examining the potential for active optical sensors to provide biomass estimation in improved and native pasturesTrotter, Mark ; Lamb, David ; Schneider, Derek ; Edwards, Clare; McPhee, Malcolm J ; Falzon, Gregory 6-Sep-2013

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