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19-Oct-2023The Effects of Burrow Nesting Seabirds on Soils and Vegetation on Broughton Island, New South WalesGarrard, Mary ; Sindel, Brian Mark ; Sinha, Priyakant ; Wilson, Brian 7-Nov-2023
2Jun-2023Changes in soil organic carbon fractions in abandoned croplands of NepalOjha, Roshan Babu; Kristiansen, Paul ; Atreya, Kishor; Wilson, Brian 21-Aug-2023
315-Feb-2023The effects of burrow nesting seabirds on soil and vegetation on Broughton Island, New South Wales - DatasetGarrard, Mary ; Wilson, Brian ; Sinha, Priyakant 7-Nov-2023
43-Jan-2023Lessons learned from farmers' experience of soil carbon management practices in grazing regimes of AustraliaAmin, Md Nurul ; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Lawson, Andrew ; Wilson, Brian ; Hossain, Md Sarwar11-Jan-2023
53-Nov-2022The quantity, distribution and stability of root carbon inputs from pasture species into soilOliver, Ivanah ; Wilson, Brian ; Knox, Oliver ; Jenkins, Brian; Flavel, Richard 10-Aug-2023
6Sep-2022A systematic review and gap analysis of drivers, impacts, and restoration options for abandoned croplands in NepalOjha, Roshan Babu; Atreya, Kishor; Kristiansen, Paul ; Devkota, Deepa; Wilson, Brian 24-Aug-2023
72-Aug-2022Pasture Species as an Option for Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration to Restore Abandoned Croplands in NepalOjha, Roshan Babu; Wilson, Brian ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Atreya, Kishor13-Nov-2023
8Jun-2022Temporal dynamics in biotic and functional recovery following miningEldridge, David J ; Oliver, Ian ; Powell, Jeff R; Dorrough, Josh ; Carrillo, Yolima; Nielsen, Uffe N; Macdonald, Catriona A; Wilson, Brian ; Fyfe, Christine ; Amarasinghe, Apsara; Kuginis, Laura; Peake, Travis; Robinson, Trish; Howe, Belinda; Delgado-Baquerizo, Manuel15-Mar-2024
94-May-2022Understanding the Role of the Social-Ecological System Framework for Examining Australian Farmers’ Capacity to Manage Soil CarbonAmin, Md Nurul ; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Lawson, Michael Andrew ; Sohel, Md Sarwar; Wilson, Brian 16-Nov-2023
10Apr-2022Distribution, nature and threats to soils of the Australian Alps: A reviewWilson, Brian R ; Tulau, Mitch; Kuginis, Laura; Mcinnes-Clarke, Sally; Grover, Samantha; Milford, Humphrey; Jenkins, Brian R1-May-2024
1115-Mar-2022Functional Links between Biomass Production and Decomposition of Vetiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides) Grass in Three Australian SoilsTessema, Bezaye; Wilson, Brian ; Daniel, Heiko ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Baldock, Jeff A13-Jun-2022
123-Feb-2022Subsoil Microbial Processes Under Australian Rotational Cotton SystemsPolain, Katherine ; Knox, Oliver ; Wilson, Brian 21-Nov-2023
132022Ecology and management of invasive plants in the sub-Antarctic and Antarctic regions: evidence and synthesis from Macquarie IslandSindel, Brian M ; Wilson, Susan C ; Wilson, Brian R ; Hawking, Kirsten L ; Zahid, Waqas; Iqbal, Ali; Williams, Laura K; Knox, Oliver G G ; Coleman, Michael J ; Kristiansen, Paul 27-Jan-2023
14Dec-2021Response of soil microbial functionality and soil properties to environmental plantings across a chronosequence in south eastern AustraliaAmarasinghe, A; Knox, O G G ; Fyfe, C ; Lobry De Bruyn, L A ; Wilson, B R 11-Aug-2021
156-Oct-2021Changes in Soil Microbial Atributes and Nutrient Status in Response to Environmental Plantings of Acacia and Eucalyptus in South-Eastern AustraliaKapugahamula Waththe Gedara, Apsara Pubudu Kumari Amarasinghe; Wilson, Brian ; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Knox, Oliver 11-Aug-2023
1630-Jun-2021Subsoil microbial processes under Australian rotational cotton systemsPolain, Katherine ; Knox, Oliver ; Wilson, Brian 21-Nov-2023
