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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Feb-2024First responder mental health, traumatic events and rural and remote experienceJones, Rikki ; Jackson, Debra ; Usher, Kim 11-Sep-2023
217-Nov-2023Knowledge and Attitudes of Mental Health Professionals and Students Regarding Recovery in AustraliaGyamfi, Naomi ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Rice, Kylie ; Schutte, Nicola ; Usher, Kim 28-Nov-2023
330-Oct-2023Knowledge and Attitudes of Mental Health Professionals and Students Regarding Recovery in Australia - DatasetGyamfi, Naomi ; Usher, Kim ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Schutte, Nicola ; Rice, Kylie 28-Nov-2023
4Oct-2023Domestic violence against women has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic: A perspective paper about the need for change to current and future practiceUsher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra ; Riyad Fatema, Syadani ; Jones, Rikki 14-Aug-2023
528-Aug-2023Nurses on the frontline of health care in the escalating context of climate change: Climate-related extreme weather events, injustice, mental health and eco-anxietyUsher, Kim A M ; Rice, Kylie ; Riyada Fatema, Sayeda ; Upward, Kisani Louise ; Jones, Rikki 22-Sep-2023
6Aug-2023An exploration of the concept of mental health recovery: Insights from practitioners and traineesBadu, Naomi ; Usher, Kim ; Rice, Kylie ; Schutte, Nicola ; Islam, Md Shahidul 5-Sep-2023
7Jul-2023Physical and mental health status of women in disaster-affected areas in BangladeshRiyad Fatema, Syadani ; Rice, Kylie ; Rock, Adam ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; East, Leah ; Usher, Kim 5-Sep-2023
89-Jun-2023Women's Health Related Vulnerabilities in Natural Disaster Affected Areas of BangladeshRiyad Fatema, Syadani Riya ; Usher, Kim ; Rice, Kylie ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; East, Leah 4-Aug-2023
9Jun-2023Social issues, crisis, and care coordination: First responders experience responding to people affected by methamphetaminesJones, Rikki ; Jackson, Debra ; Woods, Cindy ; Usher, Kim 14-Aug-2023
1030-May-2023Technology-facilitated sexual abuse and mental health: What mental health nurses and mental health professionals need to knowUsher, Kim ; Jones, Rikki ; Rice, Kylie ; Jackson, Debra 14-Aug-2023
1124-May-2023Gender-based vulnerabilities for women during natural disasters in BangladeshRiyad Fatema, Syadani ; East, Leah ; Islam, Shahidul ; Usher, Kim 5-Sep-2023
12May-2023De-problematising Aboriginal young peoples' health and well-being through their voice: An Indigenous scoping reviewSmallwood, Reakeeta ; Usher, Kim ; Woods, Cindy ; Sampson, Neville; Jackson, Debra 26-Sep-2023
1312-Apr-2023Conducting and writing a literature reviewUsher, Kim ; Aveyard, Helen; Bradberry-Jones, Caroline; Conroy, Tanya25-Sep-2023
1427-Feb-2023Comparison of the Level of Disaster Preparedness Between Private and Government Hospitals in Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional StudyAlruwaili, Abdullah Saleh; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Usher, Kim 5-Oct-2023
1514-Feb-2023Factors Influencing Hospitals' Disaster Preparedness in the Eastern Province of Saudi ArabiaAlruwaili, Abdullah Saleh; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Usher, Kim 5-Sep-2023
16Feb-2023The mental health impact of COVID-19 on pre-registration nursing students in Australia: Findings from a national cross-sectional studyUsher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra ; Massey, Debbie; Wynaden, Dianne; Grant, Julian; West, Caryn; McGough, Shirley; Hopkins, Martin; Muller, Amanda; Mather, Carey; Byfield, Zac ; Smith, Zaneta ; Ngune, Irene; Wynne, Rochelle6-Sep-2023
17Feb-2023Public expressions of grief and the role of social media in grieving and effecting changeUsher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra 21-Sep-2023
