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15-Oct-2023Prevalence and risk factors of physical and psychological health among readymade garment workers in BangladeshKabir, Humayun ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Usher, Kim ; Haque, Md Ershadul; Maple, Myfanwy 3-May-2024
230-May-2023Feasibility and acceptability of a remotely delivered transdiagnostic CBT treatment for postnatal anxiety and related disorders: A pilot case seriesMaguire, Peta N ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Wootton, Bethany M11-Jan-2024
34-May-2023The government must fix the childcare desert nowRogers, Marg ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Doan, Laura K9-May-2023
4Mar-2023Autonomy versus support: self‑reliance and help‑seeking for mental health problems in young peopleIshikawa, Amelia; Rickwood, Debra; Bariola, Emily; Bhullar, Navjot 25-Mar-2024
5Mar-2023Relationships between Farmer Psychological Profiles and Farm Business Performance amongst Smallholder Beef and Poultry Farmers in South AfricaVillano, Renato A ; Koomson, Isaac ; Nengovhela, Nkhanedzeni B ; Mudau, Livhuwani; Burrow, Heather M ; Bhullar, Navjot 17-Apr-2023
621-Feb-2023Domestic violence leave will be transformative for young children and familiesRogers, Marg ; Bhullar, Navjot 21-Mar-2023
721-Feb-2023Psychological profiles of South African smallholder farmersBhullar, Navjot ; Nengovhela, Nkhanedzeni B ; Mudua, Livhuwani; Villano, Renato A ; Koomson, Isaac ; Burrow, Heather M 18-Apr-2023
82023Predictors of Caregiver Burden Among Carers of Suicide Attempt SurvivorsMaple, Myfanwy ; Wayland, Sarah ; Sanford, Rebecca L; Bhullar, Navjot 26-Jun-2022
92023Eight best-practice psychological insights to tackle climate changeBurke, Susan; Gresham, Bronwyn; Hine, Donald ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Snell, Tristan19-Apr-2024
102023Help-seeking and treatment delivery preferences for women experiencing perinatal anxiety symptomsMaguire, Peta N ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Wootton, Bethany M20-Apr-2023
112023Climate change, extreme events and mental health in the Pacific regionLeal Filho, Walter; Krishnapillai, Murukesan; Minhas, Aprajita; Ali, Sannia; Nagle Alverio, Gabriela; Sayed Hendy Ahmed, Medhat; Naidu, Roselyn; Prasad, Ravinesh R; Bhullar, Navjot ; Sharifi, Ayyoob; Nagy, Gustavo J; Kovaleva, Marina17-Apr-2024
122023Key issues, challenges, and preferred supports for those bereaved by suicide: Insights from postvention expertsMcGill, Katie; Bhullar, Navjot ; Batterham, Philip J; Carrandi, Alayna ; Wayland, Sarah ; Maple, Myfanwy 20-Apr-2023
132023Psychometric Evaluation of the Brief Emotional Experience Scale (BEES) for Assessing Emotional WellbeingRogers, Shane L; Hollett, Ross; Mills, Brennen; Cruickshank, Travis; Nosaka, Ken Kazunori; Bhullar, Navjot 20-May-2024
1415-Dec-2022Support for children when a parent works awayRogers, Marg ; Johnson, Amy; Bhullar, Navjot 12-Jan-2023
1513-Dec-2022Treatment Access, Engagement and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Perinatal AnxietyMaguire, Peta ; Cosh, Suzanne ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Bethany May Wootton11-Aug-2023
166-Dec-2022Here's how we stem the exodus of Australian early childhood educatorsRogers, Marg ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Doan, Laura K4-Jan-2023
17Dec-2022Climate anxiety, wellbeing and pro-environmental action: correlates of negative emotional responses to climate change in 32 countriesOgunbode, Charles A; Doran, Rouven; Hanss, Daniel; Ojala, Maria; Salmela-Aro, Katariina; van den Broek, Karlijn L; Bhullar, Navjot ; Aquino, Sibele D; Marot, Tiago; Schermer, Julie Aitken; Wlodarczyk, Anna; Lu, Su; Jiang, Feng; Maran, Daniela Acquadro; Yadav, Radha; Ardi, Rahkman; Chegeni, Razieh; Ghanbarian, Elahe; Zand, Somayeh; Najafi, Reza; Park, Joonha; Tsubakita, Takashi; Tan, Chee-Seng; Chukwuorji, JohnBosco Chika; Ojewumi, Kehinde Aderemi; Tahir, Hajra; Albzour, Mai; Reyes, Marc Eric S; Lins, Samuel; Enea, Violeta; Volkodav, Tatiana; Sollar, Tomas; Navarro-Carrillo, Ginés; Torres-Marín, Jorge; Mbungu, Winfred; Ayanian, Arin H; Ghorayeb, Jihane; Onyutha, Charles; Lomas, Michael J; Helmy, Mai; Martínez-Buelvas, Laura; Bayad, Aydin; Karasu, Mehmet17-Apr-2023
