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111-Dec-2023Isolation and Assessment of Potential Rhizobacteria for Biological Control of Barnyard Grass (Echinochloa Crus-Galli (L.) P. Beauv), a Problematic Weed in Rice FieldsNguyen, Thi Phuong Chi; Backhouse, David ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Sindel, Brian Mark 21-Dec-2023
29-Oct-2023Developing an Institutional Working Mechanism for the Production of Health-Tested Citrus Seedling – Confronting Citrus Huanglongbing in BhutanDorji, Kinley ; Backhouse, David ; Hunt, Peter W ; Miller, Judith Anne ; Tenzin, Jigme; Wu, Shubiao 8-Nov-2023
34-Sep-2023Phytophthora root rot of chickpea: inoculum, pathogenicity and resistance phenotypingBithell, Sean Lloyd; Flavel, Richard ; Drenth, Andrew; Moore, Kevin; Backhouse, David 10-Aug-2023
427-Mar-2023Progressing Stubble-Borne Disease Management of Winter Cereals in the Northern Grain Region of AustraliaPetronaitis, Toni ; Flavel, Richard ; Steven Simpfendorfer; Brodie, Graham; Backhouse, David 7-Aug-2023
510-Aug-2022Progressing stubble-borne disease management of winter cereals in the northern grain region of Australia - DatasetPetronaitis, Toni ; Flavel, Richard ; Backhouse, David ; Simpfendorfer, Steven; Brodie, Graham7-Aug-2023
6Jun-2022Aggressiveness of Phytophthora medicaginis on chickpea: Phenotyping method determines isolate ranking and host genotype-by-isolate interactionsBithell, Sean L; Backhouse, David ; Harden, Steve; Drenth, André; Moore, Kevin; Flavel, Richard J ; Hobson, Kristy11-Jul-2023
72022Stubble trouble! Moisture, pathogen fitness and cereal type drive colonisation of cereal stubble by three fungal pathogensPetronaitis, Toni ; Forknall, Clayton; Simpfendorfer, Steven; Backhouse, David ; Flavel, Richard 11-Jul-2023
82-Mar-2021Characterisation of Brassinosteroid Effects and Brassinosteroid-Responsive Genes in Cotton for Growth and Stress Tolerance Enhancement Against Abiotic and Biotic StressesAl-amery, Anahid A Essa ; Nonhebel, Heather ; Krishna, Priti ; Warwick, Nigel ; Peer Schenk; Backhouse, David 11-Dec-2023
923-Feb-2021Auxin Biosynthesis, Signalling and Function During Early Stages of Endosperm Development in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)Basunia, Mafroz Ahmed ; Nonhebel, Heather ; McMillan, Mary ; Backhouse, David 7-May-2021
1023-Feb-2021Investigating Contradictory Findings Related to Auxin and Thousand-Grain Weight 6 (TGW6) Gene and their Relationship with Grain Weight in WheatKabir, Muhammed Rezwan ; Nonhebel, Heather ; Backhouse, David ; Winter Ziv, Gal 7-Dec-2023
112021Expression of key auxin biosynthesis genes correlates with auxin and starch content of developing wheat (Triticum aestivum) grainsKabir, Muhammed Rezwan ; Nonhebel, Heather M ; Backhouse, David ; Winter, Gal 26-Jun-2023
12Jan-2020A Comparative Study of Field Nematode Communities over a Decade of Cotton Production in AustraliaKnox, Oliver ; Backhouse, David ; Gupta, Vadakattu13-Jul-2020
132020Investigating contradictory findings related to auxin and THOUSAND-GRAIN WEIGHT 6 (TGW6) gene and their relationship with grain weight in wheat - DatasetKabir, Muhammed Rezwan ; Nonhebel, Heather M ; Backhouse, David ; Winter, Gal 7-Dec-2023
142020The role of soil temperature and seed dormancy in the creation and maintenance of persistent seed banks of Nassella trichotoma (serrated tussock) on the Northern Tablelands of New South WalesRuttledge, Annemieke; Whalley, Ralph D B ; Falzon, Gregory ; Backhouse, David ; Sindel, Brian M 11-Mar-2022
