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1Feb-2023The mental health impact of COVID-19 on pre-registration nursing students in Australia: Findings from a national cross-sectional studyUsher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra ; Massey, Debbie; Wynaden, Dianne; Grant, Julian; West, Caryn; McGough, Shirley; Hopkins, Martin; Muller, Amanda; Mather, Carey; Byfield, Zac ; Smith, Zaneta ; Ngune, Irene; Wynne, Rochelle6-Sep-2023
26-Mar-2022The mental health impact of COVID-19 on undergraduate nursing students in Australia - DatasetUsher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Wynaden, Dianne; McGough, Shirley; Hopkins, Martin; Muller, Amanda; West, Caryn; Geia, Lynore; Mathers, Carey; Durkin, Jo ; Byfield, Zachary ; Smith, Zaneta ; Grant, Julian; Massey, Debbie; Ngune, Irene; McTier, Lauren; Wynne, Rochelle21-May-2023
32021Reflective Practice: What, Why and HowUsher, Kim ; Byfield, Zachary 22-Apr-2021
426-Dec-2020Spread of Health Misinformation in Social MediaByfield, Zach ; East, Leah 7-Jul-2021
512-Mar-2020Pre-registration student nurses' preconceptions, attitudes and experience regarding clinical placement in primary health careByfield, Zachary Charles ; Conway, Jane ; East, Leah 3-Feb-2021
62020Reflective practice for the graduateUsher, Kim ; Mather, Carey; Byfield, Zac 17-Nov-2019
72020Nursing Care Of People With Intracranial DisordersByfield, Zachary 4-Mar-2024
82020A Person-Centred Approach to Assessing the Nervous SystemByfield, Zachary 14-Oct-2021
92019An integrative literature review of pre-registration nursing students' attitudes and perceptions towards primary healthcareByfield, Zachary ; East, Leah ; Conway, Jane 14-May-2019
102018Sexual Assault and Harassment at Australian UniversitiesByfield, Zachary ; East, Leah 4-Jun-2018
112018Digital therapeutics in the primary healthcare settingBedbrook, Robert; Byfield, Zachary 28-Sep-2021

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