1825-Nov-2022How a Canadian program that helps educators 'thrive' not just 'survive' could help address Australia's childcare staff shortageRogers, Marg ; Doan, Laura K; Bhullar, Navjot 29-Nov-2022
19Nov-2022A Psychoeducational Support Group Intervention for People Who Have Attempted Suicide: An Open Trial with Promising Preliminary FindingsMaple, Myfanwy ; Wayland, Sarah ; Pearce, Tania ; Sanford, Rebecca; Bhullar, Navjot 27-Jun-2022
20Oct-2022Suicide exposure experience screener for use in therapeutic settings: A validation reportMaple, Myfanwy ; Cerel, Julie; Sanford, Rebecca; Shand, Fiona; Batterham, Philip J; Bhullar, Navjot 25-Mar-2024
21Oct-2022Comparison of the inter-item correlations of the Big Five Inventory-10 (BFI-10) between Western and non-Western contextsPark, Joonha; van den Broek, Karlijn L; Bhullar, Navjot ; Ogunbode, Charles Adedayo; Schermer, Julie Aitken; Doran, Rouven; Ardi, Rahkman; Hanss, Daniel; Maran, Daniela Acquadro; Albzour, Mai; Aquino, Sibele D; Ayanian, Arin H; Chegeni, Razieh; Chukwuorji, JohnBosco Chika; Enea, Violeta; Ghanbarian, Elahe; Ghorayeb, Jihane; Jiang, Feng; Kehinde, Ojewumi Aderemi; Lins, Samuel; Lomas, Michael J; Lu, Su; Marot, Tiago; Mbungu, Winfred; Navarro-Carrillo, Ginés; Onyutha, Charles; Reyes, Marc Eric S; Salmela-Aro, Katariina; Sollar, Tomas; Tahir, Hajra; Tan, Chee-Seng; Torres-Marín, Jorge; Tsubakita, Takashi; Volkodav, Tatiana; Wlodarczyk, Anna; Yadav, Radha20-Apr-2023
22Oct-2022Coping styles and mental health outcomes of community members affected by black summer 2019-20 bushfires in AustraliaUsher, Kim ; Durkin, Joanne ; Douglas, Lesley ; Coffey, Yumiko ; Bhullar, Navjot 18-Apr-2023
2318-Aug-2022The 'invisibility of children' of veterans needs to stop - let's support their wellbeing insteadRogers, Marg ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Johnson, Amy2-Sep-2022
244-May-2022Health Vulnerabilities of the Readymade Garment (RMG) Workers of BangladeshKabir, Humayun ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Usher, Kim ; Islam, Md Shahidul 15-Nov-2023
251-Apr-2022The mental health impact of bushfires on community members missing in the Final Report of the NSW Bushfire Inquiry recommendationsUsher, Kim ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Durkin, Joanne ; Ranmuthugala, Geetha 30-May-2022
26Apr-2022Correlates of therapist drift in psychological practice: A systematic review of therapist characteristicsSpeers, Andrew J H ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Cosh, Suzanne ; Wootton, Bethany M12-May-2022
276-Mar-2022The mental health impact of COVID-19 on undergraduate nursing students in Australia - DatasetUsher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Wynaden, Dianne; McGough, Shirley; Hopkins, Martin; Muller, Amanda; West, Caryn; Geia, Lynore; Mathers, Carey; Durkin, Jo ; Byfield, Zachary ; Smith, Zaneta ; Grant, Julian; Massey, Debbie; Ngune, Irene; McTier, Lauren; Wynne, Rochelle21-May-2023
282022A psychometric validation of the Dysmorphic Concerns Questionnaire (DCQ) in adolescents and young adultsDavies, Katey L; Hanley, Sarah M ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Wootton, Bethany M19-Apr-2023
292022Climate anxiety does not need a diagnosis of a mental health disorderBhullar, Navjot ; Davis, Melissa; Kumar, Roselyn; Nunn, Patrick ; Rickwood, Debra21-May-2024
3022-Sep-2021Influence of COVID-19 on the preventive health behaviours of indigenous peoples of Australia residing in New South Wales: a mixed-method study protocolUsher, Kim ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Sibbritt, David; Amarasena, Suruchi Sue Anubha; Peng, Wenbo; Durkin, Joanne ; Smallwood, Reakeeta ; Power, Tamara; Porter, Cheryl; McGowen, Debbie; Jackson, Debra 5-Oct-2021
