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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1May-2023Changing scripts: Gender, family farm succession and increasing farm values in AustraliaSheridan, Alison ; Newsome, Lucie ; Lawson, Andrew ; Charry, Skye; Field, Susan 2-Jun-2023
26-Apr-2023Hyperseparation in Western agriculture: Male/female and human/nature constructions in Australia and the NetherlandsArndt, Tasch; Fenton, Ellyse ; Newsome, Lucie 22-Jul-2023
318-Oct-2022Regional Australia Bank: a case study addressing the triple penalty of regional location, gender and motherhood on women’s careersSheridan, Alison ; Newsome, Lucie 16-Jun-2023
419-May-2022Accommodating Gender through Self-regulation: A Limited Response for Equity on Boards in AustraliaNewsome, Lucie ; Sheridan, Alison 16-Jun-2023
5Jan-2022Characterizing the changing profile of employment in Australian agricultureBassett, Katherine; Newsome, Lucie ; Sheridan, Alison ; Azeem, Muhammad Masood 17-Feb-2022
6Oct-2021Intergenerational farm succession: How does gender fit?Sheridan, Alison ; Newsome, Lucie ; Howard, Tanya ; Lawson, Andrew ; Saunders, Skye 30-Jun-2021
7Sep-2021Disrupted gender roles in Australian agriculture: first generation female farmers’ construction of farming identityNewsome, Lucie 19-Aug-2021
8May-2021Tempered disruption: Gender and agricultural professional servicesSheridan, Alison ; Newsome, Lucie 19-Aug-2021
92021Gender and Citizenship in Australia: Government Approaches to Paid Parental Leave Policy 1996-2017Newsome, Lucie 10-Dec-2020
10Oct-2020Beyond 'get big or get out': Female farmers' responses to the cost-price squeeze of Australian agricultureNewsome, Lucie 15-Jan-2021
1115-Feb-2019Producers of food and creators of social value: Women and alternative agricultureNewsome, Lucie ; Sheridan, Alison ; Smith-Ruig, Theresa 1-Jun-2021
122018Taking Stock: Identifying the Growing Agricultural Service Sector in AustraliaNewsome, Lucie ; Sheridan, Alison 21-Jun-2018
132017The Rise and Fall of Paid Maternity Leave Policy in the Years of the Keating GovernmentNewsome, Lucie 6-Nov-2017
142017Female leadership and welfare state reform: the develoment of Australia's first national paid parental leave schemeNewsome, Lucie 5-Jan-2018
152016Examining environmental education in NSW early childhood education services: A literature review with findings from the fieldElliott, Sue ; McCrea, Nadine ; Newsome, Lucie ; Gaul, Julie18-Jan-2017
162014Investigating early childhood education and care services environmental education programs: Final ReportElliott, Sue; McCrea, Nadine L ; Newsome, Lucie ; Gaul, Julie17-Apr-2015
172014Investigating early childhood education and care services environmental education programs: Portfolio of ECEfS ActivitiesElliott, Sue; McCrea, Nadine L ; Newsome, Lucie ; Gaul, Julie17-Apr-2015

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