1725-Jun-2021US scheme used by Australian farmers reveals the dangers of trading soil carbon to tackle climate changeSimmons, Aaron ; Cowie, Annette ; Wilson, Brian ; Farrell, Mark; Harrison, Matthew Tom; Grace, Peter; Eckard, Richard; Wong, Vanessa; Badgery, Warwick24-Aug-2023
1815-Jan-2021Rapid PXRF soil organic carbon and organic matter assessment using novel modular radiation detector assemblyRavansari, Roozbeh ; Wilson, Susan C ; Wilson, Brian R ; Tighe, Matthew 4-Mar-2021
192021Rhizosphere Legacy: Plant Root Interactions with the Soil and Its BiomeOliver, Ivanah C ; Knox, Oliver G G ; Flavel, Richard J ; Wilson, Brian R 12-Oct-2020
202021Spatial distribution of soil microbial activity and soil properties associated with Eucalyptus and Acacia plantings in NSW, AustraliaAmarasinghe, A; Fyfe, C ; Knox, O G G ; Lobry De Bruyn, L A ; Kristiansen, P ; Wilson, B R 30-Nov-2020
212021Distribution of subsoil microbial activity and biomass under Australian rotational cotton as influenced by system, crop status and seasonPolain, Katherine ; Knox, Oliver ; Wilson, Brian ; Guppy, Christopher ; Lisle, Leanne ; Nachimuthu, Gunasekhar; Osanai, Yui ; Siebers, Nina23-Mar-2021
221-Sep-2020Increasing soil organic carbon with maize in cotton-based cropping systems: Mechanisms and potentialOsanai, Yui ; Knox, Oliver ; Nachimuthu, Gunasekhar; Wilson, Brian 16-Mar-2021
2321-Aug-2020Contrasting agricultural management effects on soil organic carbon dynamics between topsoil and subsoilOsanai, Yui ; Knox, Oliver ; Nachimuthu, Gunasekhar; Wilson, Brian 16-Mar-2021
2425-Jul-2020Subsoil Microbial Diversity and Stability in Rotational Cotton SystemsPolain, Katherine ; Knox, Oliver ; Wilson, Brian ; Pereg, Lily 25-May-2021
251-Jun-2020A systematic review of soil carbon management in Australia and the need for a social-ecological systems frameworkAmin, Md Nurul; Hossain, Md Sarwar; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Wilson, Brian R 23-Apr-2020
26Apr-2020Insights, implications and challenges of studying local soil knowledge for sustainable land use: a critical reviewHuynh, Ha T N; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa A ; Wilson, Brian R ; Knox, Oliver G G 23-Apr-2020
271-Nov-2019Driving factors of soil organic carbon fractions over New South Wales, AustraliaGray, Jonathan; Karunaratne, Senani; Bishop, Thomas; Wilson, Brian ; Veeragathipillai, Manoharan19-May-2021
2815-Oct-2019Digital soil mapping algorithms and covariates for soil organic carbon mapping and their implications: A reviewLamichhane, Sushil; Kumar, Lalit ; Wilson, Brian 19-Jan-2021
292-Oct-2019The Significance of Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) to Deep Soil Carbon StorageFancy, Rubeca ; Wilson, Brian ; Daniel, Heiko ; Osanai, Yui 11-Jan-2024
3023-Jul-2019Mathematical Functions to Model the Depth Distribution of Soil Organic Carbon in a Range of Soils from New South Wales, Australia under Different Land UsesMurphy, Brian W; Wilson, Brian ; Koen, Terry16-Mar-2021
31Jun-2019Soil properties on sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island: Fundamental indicators of ecosystem function and potential changeWilson, Brian R ; Wilson, Susan C ; Sindel, Brian ; Williams, Laura K; Hawking, Kirsten L; Shaw, Justine; Tighe, Matthew ; Hua, Quan; Kristiansen, Paul 8-Apr-2020
32Mar-2019Lessons from extension activity related to cotton rotation impacts on soil - A scientist's perspectiveKnox, Oliver G G ; Osanai, Yui ; Polain, Katherine ; Pereg, Lily ; Nachimuthu, Gunasekhar; Wilson, Brian ; Waters, Warwick13-Jul-2020
3327-Feb-2019Vetiver Grass in Australia and Ethiopia: Soil Organic Carbon Storage potential and Mechanisms for Carbon SequestrationTessema, Bezaye Gorfu; Wilson, Brian ; Daniel, Heiko 20-Jan-2023
344-May-2018Determination of Agricultural Impact on Soil Microbial Activity Using δ18OPHCl and Respiration ExperimentsPolain, Katherine ; Guppy, Christopher ; Knox, Oliver ; Lisle, Leanne ; Wilson, Brian ; Osanai, Yui ; Siebers, Nina13-Jul-2020
