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11-Nov-2022Modelling polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon bioavailability in historically contaminated soils with six in-vitro chemical extractions and three earthworm ecotypesEsmaeili, Atefeh ; Knox, Oliver ; Leech, Calvin ; Hasenhor, Stefan; Juhasz, Albert; Wilson, Susan C 28-Jul-2022
2Apr-2022Differential accumulation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in three earthworm ecotypes: Implications for exposure assessment on historically contaminated soilsEsmaeili, Atefeh ; Knox, Oliver ; Juhasz, Albert; Wilson, Susan C 11-May-2022
32022Means and ways of engaging, communicating and preserving local soil knowledge of smallholder farmers in Central VietnamHuynh, Ha T N ; Lobry de Bruyn, Lisa A ; Knox, Oliver G G ; Hoang, Hoa T T16-May-2022
42022Ecology and management of invasive plants in the sub-Antarctic and Antarctic regions: evidence and synthesis from Macquarie IslandSindel, Brian M ; Wilson, Susan C ; Wilson, Brian R ; Hawking, Kirsten L ; Zahid, Waqas; Iqbal, Ali; Williams, Laura K; Knox, Oliver G G ; Coleman, Michael J ; Kristiansen, Paul 27-Jan-2023
5Dec-2021Response of soil microbial functionality and soil properties to environmental plantings across a chronosequence in south eastern AustraliaAmarasinghe, A; Knox, O G G ; Fyfe, C ; Lobry De Bruyn, L A ; Wilson, B R 11-Aug-2021
6Jul-2021Soiled undies, soil health and mycorrhizal mythsKnox, Oliver ; Osanai, Yui 18-Aug-2021
710-Jun-2021Advancing prediction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon bioaccumulation in plants for historically contaminated soils using Lolium multiflorum and simple chemical in-vitro methodologiesEsmaeili, Atefeh ; Knox, Oliver ; Juhasz, Albert; Wilson, Susan C 4-Mar-2021
8Jun-2021Local soil knowledge, sustainable agriculture and soil conservation in Central VietnamHuynh, Ha T N; Lobry de Bruyn, Lisa ; Knox, Oliver G G ; Hoang, Hoa T T29-Apr-2021
925-Feb-2021Keeping soil health on the levelKnox, Oliver 14-May-2021
102021A Comparison of In-vitro PAH Bioaccessibility in Historically Contaminated Soils: Implications for Risk ManagementEsmaeili, Atefeh ; Knox, Oliver ; Juhasz, Albert; Wilson, Susan C 20-Apr-2021
112021Distribution of subsoil microbial activity and biomass under Australian rotational cotton as influenced by system, crop status and seasonPolain, Katherine ; Knox, Oliver ; Wilson, Brian ; Guppy, Christopher ; Lisle, Leanne ; Nachimuthu, Gunasekhar; Osanai, Yui ; Siebers, Nina23-Mar-2021
122021Spatial distribution of soil microbial activity and soil properties associated with Eucalyptus and Acacia plantings in NSW, AustraliaAmarasinghe, A; Fyfe, C ; Knox, O G G ; Lobry De Bruyn, L A ; Kristiansen, P ; Wilson, B R 30-Nov-2020
132021Rhizosphere Legacy: Plant Root Interactions with the Soil and Its BiomeOliver, Ivanah C ; Knox, Oliver G G ; Flavel, Richard J ; Wilson, Brian R 12-Oct-2020
14Oct-2020Determining the critical period for broadleaf weed control in high-yielding cotton using mungbean as a mimic weedCharles, Graham W ; Sindel, Brian M ; Cowie, Annette L ; Knox, Oliver G G 22-Dec-2020
151-Sep-2020Increasing soil organic carbon with maize in cotton-based cropping systems: Mechanisms and potentialOsanai, Yui ; Knox, Oliver ; Nachimuthu, Gunasekhar; Wilson, Brian 16-Mar-2021
16Sep-2020Global patterns and determinants of bacterial communities associated with ectomycorrhizal root tips of Alnus speciesAslani, Farzad; Tedersoo, Leho; Polme, Sergei; Knox, Oliver ; Bahram, Mohammad29-Apr-2022
1721-Aug-2020Contrasting agricultural management effects on soil organic carbon dynamics between topsoil and subsoilOsanai, Yui ; Knox, Oliver ; Nachimuthu, Gunasekhar; Wilson, Brian 16-Mar-2021
1825-Jul-2020Subsoil Microbial Diversity and Stability in Rotational Cotton SystemsPolain, Katherine ; Knox, Oliver ; Wilson, Brian ; Pereg, Lily 25-May-2021
191-Jun-2020Understanding the real nature of long fallow disorderKnox, Oliver 17-Dec-2020
201-Jun-2020Never lose underwear in the paddock again!Knox, Oliver G G 27-Jan-2021
21Apr-2020Insights, implications and challenges of studying local soil knowledge for sustainable land use: a critical reviewHuynh, Ha T N; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa A ; Wilson, Brian R ; Knox, Oliver G G 23-Apr-2020
22Apr-2020Determining the critical period for grass control in high-yielding cotton using Japanese millet as a mimic weedCharles, Graham W ; Sindel, Brian M ; Cowie, Annette L ; Knox, Oliver G G 13-Jul-2020
