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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1May-2023Interrelationships amongst Critical Success Factors and Rural Social Enterprises’ Performance in a Developing Country ContextMusinguzi, Peter ; Baker, Derek ; Villano, Renato A 10-Aug-2023
227-Mar-2023Out-Migration, Agrarian Transition, and Gender Roles in MyanmarKyaw, Ei Mon Thida ; Villano, Renato ; Vo, Brenda ; Argent, Neil ; Prior, Julian 10-Aug-2023
320-Mar-2023Creating a Framework for Conducting Evidence-Based Policy for a Sub-National Economy Using Linked Administrative DataSantos, Emmanuel Candido Soriente; Villano, Renato ; Wilson, Ben; Moss, Jonathan 7-Aug-2023
4Mar-2023Relationships between Farmer Psychological Profiles and Farm Business Performance amongst Smallholder Beef and Poultry Farmers in South AfricaVillano, Renato A ; Koomson, Isaac ; Nengovhela, Nkhanedzeni B ; Mudau, Livhuwani; Burrow, Heather M ; Bhullar, Navjot 17-Apr-2023
521-Feb-2023Psychological profiles of South African smallholder farmersBhullar, Navjot ; Nengovhela, Nkhanedzeni B ; Mudua, Livhuwani; Villano, Renato A ; Koomson, Isaac ; Burrow, Heather M 18-Apr-2023
610-Feb-2023The use of innovation uptake in identification of business models in the Indonesian smallholder cattle value chainAsikin, Zenal ; Baker, Derek ; Villano, Renato ; Daryanto, Arief 16-Aug-2023
72023The measurement of social impacts in rural social enterprises: a systematic literature review and future research implicationsMusinguzi, Peter ; Baker, Derek ; Larder, Nicolette ; Villano, Renato A 19-Jul-2023
823-Aug-2022Creating a framework for conducting evidence-based policy for a sub-national economy using linked administrative data - DatasetSantos, Emmanuel Candido Soriente; Villano, Renato ; Moss, Jonathan ; Wilson, Ben7-Aug-2023
920-Jul-2022Climate Smart Agriculture Implementation on Coffee Smallholders in Indonesia and Strategy to AccelerateDjufry, Fadjry; Wulandari, Suci; Villano, Renato 27-Sep-2023
109-Jun-2022Rural Social Enterprises’ Performance Improvement: An Assessment of their Social Impact Measurement and Critical Success Factors’ Interrelationships with Performance. Implications for Practice and ResearchMusinguzi, Peter ; Baker, Derek ; Larder, Nicolette ; Villano, Renato 17-Sep-2023
1112-May-2022Coping Strategies of Smallholder Coffee Farmers under the COVID-19 Impact in IndonesiaWulandari, Suci; Djufry, Fadjry; Villano, Renato 7-Sep-2023
124-May-2022A System for Driving Innovation Enhanced Business Models in the Indonesian Smallholder Cattle Value ChainAsikin, Zenal; Baker, Derek ; Noor, Yudi Guntara; Villano, Renato ; Daryanto, Arief 17-Sep-2023
133-Feb-2022The Relationship Between Online Consumers Reviews, Purchase Intention and Actual Purchase: An Empirical Evidence From Saudi ArabiaAlmutairi, Obaid Abdullah F; Adapa, Sujana ; Villano, Renato 22-Nov-2023
1415-Dec-2021Microeconometric Approaches in Exploring the Relationships Between Early Alert Systems and Student Retention: A Case Study of a Regionally Based University in AustraliaHarrison, Scott ; Villano, Renato ; Lynch, Grace ; Chen, George 20-Apr-2022
1512-Dec-2021A System for Driving Innovation Enhanced Business Models in the Indonesian Smallholder Cattle Value Chain-DatasetAsikin, Zenal; Baker, Derek ; Villano, Renato ; Daryanto, Arief ; Noor, Yudi Guntara17-Sep-2023