3116-Sep-2021Attitudes towards dignity of risk in older people: A survey following a short narrative filmLi, Yingtong; Bugeja, Lyndal; Bhullar, Navjot ; Ibrahim, Joseph E26-Sep-2021
32Aug-2021Understanding Eco-anxiety: A Systematic Scoping Review of Current Literature and Identified Knowledge GapsCoffey, Yumiko ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Durkin, Joanne ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Usher, Kim 7-Oct-2021
33Aug-2021A systematic review of measures assessing mental health professionals' perspectives of recoveryGyamfi, Naomi ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Usher, Kim 1-Jul-2021
34Aug-2021COVID-19 and family violence: Is this a perfect storm?Usher, Kim ; Bradbury Jones, Caroline; Bhullar, Navjot ; Durkin, Joanne ; Gyamfi, Naomi ; Riyad Fatema, Syadani ; Jackson, Debra 27-Sep-2021
355-Jul-2021Profiling Suicide Exposure Risk Factors for Psychological Distress: An Empirical Test of the Proposed Continuum of Survivorship ModelBhullar, Navjot ; Sanford, Rebecca L; Maple, Myfanwy 26-Sep-2021
3630-Jun-2021Registered nurses' social media useUsher, Kim ; Durkin, Joanne ; Bhullar, Navjot 30-Jun-2021
379-Mar-2021Bushfires in Australia - Assessing the impact of the 2019-2020 bushfires on the mental health of affected individualsDurkin, Joanne ; Usher, Kim ; Bhullar, Navjot 16-Mar-2021
38Feb-2021The 2019-2020 bushfires and COVID-19: The ongoing impact on the mental health of people living in rural and farming communitiesUsher, Kim ; Ranmuthugala, Geetha ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Durkin, Joanne ; Douglas, Lesley ; Coffey, Yumiko; Bhullar, Navjot 19-Feb-2021
39Dec-2020Pandemic-related behaviours and psychological outcomes; A rapid literature review to explain COVID-19 behavioursUsher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra ; Durkin, Joanne ; Gyamfi, Naomi ; Bhullar, Navjot 27-Sep-2021
40Dec-2020The mental health impact of COVID-19 on pre-registration nursing students in AustraliaUsher, Kim ; Wynaden, Dianne; Bhullar, Navjot ; Durkin, Joanne ; Jackson, Debra 26-Sep-2021
41Nov-2020"Suicide can't always be prevented, but it can be postponed": Lived experiences of providing care and support to people who suicide attempt, and those who have gone on to die by suicideMaple, Myfanwy ; Wayland, Sarah ; McMahon, Andrew; McGill, Katie; Bhullar, Navjot 22-May-2023
42Aug-2020Family violence and COVID-19: Increased vulnerability and reduced options for supportUsher, Kim ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Durkin, Joanne ; Gyamfi, Naomi ; Jackson, Debra 24-Sep-2021
43Aug-2020Life in the pandemic: Social isolation and mental healthUsher, Kim ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Jackson, Debra 27-Sep-2021
441-Jul-2020Go/no-go for food: Attention bias and intention to eat unhealthy foodLove, Hamish ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Schutte, Nicola S 7-Apr-2020
45Jun-2020The COVID-19 pandemic and mental health impactsUsher, Kim ; Durkin, Joanne ; Bhullar, Navjot 17-Jun-2020
467-Feb-2020Relationships Between Psychological Attributes and Farm Business Performance of South Africa's Smallholder FarmersMyeki, Lindikaya Wiseman; Bhullar, Navjot ; Villano, Renato Andrin ; Burrow, Heather 8-Jan-2024
47Jan-2020Protocol for the evaluation of a non-clinical, community based facilitated support group for people who have previously attempted suicideMaple, Myfanwy ; Wayland, Sarah ; Pearce, Tania ; Bhullar, Navjot 27-Jun-2022
482020Emotional IntelligenceBhullar, Navjot ; Schutte, Nicola S 14-Dec-2021
492020Knowledge and attitudes of mental health professionals and students regarding recovery: A systematic reviewGyamfi, Naomi; Bhullar, Navjot ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Usher, Kim 17-Jun-2020
502020Personality and Positive PsychologyBhullar, Navjot ; Schutte, Nicola S ; Wall, Helen J14-Dec-2021

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