159-May-2019Factors affecting biocontrol of Rhizoctonia diseases and growth promotion of potato by Trichoderma speciesAlshimaysawe, Usamah; Backhouse, David ; Kristiansen, Paul 14-Nov-2021
16Mar-2019Comparative Effect of Root Pruning and Pythium irregulare on Water Use Efficiency of Wheat Under Water StressAldahadha, Abdallah M; Backhouse, David ; Warwick, Nigel W M 27-Jun-2019
172019Water relations and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) exposed to interactions of drought and fungal root diseases (Rhizoctonia and Pythium)Aldahadha, Abdallah M; Warwick, Nigel W M ; Backhouse, David 14-Jun-2019
1812-Apr-2018Using Neem to Control Charcoal Rot of ChickpeaSalman, Ali; Backhouse, David ; Yunusa, Isa 2-Aug-2019
1926-Mar-2018Using Neem to Control Charcoal Rot Of ChickpeaSalman, Ali; Backhouse, David 26-Mar-2018
207-Mar-2018Effect of Environmental and Host Factors on Biological Control of Fusarium Wilt by Non-Pathogenic Fusarium oxysporum in TomatoAli, Hayder; Backhouse, David ; Pereg, Lily 4-Oct-2019
212018Understanding the impact of soil sodicity on mycorrhizal symbiosis: Some facts and gaps identified from cotton systemsEskandari, Samieh; Guppy, Christopher ; Knox, Oliver ; Backhouse, David ; Haling, Rebecca E23-Apr-2018
22Dec-2017Mycorrhizal Symbioses of Cotton Grown on Sodic Soils: A Review from an Australian PerspectiveEskandari, Samieh; Guppy, Christopher N ; Knox, Oliver G G ; Backhouse, David ; Haling, Rebecca E 9-Jul-2021
232-Mar-2017Mycorrhizal Symbiosis and Nutrient Acquisition of Cotton ('Gossypium Hirsutum L.) in Sodic VertosolsEskandari Nasrabadi, Samieh; Guppy, Christopher ; Backhouse, David ; Haling, Rebecca 18-Jan-2024
242017Mycorrhizal contribution to phosphorus nutrition of cotton in low and highly sodic soils using dual isotope labelling (32P and 33P)Eskandari Nasrabadi, Samieh; Guppy, Christopher ; Knox, Oliver ; Flavel, Richard ; Backhouse, David ; Haling, Rebecca E24-Nov-2016
252017Mycorrhizal colonisation of cotton in soils differing in sodicityEskandari Nasrabadi, Samieh; Guppy, Christopher ; Knox, Oliver ; Backhouse, David ; Haling, Rebecca13-Mar-2017
262017Mycorrhiza and Biochar for Remediation and Plant Production in Soils Polluted with ArsenicAl-Shamma, Sahar; Backhouse, David ; Cowie, Annette ; Wilson, Susan C21-Feb-2018
272017Inoculation with Pythium irregulare Increases the Water Use Efficiency of Wheat Exposed to Post-Anthesis DroughtAldahadha, Abdallah M; Backhouse, David ; Warwick, Nigel 20-Apr-2018
282016Weed species in tomato production and their role as alternate hosts of 'Tomato spotted wilt virus' and its vector 'Frankliniella occidentalis'Macharia, Isaac; Backhouse, David ; Wu, Shubiao ; Ateka, Elijah Miinda24-Aug-2016
292016Climate change impacts on the ecology of 'Fusarium graminearum' species complex and susceptibility of wheat to 'Fusarium' head blight: a reviewVaughan, Martha; Backhouse, David ; Del Ponte, Emerson M15-Dec-2016
302016Distribution, charactisation and management of 'Tomato spotted wilt virus' and its vectors in tomato production systems in KenyaMacharia, Isaac; Backhouse, David ; Wu, Shubiao ; Ateka, Elijah27-Nov-2016
312016Improving mycorrhizal colonisation of cotton in sodic soilsEskandari Nasrabadi, Samieh; Guppy, Christopher ; Knox, Oliver ; Backhouse, David ; Haling, Rebecca E24-Feb-2017
322016Comparative study of 'Monilinia fructigena' and 'Monilia polystrom'a on morphological features, RFLP analysis, pathogenicity and histopathologyVasic, M; Duduk, N; Vico, I; Rancic, D; Pajic, V; Backhouse, David 11-Jan-2016
332015Distribution and genetic diversity of 'Tomato spotted wilt virus' following an incursion into KenyaMacharia, Isaac; Backhouse, David ; Ateka, Elijah Miinda; Wu, Shubiao ; Harvey, Jagger; Njahira, Moses; Skilton, Robert A12-May-2015