162-Nov-2021An Empirical Analysis of Municipal Performance in Australian Local GovernmentFellows, Caillan ; Dollery, Brian E ; Villano, Renato 27-Nov-2023
17Sep-2021Rural Development Focused Social and Solidarity Economy Organisations’ Social Impact Measurement: A Systematic Review and Ways ForwardMusinguzi, Peter ; Baker, Derek ; Larder, Nicolette ; Villano, Renato A 24-Jul-2023
18Jun-2021Mobile money adoption and response to idiosyncratic shocks: Empirics from five selected countries in sub-Saharan AfricaKoomson, Isaac ; Bukari, Chei; Villano, Renato A 22-Jul-2021
1917-Feb-2021Accelerating the impact of financial literacy training programmes on household consumption by empowering womenKoomson, Isaac ; Villano, Renato Andrin ; Hadley, David 15-Jul-2021
202021Financial Efficiency of Tertiary Education Institutions: A Second-Stage Dynamic Network Data Envelopment Analysis MethodTran, Carolyn-Dung T T ; Villano, Renato A 18-Mar-2019
212021Adoption of integrated crop-livestock management practices (ICLMPs) among men and women smallholder farmers in GhanaAsante, Bright Owusu; Koomson, Isaac ; Villano, Renato A ; Wiredu, Alexander Nimo22-Jul-2021
22Nov-2020Dissemination strategies and the adoption of improved agricultural technologies: The case of improved cassava varieties in GhanaKondo, Kodjo; Cacho, Oscar ; Fleming, Euan ; Villano, Renato A ; Asante, Bright O5-Aug-2021
2316-Oct-2020Adoption of Integrated Crop Management Technology for Poverty Reduction and Food Security: The Case of Smallholder Rice Production in Timor LesteRola-Rubzen, Maria Fay; Villano, Renato ; Brito, Marcolino Estevao Fernandes E; Hardaker, J Brian ; Dixon, John18-Nov-2020
2414-Oct-2020An Empirical Analysis of the Relationships Between Economic Growth and Selected Indicators of Environmental DegradationUddin, Mirza Md Moyen ; Chen, George ; Leu, Chen-Yu ; Villano, Renato 18-Dec-2023
25Sep-2020Administrative capacity assessment in higher education: The case of universities in VietnamTran, Carolyn D T T ; Battese, George E ; Villano, Renato A 5-Nov-2020
2628-Aug-2020Business Models and Innovation in the Indonesian Smallholder Beef Value ChainAsikin, Zenal; Baker, Derek ; Villano, Renato ; Daryanto, Arief 22-Jul-2021
27Jun-2020Effect of Financial Inclusion on Poverty and Vulnerability to Poverty: Evidence Using a Multidimensional Measure of Financial InclusionKoomson, Isaac ; Villano, Renato A ; Hadley, David 4-Mar-2020
2812-Mar-2020The Impact of Financial Literacy on Financial Inclusion and Household Welfare in GhanaKoomson, Isaac ; Villano, Renato ; Hadley, David 3-Jan-2024
2912-Mar-2020Drivers of Innovation, Dynamics of Innovation Persistence and Performance: The Case of Small Food Industry Businesses in AustraliaSoriano, Franklin Arcia; Villano, Renato ; Fleming, Euan ; Battese, George 4-Jan-2024
307-Feb-2020Relationships Between Psychological Attributes and Farm Business Performance of South Africa's Smallholder FarmersMyeki, Lindikaya Wiseman; Bhullar, Navjot ; Villano, Renato Andrin ; Burrow, Heather 8-Jan-2024
3114-Jan-2020Evaluating complementary synergies in integrated crop-livestock systems in GhanaAsante, Bright O; Villano, Renato A ; Battese, George E 16-Nov-2021
322020An Empirical Analysis of the Relationships Between Economic Growth and Selected Indicators of Environmental DegradationUddin, Mirza Md Moyen ; Chen, George S ; Leu, Chen-Yu ; Villano, Renato 18-Dec-2023
