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1Jul-2023Physical and mental health status of women in disaster-affected areas in BangladeshRiyad Fatema, Syadani ; Rice, Kylie ; Rock, Adam ; Islam, Md Shahidul ; East, Leah ; Usher, Kim 5-Sep-2023
227-Mar-2023The relationship between early maladaptive schemas and cognitive, emotional and behavioural responses in interpersonal relationshipsJanovsky, Thomas ; Rock, Adam ; Thorsteinsson, Einar Baldvin 10-Aug-2023
313-Jun-2022The Effects of COVID-19 Social Restrictions and Subsequent Informal Support Limitations on Intimate Partner Violence: An Opinion PieceDavies, Ryan L ; Rice, Kylie ; Rock, Adam 15-Jun-2022
41-Jun-2022The Utility and Development of the Competencies of Professional Psychology Rating Scales (COPPR)Rice, Kylie ; Schutte, Nicola S ; Cosh, Suzanne M ; Rock, Adam J ; Banner, Stephanie E ; Sheen, Jade3-Jun-2022
57-May-2022Illicit drug use in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemicLoi, Natasha M ; Thorsteinsson, Einar B ; Rice, Kylie ; Rock, Adam J 12-May-2022
62022The Case for Postmortem Survival from the Winners of the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies Essay Contest: A Level of Evidence AnalysisTressoldi, Patrizio; Rock, Adam J ; Pederzoli, Luciano; Houran, James20-Jun-2022
72022Factorial and construct validity of the Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (CERQ) in an Australian sampleRice, Kylie ; Larsen, Sally A ; Sharp, Samantha; Rock, Adam J 13-Dec-2022
8Jul-2021Spiritual Emergence(y), Psychosis, and Personality: Investigating the Role of SchizotypyHarris, Kylie P ; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 18-May-2022
924-May-2021Structure, Validity and Cut-Off Scores for the APA Emerging Measure of DSM-5 Social Anxiety Disorder Severity Scale (SAD-D)Rice, Kylie ; Schutte, Nicola S ; Rock, Adam J ; Murray, Clara V 11-May-2022
1014-Jan-2021Attachment style, thought suppression, self-compassion and depression: Testing a serial mediation modelMurray, Clara V ; Jacobs, Juno Irma-Louise; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 18-May-2022
112021The prevalence of psychological distress in an Australian TAFE sample and the relationships between psychological distress, emotion-focused coping and academic successRice, Kylie ; Rock, Adam ; Murrell, Elizabeth; Tyson, Graham A24-Sep-2021
122021Advances in Parapsychological Research 10Krippner, Stanley; Rock, Adam J ; Friedman, Harris L; Zingrone, Nancy L3-Jun-2022
132021Transpersonal phenomenology: The cosmological and spiritual dimensions of the Husserlian epoch√©Laughlin, Charles D; Rock, Adam J 18-May-2022
142021Introduction: Criticism, Proof, Process and Practical ApplicationsKrippner, Stanley; Rock, Adam J ; Friedman, Harris L; Zingrone, Nancy L3-Jun-2022
152021The Advancement of Transpersonal Psychological Science: A Neurophenomenological TrajectoryRock, Adam J ; Laughlin, Charles D23-May-2022
162021A Meta-Analysis of Anomalous Information Reception by Mediums: Assessing the Forced-Choice Design in Mediumship Research, 2000-2020Rock, Adam J ; Thorsteinsson, Einar B ; Tressoldi, Patrizio E; Loi, Natasha M 13-Jul-2021
17Dec-2020Cue-Reactive Imagery Mediates the Relationships of Reward Responsiveness with Both Cue-Reactive Urge to Gamble and Positive Affect in Poker-Machine GamblersDale, Gerard; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 5-May-2022
18May-2020The relationship between early maladaptive schemas and interpersonal problems: A meta-analytic reviewJanovsky, Thomas ; Rock, Adam J ; Thorsteinsson, Einar B ; Clark, Gavin I; Murray, Clara V 6-Jul-2020
192020Adult attachment, worry and reassurance seeking: Investigating the role of intolerance of uncertaintyClark, Gavin ; Rock, Adam ; Clark, Laura H ; Murray-Lyon, Kerrin 5-May-2022
202020A neuroepistemology of mystical experienceLaughlin, Charles D; Rock, Adam J 20-May-2022
212020Defining Spiritual Emergency: A Content Validity StudyHarris, Kylie P ; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 18-May-2022
22Apr-2019Response to Howard (2018): Comments on 'A Meta-Reanalysis of Dream-ESP Studies'Storm, Lance; Rock, Adam J ; Sherwood, Simon J; Tressoldi, Patrizio E; Roe, Chris A18-May-2022
232019The impact of information presentation style on belief change: An experimental investigation of a Socratic Method analogueHarrison, Lisa M; Clark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J ; Egan, Sarah J5-May-2022
242019Trait mindfulness mediates the relationship between early maladaptive schema and interpersonal problemsJanovsky, Thomas ; Clark, Gavin ; Rock, Adam 5-May-2022
252019Religious or spiritual problem? The clinical relevance of identifying and measuring spiritual emergencyHarris, Kylie P ; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 19-May-2022
