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112-Jul-2023Evaluation of Natural Resource Governance in the Solomon Islands: Sustainable ForestrySisiolo, Jointly; Lawson, Andrew ; Charlton, Guy 2-Aug-2023
212-Jul-2023Streamlining the Governance of Natural Resources Through the Effective Use of Market and Regulatory Instruments: How to Better Manage the Revenue and Distribution of Benefits Within Papua New GuineaPolume-Kiele, Hitelai Dorothy; Martin, Paul ; Lawson, Andrew 3-Aug-2023
3May-2023Changing scripts: Gender, family farm succession and increasing farm values in AustraliaSheridan, Alison ; Newsome, Lucie ; Lawson, Andrew ; Charry, Skye; Field, Susan 2-Jun-2023
43-Jan-2023Lessons learned from farmers' experience of soil carbon management practices in grazing regimes of AustraliaAmin, Md Nurul ; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Lawson, Andrew ; Wilson, Brian ; Hossain, Md Sarwar11-Jan-2023
52023The Rice Marketing Act 1983 (NSW) – Reform or Repeal.Hoffman, Tamaris; Lawson, Andrew 29-Sep-2023
64-May-2022Understanding the Role of the Social-Ecological System Framework for Examining Australian Farmers’ Capacity to Manage Soil CarbonAmin, Md Nurul ; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Lawson, Michael Andrew ; Sohel, Md Sarwar; Wilson, Brian 16-Nov-2023
713-Mar-2022Southern New England Landcare: Enabling and Supporting Stewardship for Over 30 YearsLawson, Andrew ; Martin, Paul 28-Jul-2022
8Mar-2022Money, soils and stewardship-creating a more fruitful relationship?Martin, Paul ; Lawson, Andrew 27-Jul-2022
931-Jan-2022Connecting Nature: The Potential of Australian Dairy Initiatives in Collaborative Biodiversity GovernanceCosby, Amy ; Lawson, Andrew ; Gudde, Jane ; Fogarty, Eloise S27-Jul-2022
10Oct-2021Intergenerational farm succession: How does gender fit?Sheridan, Alison ; Newsome, Lucie ; Howard, Tanya ; Lawson, Andrew ; Saunders, Skye 30-Jun-2021
119-Sep-2021The Role of Gender in Intergenerational Farming from the Perspective of Legal PractitionersHowes, Lauren; Martin, Paul ; Lawson, Andrew 10-Sep-2021
1218-Jun-2021Funding Rural Stewardship: the case for significant reformMartin, P ; Lawson, A ; Luiza Luz, M; Nauschutz, S; Davies, K2-Aug-2021
132020Partnered governance of biodiversityLawson, Andrew ; Cosby, Amy; Gudde, Jane; Rodrigues da Silva, Leticia1-Jun-2020
142019A conceptual framework for exploring voluntary stewardship programs for land managers as a tool of New Environmental GovernanceLawson, Andrew 27-Jun-2019
152019AustraliaLawson, Andrew ; Cosby, Amy ; Baker, Derek ; Leu, Shawn ; Lefley, Ed ; Sahota, Amarjit; Bez, Nick18-Jul-2019
162018Australian Organic: Market Report 2018Lawson, Andrew ; Cosby, Amy ; Baker, Derek ; Leu, Shawn ; Lefley, Ed; Euromonitor International,; Sahota, Amarjit; Bez, Nick; Christie, Rhiannon20-Jul-2018
172018Evaluating the Governance Potential of Voluntary Stewardship Programs for FarmersLawson, Andrew ; Martin, Paul 20-Jul-2018
182018AustraliaLawson, Andrew ; Monk, Andrew; Cosby, Amy 24-May-2018
1916-Nov-2017Farmers, voluntary stewardship programs, and collaborative natural resource governance in rural AustraliaLawson, Andrew ; Martin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Monk, Andrew16-Nov-2017
202017Farmers, voluntary stewardship and collaborative environmental governance in rural AustraliaLawson, Andrew 18-Jul-2017
212017Land Use (in title 330, Primary Industry)Lawson, Andrew 19-Jul-2017
222017Australian Organic: Market Report 2017Lawson, Andrew ; Cosby, Amy ; Bez, Nick; Williams, Jacqueline 18-Jul-2017
232017AustraliaLawson, Andrew ; Monk, Andrew; Cosby, Amy 21-Sep-2017
242016Farmers, voluntary stewardship programs, and collaborative natural resource governance in rural AustraliaLawson, Andrew ; Martin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Monk, Andrew23-Dec-2016
252015Implementing environmental law and collaborative governanceHolley, Cameron; Lawson, Andrew 27-Apr-2017
262015Soil Governance: Accessing Cross-Disciplinary PerspectivesHoward, Tanya ; Lawson, Andrew 7-Jan-2016
272014Voluntary Measures and Environmental LawLawson, Andrew ; Martin, Paul 14-Nov-2014

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