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115-Jun-2023Measuring CHAOS? Evaluating the short-form Confusion, Hubbub And Order ScaleLarsen, Sally A ; Asbury, Kathryn; Coventry, William L ; Hart, Sara A; Little, Callie ; Petrill, Stephen A21-Jul-2023
29-Jun-2023Do student differences in reading enjoyment relate to achievement when using the random-intercept cross-lagged panel model across primary and secondary school?Coventry, William Luya ; Farraway, Sarah ; Larsen, Sally A ; Enis, Tim P; Forbes, Alexander Q ; Brown, Stephen L 20-Jun-2023
3Apr-2023The public-private debate: school sector differences in academic achievement from Year 3 to Year 9?Larsen, Sally A ; Forbes, Alexander Q ; Little, Callie W ; Alaba, Simon H ; Coventry, William L 3-Jan-2023
421-Jul-2022Mapping the Development of Australian Students’ Literacy and Numeracy Skills: 2008-2018Larsen, Sally Anne ; Coventry, William ; Whannell, Robert ; Grasby, Katrina; Little, Callie 17-Nov-2023
53-Feb-2022Development and Validation of the Return-To-Work/Case Management InventoryFarrell, Hayley ; Coventry, William ; Dunstan, Debra 22-Nov-2023
62022Mapping the Development of Australian Students' Literacy and Numeracy Skills: 2008-2018Larsen, Sally ; Coventry, William 17-Nov-2023
72022The codevelopment of reading and attention from middle childhood to early adolescence: A multivariate latent growth curve studyLarsen, Sally A ; Little, Callie W ; Coventry, William L 19-May-2022
8Oct-2021Genetic and Environmental Influences on Perceived Social Support: Differences by Sex and RelationshipCoventry, William L ; Gillespie, Nathan A; Heath, Andrew C; Martin, Nicholas G30-Mar-2022
910-Jun-2021Development and Validation of the Return-To-Work/Case Management Inventory - DatasetFarrell, Hayley ; Dunstan, Debra ; Coventry, William 22-Nov-2023
102021Exploring the Associations Between Delayed School Entry and Achievement in Primary and Secondary SchoolLarsen, Sally A ; Little, Callie W ; Coventry, William L 31-Mar-2021
11Nov-2020Exploring the Influence of Early Childhood Education and Care on the Etiology of AchievementLittle, Callie W ; Larsen, Sally ; Byrne, Brian ; Logan, Jessica A R; Olson, Richard K; Coventry, William L 31-Mar-2021
12Aug-2020Estimating classroom-level influences on literacy and numeracy: A twin studyGrasby, Katrina L; Little, Callie W ; Byrne, Brian ; Coventry, William L ; Olson, Richard K; Larsen, Sally ; Samuelsson, Stefan31-Mar-2021
132-Jun-2020The Academic Development Study of Australian Twins (ADSAT): Research Aims and DesignLarsen, Sally A ; Little, Callie W ; Grasby, Katrina; Byrne, Brian ; Olson, Richard K; Coventry, William L 31-Mar-2021
142020Comment on Asbury and Wai (2019), "Viewing Education Policy through a Genetic Lens," Journal of School ChoiceByrne, Brian ; Little, Callie W ; Olson, Richard K; Larsen, Sally A ; Coventry, William L ; Weymouth, Rachel31-Mar-2021
155-Aug-2019Differential Influences of Genes and Environment Across the Distribution of Reading AbilityMcGowan, Dipti; Little, Callie W ; Coventry, William L ; Corley, Robin; Olson, Richard K; Samuelsson, Stefan; Byrne, Brian 26-Mar-2021
166-Jun-2019Taking a break: The effect of taking a vacation from Facebook and Instagram on subjective well-beingHanley, Sarah M ; Watt, Susan E ; Coventry, William 26-Mar-2021
1721-Mar-2019Identical Genes, Unique Environments: A Qualitative Exploration of Persistent Monozygotic-Twin Discordance in Literacy and NumeracyLarsen, Sally ; Byrne, Brian J ; Little, Callie ; Coventry, William ; Ho, Connie S; Olson, Richard K; Stevenson, Annette C 28-Oct-2020
18Mar-2019Little Evidence That Socioeconomic Status Modifies Heritability of Literacy and Numeracy in AustraliaGrasby, Katrina L; Coventry, William L ; Byrne, Brian ; Olson, Richard K15-Apr-2019
1928-Dec-2018Adult attachment and social anxiety: The mediating role of emotion regulation strategiesRead, Darryl L; Clark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J ; Coventry, William L 31-Mar-2021