2628-Dec-2018Adult attachment and social anxiety: The mediating role of emotion regulation strategiesRead, Darryl L; Clark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J ; Coventry, William L 31-Mar-2021
2719-Apr-2018The impact of affect labelling on responses to aversive flying-cuesAzoum, Michelle; Clark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J 5-May-2022
28Feb-2018Trait Mindfulness Moderates the Relationship Between Early Maladaptive Schemas and Depressive SymptomsMartin, Kieran P; Blair, Sally M; Clark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J ; Hunter, Kirsten R4-May-2022
29Oct-2017On the correspondence between dream content and target material under laboratory conditions: A meta-analysis of dream-ESP studies, 1966-2014Storm, Lance; Sherwood, Simon J; Roe, Chris A; Tressoldi, Patrizio E; Rock, Adam J ; Di Risio, Lorenzo31-May-2022
30Sep-2017Cue-Reactive Rationality, Visual Imagery and Volitional Control Predict Cue-Reactive Urge to Gamble in Poker-Machine GamblersClark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J ; McKeith, Charles F A; Coventry, William L 31-Mar-2021
311-Jul-2017Intolerance of uncertainty mediates the relationship between adult attachment and worryWright, Carmel J; Clark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J ; Coventry, William L 26-Mar-2021
32Jun-2017Trait Mindfulness, Problem-Gambling Severity, Altered State of Awareness and Urge to Gamble in Poker-Machine GamblersMcKeith, Charles F A; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 4-May-2022
3324-Aug-2016Evaluating Perceived Probability of Threat-Relevant Outcomes and Temporal Orientation in Flying PhobiaMavromoustakos, Elena; Clark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J 4-May-2022
341-Jun-2016Processes Contributing to the Maintenance of Flying Phobia: A Narrative ReviewClark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J 20-Jun-2016
3529-Feb-2016Introducing StatHand: A Cross-Platform Mobile Application to Support Students' Statistical Decision MakingAllen, Peter J; Roberts, Lynne D; Baughman, Frank D; Loxton, Natalie J; Van Rooy, Dirk; Rock, Adam J ; Finlay, James4-May-2022
362016Cue-Reactive Altered State of Consciousness Mediates the Relationship Between Problem-Gambling Severity and Cue-Reactive Urge in Poker-Machine GamblersTricker, Christopher; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin 24-May-2016
372016Teaching Research Methods and Statistics in eLearning Environments: Pedagogy, Practical Examples, and Possible FuturesRock, Adam J ; Coventry, William L ; Morgan, Methuen ; Loi, Natasha M 7-Mar-2017
382016Allow Me to Introduce My Selves: An Introduction to and Phenomenological Study of Voice Dialogue TherapyBerchik, Zohar E; Rock, Adam J ; Friedman, Harris31-May-2022
392015Exploring Holotropic Breathwork: An Empirical Evaluation of Altered States of Awareness and Patterns of Phenomenological Subsystems with Reference to TransliminalityRock, Adam J ; Denning, Nigel C; Harris, Kylie ; Clark, Gavin ; Misso, Dave20-Jun-2016
402015The Factor Analytic Structure and Personality Correlates of 'Spiritual Emergency'Cooper, Emma; Rock, Adam J ; Harris, Kylie ; Clark, Gavin 20-Jun-2016
412015Spiritual Emergency, Psychosis, and Personality: A quantitative investigationHarris, Kylie P ; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 19-May-2022
422015Mythmaking and Spiritual Development: Stanley Krippner's Prescription for a Personal MythologyLaughlin, Charles D; Rock, Adam J 6-Jun-2022
432015Testing Telepathy in the Medium/Proxy-Sitter Dyad: A Protocol Focusing on the Source-of-Psi ProblemRock, Adam J ; Storm, Lance18-May-2022
442015Anomalous Information Reception by Research Mediums Under Blinded Conditions II: Replication and ExtensionBeischel, Julie; Boccuzzi, Mark; Biuso, Michael; Rock, Adam John 2-Jun-2015
452015Anomalous Cognition and Psychokinesis Research in Australia and Asian LabsStorm, Lance; Rock, Adam J 15-Jul-2015
462015Dreaming of Psi: A Narrative Review and Meta-Analysis of Dream-ESP Studies at the Maimonides Dream Laboratory and BeyondStorm, Lance; Rock, Adam J 20-Aug-2015
472014An Investigation of the 'I Ching' Using the Q-Sort Method and an RNG-PK Design: II. The Effect of Reactance on PsiStorm, Lance; Rock, Adam John 30-Apr-2015
482014In Search of Psi: Contemporary Perspectives on Extra-Sensory Perception, Psychokinesis, and SurvivalRock, Adam John ; Storm, Lance25-May-2015
492014Imagery Cultivation and Extra-Sensory PerceptionStorm, Lance; Rock, Adam John 25-May-2015
502014In Search of Psi: Destination Unknown or Destination Nowhere?Rock, Adam John ; Storm, Lance25-May-2015

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