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115-Feb-2019Producers of food and creators of social value: Women and alternative agricultureNewsome, Lucie ; Sheridan, Alison ; Smith-Ruig, Theresa 1-Jun-2021
22018One board for mission, another board for margin: Exploring two-tiered boards and links to not-for-profit organizational performanceLaverty, Martin; Sheridan, Alison J; Smith-Ruig, Theresa ; Hovey, Martin 25-May-2018
32017Crafting careers in a technology-enabled flexible work environmentField, Justin Craig; Smith-Ruig, Theresa ; Sheridan, Alison ; Conway, Mary-Louise 29-Nov-2017
42017Champions for Charities: Exploring Inclusive Leadership in the Non-profit Sector in AustraliaSmith-Ruig, Theresa 4-Sep-2017
52016Slow Change at the Top: 'Old Hands' and 'Accidental Executives' in New South Wales Local GovernmentSmith-Ruig, Theresa ; Grant, Bligh; Sheridan, Alison J 21-Mar-2016
62015Strategy 2050 and Human Resource Management in Kazakhstan: A Focus on Leadership DevelopmentDavis, Paul James; McClenaghan, Peter ; Smith-Ruig, Theresa 27-Mar-2015
72015Developing the Virtuous Self in an Online MBA: Reflections on Instruments and ProcessesDalton, Valerie ; Grant, Bligh; Smith-Ruig, Theresa ; Hempsall, Kay6-Nov-2015
82014Exploring the links between mentoring and work-integrated learningSmith-Ruig, Theresa 18-Jun-2014
921-Oct-2013Preparing law graduates for rural and regional practice: A new curriculum-based approachKennedy, Amanda ; Smith-Ruig, Theresa ; Coverdale, Richard; Hart, Caroline; Mortensen, Reid; Macken, Claire; Mundy, Trish; Nielsen, Jennifer31-Jan-2014
102012Curriculum in context: Reconceptualising undergraduate law teaching to prepare graduates for legal practice in rural and regional areasKennedy, Amanda L ; Coverdale, Richard; Hart, Caroline; Macken, Claire; Mundy, Trish; Nielsen, Jennifer; Smith-Ruig, Theresa 17-Sep-2012
112010Exploring Career Plateau as a Multi-Faceted Phenomenon: Understanding the Types of Career Plateaux Experienced by Accounting ProfessionalsSmith-Ruig, Theresa 13-May-2010
122010The diversity and complexity of disability: Emphasising ability not disabilitySmith-Ruig, Theresa 23-Nov-2010
132010Through My Eyes: Conducting Research as a Vision-Impaired ResearcherSmith-Ruig, Theresa ; Sheridan, Alison Jane 19-Oct-2009
142009Mapping the Career Journey of Male and Female Accountants in AustraliaSmith-Ruig, Theresa 20-Jan-2012
152008Making sense of careers through the lens of a path metaphorSmith-Ruig, Theresa 29-Apr-2010
162006Climbing the corporate ladder: What happens after you reach the top?Smith, T 25-Sep-2008
172006Organisational Careers versus Boundaryless Careers: Insights from the accounting professionSheridan, AJ ; Smith, T 2-May-2008
182005More 'hands on' please: Career development in the accounting professionSmith, Theresa ; Sheridan, Alison Jane 15-Feb-2010
192005Using Metaphors in Career Theory: A Road Map for Career DevelopmentSmith-Ruig, Theresa 29-Aug-2012
202004Managing Careers In A World Of Diversity & Change: Understanding The Work Life Balance IssueSmith, T 26-Sep-2008
212002Diversity and Disability: Exploring the Experiences of Vision Impaired People in the WorkplaceSmith, T 2-May-2008

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