205-Jul-2018Age at first birth in women is genetically associated with increased risk of schizophreniaNi, Guiyan ; Gratten, Jacob; Wray, Naomi R ; Lee, Sang Hong 28-Apr-2022
2112-Jun-2018The Sky is Falling: Exploring Anticipatory Traumatic ReactionHopwood, Tanya ; Schutte, Nicola ; Loi, Natasha ; Coventry, William 1-Aug-2019
227-Jun-2018Estimation of Genetic Correlation via Linkage Disequilibrium Score Regression and Genomic Restricted Maximum LikelihoodNi, Guiyan ; Moser, Gerhard ; Wray, Naomi R ; Lee, S Hong 28-Apr-2022
2322-Feb-2018Anticipatory Traumatic Reaction: Risks and Interventions (Thesis Study 6)Hopwood, Tanya ; Schutte, Nicola ; Loi, Natasha ; Coventry, William 12-Sep-2018
2422-Feb-2018Anticipatory Traumatic Reaction: Scale Construction and Validation (Thesis Studies 2 and 3)Hopwood, Tanya ; Schutte, Nicola ; Loi, Natasha ; Coventry, William 12-Sep-2018
2522-Feb-2018Anticipatory Traumatic Reaction and Compassion Fatigue (Thesis Study 4)Hopwood, Tanya ; Schutte, Nicola ; Loi, Natasha ; Coventry, William 12-Sep-2018
262018Collaborative meta-analysis finds no evidence of a strong interaction between stress and 5-HTTLPR genotype contributing to the development of depressionCulverhouse, R C; Saccone, N L; Horton, A C; Ma, Y; Anstey, K J; Banaschewski, T; Burmeister, M; Cohen-Woods, S; Etain, B; Fisher, H L; Goldman, N; Guillaume, S; Horwood, J; Juhasz, G; Lester, K J; Mandelli, L; Middeldorp, C M; Olié, E; Villafuerte, S; Air, T M; Araya, R; Bowes, L; Burns, R; Byrne, E M; Coffey, C; Coventry, W L ; Gawronski, K A B; Glei, D; Hatzimanolis, A; Hottenga, J-J; Jaussent, I; Jawahar, C; Jennen-Steinmetz, C; Kramer, J R; Lajnef, M; Little, K; Zu Schwabedissen, H M; Nauck, M; Nederhof, E; Petschner, P; Peyrot, W J; Schwahn, C; Sinnamon, G; Stacey, D; Tian, Y; Toben, C; Van Der Auwera, S; Wainwright, N; Wang, J-C; Willemsen, G; Anderson, I M; Arolt, V; Åslund, C; Bagdy, G; Baune, B T; Bellivier, F; Boomsma, D I; Courtet, P; Dannlowski, U; De Geus, E J C; Deakin, J F W; Easteal, S; Eley, T; Fergusson, D M; Goate, A M; Gonda, X; Grabe, H J; Holzman, C; Johnson, E O; Kennedy, M; Laucht, M; Martin, N G; Munafò, M R; Nilsson, K W; Oldehinkel, A J; Olsson, C A; Ormel, J; Otte, C; Patton, G C; Penninx, B W J H; Ritchie, K; Sarchiapone, M; Scheid, J M; Serretti, A; Smit, J H; Stefanis, N C; Surtees, P G; Völzke, H; Weinstein, M; Whooley, M; Nurnberger, J I; Breslau, N; Bierut, L J13-Apr-2021
272018A direct test of the diathesis-stress model for depressionColodro-Conde, L; Couvy-Duchesne, B; Zhu, G; Coventry, W L ; Byrne, E M; Gordon, S; Wright, M J; Montgomery, G W; Madden, P A F; Ripke, S; Eaves, L J; Heath, A C; Wray, N R; Medland, S E; Martin, N G31-Mar-2021
282018Gene-Environment Interactions in ADHD: The Roles of SES and ChaosGould, Karen; Coventry, William L ; Olson, Richard K; Byrne, Brian J 22-Mar-2018
291-Sep-2017Associations between selected dietary behaviours and academic achievement: A study of Australian school aged childrenBurrows, Tracy; Goldman, Sharni; Olson, Richard K; Byrne, Brian ; Coventry, William L 31-Mar-2021
30Sep-2017Cue-Reactive Rationality, Visual Imagery and Volitional Control Predict Cue-Reactive Urge to Gamble in Poker-Machine GamblersClark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J ; McKeith, Charles F A; Coventry, William L 31-Mar-2021
311-Jul-2017Intolerance of uncertainty mediates the relationship between adult attachment and worryWright, Carmel J; Clark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J ; Coventry, William L 26-Mar-2021
3222-Oct-2016Genetic and Environmental Influences on Literacy and Numeracy in Australian School ChildrenGrasby, Katrina; Coventry, William ; Byrne, Brian J ; Medland, Sarah16-Jan-2023
332016Teaching Research Methods and Statistics in eLearning Environments: Pedagogy, Practical Examples, and Possible FuturesRock, Adam J ; Coventry, William L ; Morgan, Methuen ; Loi, Natasha M 7-Mar-2017