332020Assessing the impact of adoption of improved seed yam technology in CameroonNchinda, Valentine P; Hadley, David ; Villano, Renato ; Morales, Emilio 13-Oct-2019
342020Measuring disaster resilience in the Philippines: evidence using network data envelopment analysisMagcale-Macandog, Damasa B; Acosta, Lilibeth A; Eugenio, Elena A; Macandog, Paula Beatrice M; Tran, Carolyn-Dung Thi Thanh ; Villano, Renato A 24-Jun-2019
352020Intensifying financial inclusion through the provision of financial literacy training: a gendered perspectiveKoomson, Isaac ; Villano, Renato A ; Hadley, David 17-Dec-2019
36Nov-2019Evaluating productivity gaps in maize production across different agroecological zones in GhanaAsante, Bright O; Temoso, Omphile; Addai, Kwabena N; Villano, Renato A 22-Jul-2019
37Oct-2019Family farms plus cooperatives in China: Technical efficiency in crop productionGong, Tianchen (Charles); Battese, George E ; Villano, Renato A 22-Oct-2019
3817-Sep-2019Technical efficiency heterogeneity of tertiary institutions in Viet Nam: A metafrontier directional technology approachVillano, Renato A ; Tran, Carolyn-Dung Thi Thanh 16-Nov-2021
3922-Aug-2019Survey on technical efficiency in higher education: A meta‐fractional regression analysisVillano, Renato A ; Tran, Carolyn-Dung T T 10-Sep-2019
40Jul-2019Response to stockout in grocery stores: A small city case in a changing competitive environmentAzeem, Muhammad Masood ; Baker, Derek ; Villano, Renato A ; Mounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Garry 23-Apr-2019
41Apr-2019Testing for pre-committed quantities of Australian meat demandTighe, Kara ; Piggott, Nicholas; Cacho, Oscar ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato 23-Apr-2019
42Mar-2019Farming systems and productivity gaps: Opportunities for improving smallholder performance in the Forest-Savannah transition zone of GhanaVillano, Renato ; Asante, Bright Owusu; Bravo-Ureta, Boris15-Mar-2019
43Jan-2019What's driving innovation in small businesses in Australia? The case of the food industrySoriano, Franklin A; Villano, Renato A ; Fleming, Euan M ; Battese, George E 2-Apr-2019
442019Should Smallholder Farming in China be Discouraged? Panel Evidence from Anhui ProvinceGong, T C; Battese, George E ; Villano, Renato A 2-Apr-2019
452019Environmentally-adjusted efficiencies of Vietnamese higher education institutions: a multi-stage bootstrap DEA methodTran, Carolyn-Dung Thi Thanh ; Villano, Renato A 6-Jan-2020
462019Food Shoppers' Experience of Supermarket Entry in a Small Regional City: The Case of Aldi in Armidale NSWBaker, Derek ; Azeem, Masood ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato ; Griffith, Gary12-Nov-2021
47Nov-2018Linking early alert systems and student retention: a survival analysis approachVillano, Renato ; Harrison, Scott ; Lynch, Grace ; Chen, George 26-Feb-2019
4826-Oct-2018Determinants of Australian Consumer Meat DemandTighe, Kara; Cacho, Oscar ; Mounter, Stuart ; Villano, Renato ; Ball, Alexander15-Jan-2024
49Aug-2018Sources of efficiency, productivity and output growth in Botswanan agricultureTemoso, Omphile; Hadley, David ; Villano, Renato 15-Jan-2019
5012-Jun-2018Economics of Improved Seed Yam Production: Implications for Food Security in CameroonNchinda Valentine, Petentsebenkwange; Hadley, David ; Morales, Emilio ; Villano, Renato 22-Jan-2024

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