342015Sequential application of hyperspectral indices for delineation of stripe rust infection and nitrogen deficiency in wheatDevadas, Rakhesh; Lamb, David ; Backhouse, David ; Simpfendorfer, Steven22-Sep-2015
352015Preventing weed spread: a survey of lifestyle and commercial landholders about 'Nassella trichotoma' in the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, AustraliaRuttledge, Annie; Whalley, Ralph D ; Reeve, Ian ; Backhouse, David ; Sindel, Brian M 9-Oct-2015
362015Diversity of Thrips Species and Vectors of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus in Tomato Production Systems in KenyaMacharia, Isaac; Backhouse, David ; Skilton, Rob; Ateka, Elijah; Wu, Shubiao ; Njahira, Moses; Maina, Solomon; Harvey, Jagger25-Feb-2015
372014Effect of stripe rust on the yield response of wheat to nitrogenDevadas, Rakhesh; Simpfendorfer, Steven; Backhouse, David ; Lamb, David 26-Aug-2014
382014Invasion of the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales by 'Nassella trichotoma' (Nees) Hack. Ex Arechav.: Landholder perceptions and seed ecologyvan der Meulen, Annemieke; Sindel, Brian ; Whalley, Ralph ; Backhouse, David ; King, Kathleen20-Apr-2015
392014Toxicity of hydrolysis volatile products of 'Brassica' plants to 'Sclerotinia sclerotiorum', in vitroRahmanpour, Siamak; Backhouse, David ; Nonhebel, Heather 23-Mar-2015
402014Global distribution of 'Fusarium graminearum', 'F. asiaticum' and 'F. boothii' from wheat in relation to climateBackhouse, David 2-Apr-2014
412014Modelling the behaviour of crown rot in wheat caused by 'Fusarium pseudograminearum'Backhouse, David 29-Apr-2014
422012Effect of root diseases and drought on water use efficiency of wheatAldahadha, Abdallah Mohammad Ali; Warwick, Nigel W; Backhouse, David 15-Oct-2012
432012Integration of a predator and a pathogen with transgenic Bt cotton in controlling 'Helicoverpa armigera'Bahar, Md Habibullah; Gregg, Peter ; Stanley, John ; Backhouse, David ; del Socorro, Alice ; Mensah, Robert3-Aug-2012
442012Effects of 'Pythium irregulare' and Root Pruning on Water-Use Efficiency of Hydroponically Grown Wheat under PEG-Induced DroughtAldahadha, Abdallah Mohammad Ali; Warwick, Nigel W ; Backhouse, David 4-Sep-2012
452011Reaction of Brassica species to 'Sclerotinia sclerotiorum' applying inoculation techniques under controlled conditionsRahmanpour, Siamak; Backhouse, David ; Nonhebel, Heather 21-Feb-2012
462011Principles and Methods for Sustainable Disease Management in Rainfed Agricultural SystemsBackhouse, David ; Thinlay,7-Mar-2012
472011Proteomic assessment of host-associated microevolution in the fungus 'Thielaviopsis basicola'Coumans-Moens, Joelle ; Harvey, John; Backhouse, David ; Plojak, A; Raftery, M J; Nehl, David; Katz, Margaret E ; Pereg, Lily 27-Jul-2011
482011Using hyperspectral remote sensing as a tool for early detection of leaf rust in blueberriesAhlawat, Vikram; Jhorar, Om ; Kumar, Lalit ; Backhouse, David 28-Mar-2012
492011Efficacy of a 'Cladosporium' sp. fungus against 'Helicoverpa armigera' (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), other insect pests and beneficial insects of cottonBahar, Md Habibullah; Backhouse, David ; Gregg, Peter ; Mensah, Robert11-Nov-2011
502011The ecophysiology of drought stress in Australian species of 'Acacia': water relations, solute composition and photosynthesis during drought and recoveryKenny, Dale ; Warwick, Nigel W; Backhouse, David 13-Jan-2012

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