18Dec-2022Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at risk of declining mental health due to failure to attend for referred follow-up mental health appointments during COVID-19Usher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra ; Peng, Wenbo; Amarasena, Suruchi; Porter, Cheryl; McCowan, Debbie; Miller, Joe; Peake, Rachel ; Sibbritt, David26-Sep-2023
1918-Oct-2022Rates and Patterns of Australian Emergency Department Presentations of People Who Use Stimulants: A Systematic Literature ReviewRedona, Peter T JR ; Woods, Cindy ; Jackson, Debra ; Usher, Kim 19-Sep-2023
20Oct-2022Intimate partner violence and homicide during the shadow pandemic: What has mental health nursing got to do with it?Usher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra 22-Sep-2023
21Oct-2022Coping styles and mental health outcomes of community members affected by black summer 2019-20 bushfires in AustraliaUsher, Kim ; Durkin, Joanne ; Douglas, Lesley ; Coffey, Yumiko ; Bhullar, Navjot 18-Apr-2023
2215-Sep-2022“Complexity, safety and challenges: Emergency responders' experience of people affected by methamphetamines”Jones, Rikki ; Jackson, Debra ; Woods, Cindy ; Usher, Kim 14-Aug-2023
23Sep-2022Sexual Assault in Rural, Regional and Remote New South WalesUsher, Kim ; Clarke, Jane ; Morley, Louise ; Jones, Rikki ; Wayland, Sarah ; Robertson, Stuart ; Durkin, Joanne 13-Jul-2023
24Sep-2022Understanding maternal resilience; Lesson learnt from rural mothers caring for a child with a chronic health conditionBristow, Sally ; Usher, Kim ; Power, Tamara; Jackson, Debra 25-Jul-2022
2525-Jun-2022A qualitative study of the working conditions in the readymade garment industry and the impact on workers’ health and wellbeingKabir, Humayun ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Usher, Kim 5-Sep-2023
261-Jun-2022"Rural mothers' feelings of isolation when caring for a child chronic health condition: A phenomenological study"Bristow, Sally M ; Jackson, Debra ; Power, Tamara; Usher, Kim 28-Jul-2022
27Jun-2022Prevalence of smoking and smoking predictors among adolescents in Qassim, Saudi Arabia: does the Healthy City Programme make any difference?Alasqah, Ibrahim; Mahmud, Ilias; East, Leah ; Usher, Kim 3-Mar-2021
28Jun-2022Hospitals Disaster Preparedness and Management in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A Cross-sectional studyAlruwaili, Abdullah; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Usher, Kim 21-Jun-2021
29Jun-2022Supporting the emergent nursing workforce in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemicJackson, Debra ; Usher, Kim 26-Sep-2023
30Jun-2022Mixed Methods Study Integration: Nursing student experiences and opinions of intentional roundingRyan, Liz ; Jackson, Debra ; East, Leah ; Woods, Cindy ; Usher, Kim 5-Sep-2023
314-May-2022Health Vulnerabilities of the Readymade Garment (RMG) Workers of BangladeshKabir, Humayun ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Usher, Kim ; Islam, Md Shahidul 15-Nov-2023
321-Apr-2022The mental health impact of bushfires on community members missing in the Final Report of the NSW Bushfire Inquiry recommendationsUsher, Kim ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Durkin, Joanne ; Ranmuthugala, Geetha 30-May-2022
33Apr-2022The financial challenges for Australian nursing students attending placement-based work-integrated learningUsher, Kim ; Fagan, Anthea ; Brown, Janie A; Mather, Carey; Marlow, Annette; Power, Tamara; van de Mortel, Thea; West, Caryn; Hutchinson, Marie; Zhao, Lin; Terry, Victoria; Woods, Cindy ; Lea, Jackie 29-Mar-2023
34Apr-2022Compassionate practice in a hospital setting. Experiences of patients and health professionals: A narrative inquiryDurkin, Joanne ; Jackson, Debra ; Usher, Kim 5-Sep-2023
