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114-Sep-2023Triple Helix and Regional Innovation Systems: Knowledge Transfer in New South WalesLefley, Edward Robert John ; Dollery, Brian ; Argent, Neil ; Leu, Chen-Yu 15-Sep-2023
2Jul-2023Trade Liberalization and Manufacturing Productivity in Nepal: Examining a Small Open Developing EconomyPathak, Amrit; Leu, Shawn ; Siriwardana, Mahinda 26-Sep-2023
3May-2023Adapting to the new normal: A sustainable livelihood framework for the informal sectors during COVID‐19Nguyen‐Anh, Tuan; Leu, Shawn ; Nguyen‐Thi‐Phuong, Anh; Ngo‐Dang, Thanh; To‐The, Nguyen30-Mar-2023
422-Mar-2022Income Support Policy Incentives Regarding Compliance with Unemployment Payment RequirementsWright, Andrew Peter; Dollery, Brian ; Leu, Chen-Yu ; Kortt, Michael 9-Jan-2024
5Mar-2022The Impact of More Intensive Unemployment Benefit Requirements on Jobseekers' Likelihood of ComplyingWright, Andrew; Dollery, Brian ; Kortt, Michael ; Leu, Shawn 10-May-2022
62022The Effect of Varying Sanction Values on Future Compliance with Unemployment Benefit Requirements: An Empirical Analysis Using Australian Administrative DataWright, Andrew; Dollery, Brian ; Kortt, Michael ; Leu, Shawn 30-Mar-2023
7Dec-2021Changes in the environment from perspectives of small‑scale farmers in remote VietnamNguyen-Anh, Tuan; Nong, Duy; Leu, Shawn ; To-The, Nyugen28-Jan-2022
8Jan-2021Mortgage credit volumes and monetary policy after the Great RecessionLeu, Shawn C-Y ; Robertson, Mari L15-Jul-2021
914-Oct-2020An Empirical Analysis of the Relationships Between Economic Growth and Selected Indicators of Environmental DegradationUddin, Mirza Md Moyen ; Chen, George ; Leu, Chen-Yu ; Villano, Renato 18-Dec-2023
1011-Aug-2020Examining the Effects of Zero‐Dollar Unemployment Payment SanctionsWright, Andrew; Dollery, Brian ; Kortt, Michael; Leu, Shawn 17-Dec-2020
11May-2020Forest Cover Change, Households' Livelihoods, Trade-Offs, and Constraints Associated with Plantation Forests in Poor Upland-Rural Landscapes: Evidence from North Central VietnamKhuc, Quy Van; Le, Tuyet-Anh T; Nguyen, Trung H; Nong, Duy; Tran, Bao Quang; Meyfroidt, Patrick; Tran, Trung; Duong, Pham Bao; Nguyen, Thanh T; Tran, Tan; Pham, Linh; Leu, Shawn ; Thao, Ngo Thi Phuong; Huu-Dung, Nguyen; Dao, Trung-Kien; Hong, Nguyen Van; Nguyet, Bui Thi Minh; Nguyen, Hoai-Son; Paschke, Mark W20-Jul-2021
122020An Empirical Analysis of the Relationships Between Economic Growth and Selected Indicators of Environmental DegradationUddin, Mirza Md Moyen ; Chen, George S ; Leu, Chen-Yu ; Villano, Renato 18-Dec-2023
132019AustraliaLawson, Andrew ; Cosby, Amy ; Baker, Derek ; Leu, Shawn ; Lefley, Ed ; Sahota, Amarjit; Bez, Nick18-Jul-2019
142018Australian Organic: Market Report 2018Lawson, Andrew ; Cosby, Amy ; Baker, Derek ; Leu, Shawn ; Lefley, Ed; Euromonitor International,; Sahota, Amarjit; Bez, Nick; Christie, Rhiannon20-Jul-2018
152017Volatile Capital Flows and Macroeconomic Performance in Indonesia: An SVAR AnalysisJayasuriya, Sisra; Leu, Shawn 19-Jun-2017
162017Development of indicators of economic resilience in Australia's regions: An application to rural NSWLeu, Shawn ; Lefley, Ed ; Baker, Derek 23-Apr-2021
172015Financial Integration in AsiaCheung, Yin-wong; Leu, Shawn ; Sheen, Jeffrey24-May-2017
182012Fine-Tuning an Open Capital Account in a Developing Country: The Indonesian ExperienceJayasuriya, Sisira; Leu, Shawn 12-Apr-2017
192011The Australia-Asia Business Cycle EvolutionLeu, Shawn ; Sheen, Jeffrey31-Mar-2017
202011A New Keynesian SVAR model of the Australian economyLeu, Shawn 12-Apr-2017
212011A small New Keynesian state space model of the Australian economyLeu, Shawn ; Sheen, Jeffrey12-Apr-2017
222009Managed Floating in AustraliaLeu, Shawn 17-Aug-2017
232006Asymmetric Monetary Policy in AustraliaLeu, Shawn ; Sheen, Jeffrey4-Sep-2017

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