23Feb-2020Distribution and Restricted Vertical Movement of Nematodes in a Heavy Clay SoilKnox, Oliver ; Polain, Katherine ; Fortescue, Elijha; Griffiths, Bryan13-Jul-2020
24Jan-2020A Comparative Study of Field Nematode Communities over a Decade of Cotton Production in AustraliaKnox, Oliver ; Backhouse, David ; Gupta, Vadakattu13-Jul-2020
25Dec-2019Your soil's health: field days offer insightKnox, Oliver 30-Mar-2020
26Dec-2019The UNE/CRDC cotton course update and future plansKnox, Oliver ; Smith, Rhiannon ; Griffiths, Brendan 30-Mar-2020
27Oct-2019Coring lubricants can increase soil microbial activity in VertisolsPolain, Katherine ; Joice, Gabrielle; Jones, Dominic; Pereg, Lily ; Nachimuthu, Gunasekhar; Knox, Oliver G G 13-Jul-2020
28Aug-2019The value of using mimic weeds in competition experiments in irrigated cottonCharles, Graham W ; Sindel, Brian M ; Cowie, Annette L ; Knox, Oliver G G 22-Aug-2019
29Mar-2019Lessons from extension activity related to cotton rotation impacts on soil - A scientist's perspectiveKnox, Oliver G G ; Osanai, Yui ; Polain, Katherine ; Pereg, Lily ; Nachimuthu, Gunasekhar; Wilson, Brian ; Waters, Warwick13-Jul-2020
30Feb-2019CRDC and UNE: Fullfilling industry needsKnox, Oliver ; Griffiths, Brendan 3-Apr-2019
312019Determining the critical period for weed control in high-yielding cotton using common sunflower as a mimic weedCharles, Graham W ; Sindel, Brian M ; Cowie, Annette L ; Knox, Oliver G G 22-Aug-2019
3221-Dec-2018The impact of carbon addition on the organisation of rhizosheath of chickpeaRabbi, Sheikh M F ; Tighe, Matthew K ; Knox, Oliver ; Young, Iain M 13-Jul-2020
33Nov-2018Catching up with the Cotton Production CourseKnox, Oliver ; Griffiths, Brendan 17-Mar-2019
344-May-2018Determination of Agricultural Impact on Soil Microbial Activity Using δ18OPHCl and Respiration ExperimentsPolain, Katherine ; Guppy, Christopher ; Knox, Oliver ; Lisle, Leanne ; Wilson, Brian ; Osanai, Yui ; Siebers, Nina13-Jul-2020
35Feb-2018Improved screening of biochar compounds for potential toxic activity with microbial biosensorsKnox, Oliver G G ; Weitz, Hedda J; Anderson, Peter; Borlinghaus, Maria; Fountaine, James13-Jul-2020
362018Reconsider the importance of soil organic carbonOsanai, Yui ; Knox, Oliver 25-Jun-2018
372018Understanding the impact of soil sodicity on mycorrhizal symbiosis: Some facts and gaps identified from cotton systemsEskandari, Samieh; Guppy, Christopher ; Knox, Oliver ; Backhouse, David ; Haling, Rebecca E23-Apr-2018
382018Soil your...what!Knox, Oliver ; Dickinson, Sally; Jenson, Melanie25-Jun-2018
392018Do you lube before you probe?Knox, Oliver ; Polain, Katherine ; Jones, Dominic; Joice, Gabrielle18-Jun-2018
40Dec-2017Mycorrhizal Symbioses of Cotton Grown on Sodic Soils: A Review from an Australian PerspectiveEskandari, Samieh; Guppy, Christopher N ; Knox, Oliver G G ; Backhouse, David ; Haling, Rebecca E 9-Jul-2021
412017Looking below the surface: What does it mean to you, our growers?Knox, Oliver ; Jenson, Melanie17-Mar-2017
422017Mycorrhizal colonisation of cotton in soils differing in sodicityEskandari Nasrabadi, Samieh; Guppy, Christopher ; Knox, Oliver ; Backhouse, David ; Haling, Rebecca13-Mar-2017
432017Refinement of Passive Nematode Recovery from Cotton Growing High Clay Content Australian VertisolsKnox, Oliver ; Griffiths, B S23-May-2017
442017Mycorrhizal contribution to phosphorus nutrition of cotton in low and highly sodic soils using dual isotope labelling (32P and 33P)Eskandari Nasrabadi, Samieh; Guppy, Christopher ; Knox, Oliver ; Flavel, Richard ; Backhouse, David ; Haling, Rebecca E24-Nov-2016
452016Organisms with potential to assist in the control of 'Helicoverpa armigera' in Australian cotton production systemsKnox, Oliver ; Anderson, Chris M T; Ross, Jenna L; Tann, Colin C R; Gupta, Vadakattu V S R19-Jan-2017
462016Improving mycorrhizal colonisation of cotton in sodic soilsEskandari Nasrabadi, Samieh; Guppy, Christopher ; Knox, Oliver ; Backhouse, David ; Haling, Rebecca E24-Feb-2017
472016Regional trials yielding surprising dataKnox, Oliver 15-Dec-2016
482016Looking below the surface: Lessons from the landscapeKnox, Oliver ; Smith, Rhiannon ; Kelly, Bryce; Korbel, Kathryn; Gupta, Vadakattu15-Dec-2016
492016Looking below the surface: What it means for youKnox, Oliver 15-Dec-2016
502016Life Cycle Analysis of the Embodied Carbon Emissions from 14 Wind Turbines with Rated Powers between 50 Kw and 3.4 MwSmoucha, Emily A; Fitzpatrick, Kate; Buckingham, Sarah; Knox, Oliver 11-Aug-2016

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