342016Does the Environment Have an Enduring Effect on ADHD?: A Longitudinal Study of Monozygotic Twin Differences in ChildrenLivingstone, Luisa T; Coventry, William L ; Corley, Robin P; Willcutt, Erik G; Samuelsson, Stefan; Olson, Richard K; Byrne, Brian J 29-Mar-2017
352016Longitudinal Stability and Growth in Literacy and Numeracy in Australian School StudentsGrasby, Katrina; Coventry, William L 21-Apr-2017
362016Genetic and Environmental Influences on Literacy and Numeracy Performance in Australian School Children in Grades 3, 5, 7, and 9Grasby, Katrina; Coventry, William L ; Byrne, Brian J ; Olson, Richard K; Medland, Sarah E21-Apr-2017
372015Markers of success: A study of twins' instructed second language acquisitionAnton-Mendez, Ines ; Ellis, Elizabeth M ; Coventry, William L ; Byrne, Brian J ; van Daal, Victor H P2-Oct-2015
382015Differences between the single-event and frequency formats of seasonal-climate-forecast probabilityCoventry, William L ; Dalgleish, Leonard I31-Mar-2015
392014Heritability of Preferred Thinking Styles and a Genetic Link to Working Memory CapacityFletcher, Jennifer; Marks, Anthony ; Hine, Don W ; Coventry, William L 16-Dec-2014
402014Farmers' accuracy interpreting seasonal climate forecast probabilityCoventry, William L ; Dalgleish, LI2-May-2014
412013Individual Differences and Heritability of Thinking Styles and Working Memory Capacity: A Dual-process PerspectiveFletcher, Jennifer; Marks, Tony; Hine, Donald ; Coventry, William ; Byrne, Brian14-Oct-2013
422013Multivariate Genetic Analysis of Learning and Early Reading DevelopmentByrne, Brian J ; Wadsworth, Sally; Boehme, Kristi; Talk, Andrew ; Coventry, William L ; Olson, Richard K; Samuelsson, Stefan; Corley, Robin29-Apr-2013
432012The Etiology of Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition in Australian School Students: A Behavior-Genetic StudyCoventry, William L ; Anton-Mendez, Ines ; Ellis, Elizabeth M ; Levisen, Christina; Byrne, Brian J ; van Daal, Victor H P; Ellis, Nick C4-Sep-2012
442011Dynamic and Static Assessment of Phonological Awareness in Preschool: A Behavior-Genetic StudyCoventry, William L ; Byrne, Brian J ; Olson, Richard K; Corley, Robin; Samuelsson, Stefan19-Oct-2011
452011Genetic and Environmental Influences on Vocabulary and Reading DevelopmentOlson, Richard K; Keenan, Janice M; Huslander, Jacquiline; Byrne, Brian J ; Samuelsson, Stefan; Coventry, William L ; Corley, Robin; Wadsworth, Sally J; Willcutt, Erik G; DeFries, John C; Pennington, Bruce F2-May-2011
462010Genetic and Environmental Influences on Inattention, Hyperactivity-Impulsivity, and Reading: Kindergarten to Grade 2Ebejer, Jane ; Coventry, William L ; Byrne, Brian J ; Willcutt, Erik G; Olson, Richard K; Corley, Robin27-Jul-2010
472010"Teacher Effects" in Early Literacy Development: Evidence From a Study of TwinsByrne, Brian J ; Coventry, William L ; Olson, Richard K; Wadsworth, Sally J; Samuelsson, Stefan; Petrill, Stephen A; Willcutt, Erik G; Corley, Robin10-Mar-2010
482010Do 5HTTLPR and Stress Interact in Risk for Depression and Suicidality? Item Response Analyses of a Large Sample:Coventry, William L ; James, Michael R; Eaves, Lindon J; Gordon, Scott D; Gillespie, Nathan A; Ryan, Leanne; Heath, Andrew C; Montgomery, Grant W; Martin, Nicholas G; Wray, Naomi R12-Apr-2010
492009Genetic and environmental influences on aspects of literacy and language in early childhood: Continuity and change from preschool to Grade 2Byrne, Brian John ; Coventry, William Luya ; Olson, RK; Samuelsson, S; Corley, R; Willcutt, E G; Wadsworth, S; DeFries, JC22-May-2009
502009Phenotypic and Discordant-Monozygotic Analyses of Stress and Perceived Social Support as Antecedents to or Sequelae of Risk for DepressionCoventry, William L ; Medland, Sarah; Wray, Naomi R; Thorsteinsson, Einar B ; Heath, Andrew C; Byrne, Brian J 2-Feb-2010

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