3522-Mar-2022Exploring Factors That Impact Rural Mothers Caring for A Child With A Chronic Health ConditionBristow, Sally Maree ; Usher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra Elizabeth 16-Nov-2023
366-Mar-2022The mental health impact of COVID-19 on undergraduate nursing students in Australia - DatasetUsher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Wynaden, Dianne; McGough, Shirley; Hopkins, Martin; Muller, Amanda; West, Caryn; Geia, Lynore; Mathers, Carey; Durkin, Jo ; Byfield, Zachary ; Smith, Zaneta ; Grant, Julian; Massey, Debbie; Ngune, Irene; McTier, Lauren; Wynne, Rochelle21-May-2023
3726-Feb-2022A War Within: Making Sense of Moral Injury and Suicide with Ex-Serving Members of the Australian Defence ForceJamieson, Nicola ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Ratnarajah, Dorothy ; Usher, Kim 23-Nov-2023
38Feb-2022What can we learn from citation metrics? Measuring nurse researchers in Australia and New ZealandJackson, Debra ; Usher, Kim ; Durkin, Joanne ; Wynne, Rochelle24-Sep-2023
392022Successful Doctoral Training in Nursing and Health Sciences: A Guide for Supervisors, Students and AdvisorsJackson, Debra ; Davidson, Patricia M; Usher, Kim 4-Jan-2022
402022The Paradoxical Impacts of the Minimum Wage Implementation on Ready-made Garment (RMG) Workers: A Qualitative StudyKabir, Humayun ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Usher, Kim 6-Sep-2023
412022Reflexivity: a model for teaching and learning cultural responsiveness in mental healthSmith, Peter ; Rice, Kylie ; Schutte, Nicola ; Usher, Kim 3-Jun-2022
428-Dec-2021Health-Related Behaviours among Adolescents in Saudi Arabia: A Comparison Between Adolescents in Cities that Have Implemented the WHO Healthy Cities Programme and Other Cities that Have Not in the Qassim RegionAlasqah, Ibrahim Abdulrahman I ; Usher, Kim ; Mahmud, Ilias ; East, Leah 23-Nov-2023
43Dec-2021Mental health, climate change, and bushfires: What's colonization got to do with it?Upward, Kisani ; Saunders, Vicki; Maple, Myfanwy ; Usher, Kim 3-Sep-2021
448-Nov-2021Exploring factors that impact rural mothers caring for a child with a chronic health condition-datasetBristow, Sally ; Usher, Kim ; Jackson, Debra 16-Nov-2023
4521-Oct-2021Health Impact and Risk Factors Affecting South and Southeast Asian Women Following Natural Disasters: A Systematic ReviewRiyad Fatema, Syadani ; East, Leah ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Usher, Kim 5-Sep-2023
466-Oct-2021Exploring Pre-Registration Nursing Students' Experience of and Attitudes Towards Intentional Rounding Within Clinical PlacementsRyan, Elizabeth Jo ; Usher, Kim ; East, Leah ; Jackson, Debra ; Woods, Cindy 28-Nov-2023
476-Oct-2021The Purchase from Community Pharmacies of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Stress: Consumer Perspectives and the Role of the PharmacistClayton, Kevin Robert; Usher, Kim ; Stupans, Ieva ; Luxford, Yoni 28-Nov-2023
481-Oct-2021Public Sentiment and Discourse on Domestic Violence During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia: Analysis of Social Media PostsUsher, Kim ; Durkin, Joanne ; Martin, Sam; Vanderslott, Samantha; Vindrola-Padros, Cecilia; Usher, Luke; Jackson, Debra 12-Oct-2021
4922-Sep-2021Influence of COVID-19 on the preventive health behaviours of indigenous peoples of Australia residing in New South Wales: a mixed-method study protocolUsher, Kim ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Sibbritt, David; Amarasena, Suruchi Sue Anubha; Peng, Wenbo; Durkin, Joanne ; Smallwood, Reakeeta ; Power, Tamara; Porter, Cheryl; McGowen, Debbie; Jackson, Debra 5-Oct-2021
50Aug-2021Understanding Eco-anxiety: A Systematic Scoping Review of Current Literature and Identified Knowledge GapsCoffey, Yumiko ; Bhullar, Navjot ; Durkin, Joanne ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; Usher, Kim 7-Oct-2021

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