35Jan-2018Impact of agricultural management practices on the nutrient supply potential of soil organic matter under long-term farming systemsSarker, Jharna Rani ; Singh, Bhupinderpal ; Dougherty, Warwick J; Fang, Yunying; Badgery, Warwick ; Hoyled, Frances C; Dalal, Ram C; Cowie, Annette L 22-Mar-2024
362018High soil acidity under native shrub encroachment in the Cobar Pediplain, south-eastern AustraliaTighe, M ; Reid, N ; Wilson, B R ; McHenry, M T19-May-2021
372018Using measured stocks of biomass and litter carbon to constrain modelled estimates of sequestration of soil organic carbon under contrasting mixed-species environmental plantingsPaul, Keryn I; England, Jacqueline R; Madhavan, Dinesh B; Herrmann, Tim; Baker, Thomas G; Cunningham, Shaun C; Perring, Michael P; Polglase, Phil J; Wilson, Brian ; Cavagnaro, Timothy R; Lewis, Tom; Read, Zoe16-Feb-2018
382017Land-use contrasts reveal instability of subsoil organic carbonHobley, Eleanor; Baldock, Jeffery; Hua, Quan; Wilson, Brian 10-Feb-2017
392017Biological indicators of soil quality in a long-term rice-wheat system on the Indo-Gangetic plain: combined effect of tillage-water-nutrient managementBhaduri, Debarati; Purakayastha, T J; Patra, A K; Singh, Man; Wilson, B R 17-Mar-2017
402017Climatically driven change in soil carbon across a basalt landscape is restricted to non-agricultural land use systemsWilson, Brian ; King, Dacre; Growns, Ivor ; Veeragathipillai, Manoharan25-May-2017
412017Forest burning affects quality and quantity of soil organic matterHobley, Eleanor U; Le Gay Brereton, Adrian J; Wilson, Brian 7-Dec-2016
422017Soil charcoal prediction using attenuated total reflectance mid-infrared spectroscopyHobley, E U; Brereton, A J L E Gay; Wilson, Brian 13-Jan-2017
432016Physical soil architectural traits are functionally linked to carbon decomposition and bacterial diversityFazle Rabbi, S M ; Daniel, Heiko ; Lockwood, Peter V ; Macdonald, C; Pereg, Lily ; Tighe, Matthew ; Wilson, Brian ; Young, Iain 17-Feb-2017
442016The application of mixed waste organic output (MWOO) to soils: Effects on metal and metalloid concentrations, distribution, bioavailability and mobility in NSW soilsBayat, Sara ; Wilson, Susan ; Wilson, Brian ; Kristiansen, Paul 9-Aug-2017
452016Comparison of Canopy Volume Measurements of Scattered Eucalypt Farm Trees Derived from High Spatial Resolution Imagery and LiDARVerma, Niva ; Lamb, David ; Reid, Nick ; Wilson, Brian 13-May-2016
462016The depth distribution of organic carbon in the soils of eastern AustraliaHobley, Nellie ; Wilson, Brian 14-Jun-2016
472016Environmental and human influences on organic carbon fractions down the soil profileHobley, Nellie ; Baldock, Jeffery; Wilson, Brian 14-Jun-2016
482016Previous land use and climate influence differences in soil organic carbon following reforestation of agricultural land with mixed-species plantingsEngland, Jacqueline R; Paul, Keryn I; Herrmann, Tim; Polglase, Philip J; Cunningham, Shaun C; Madhavan, Dinesh B; Baker, Thomas G; Read, Zoe; Wilson, Brian ; Cavagnaro, Timothy R; Lewis, Tom; Perring, Michael P14-Jun-2016
492016Response to Letter to the Editor "Comments on "Modelling soil organic carbon storage with RothC in irrigated Vertisols under cotton cropping systems in the sub-tropics" (Nimai Senapati, Nilantha R. Hulugalle, Pete Smith, Brian R. Wilson, Jagadeesh B. Yeluripati, Heiko Daniel, Subhadip Ghosh, Peter Lockwood. Soil & Tillage Research 143 (2014) 38-49)"Senapati, Nimai; Hulugalle, Nilantha; Smith, Pete; Wilson, Brian ; Yeluripati, Jagadeesh; Daniel, Heiko ; Ghosh, Subhadip; Lockwood, Peter V 22-Dec-2016
50Jun-2015Examining the impact of shade on above-ground biomass and normalized difference vegetation index of C3 and C4 grass species in North-Western NSW, AustraliaBarnes, P ; Wilson, B R ; Reid, N ; Bayerlein, L ; Koen, T B; Olupot, G7-May-2015

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