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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Jul-2023Matthew Effects in Reading and Mathematics: Examining Developmental Patterns in Population DataLarsen, Sally A ; Little, Callie W 13-Jul-2023
215-Jun-2023Measuring CHAOS? Evaluating the short-form Confusion, Hubbub And Order ScaleLarsen, Sally A ; Asbury, Kathryn; Coventry, William L ; Hart, Sara A; Little, Callie ; Petrill, Stephen A21-Jul-2023
3Apr-2023The public-private debate: school sector differences in academic achievement from Year 3 to Year 9?Larsen, Sally A ; Forbes, Alexander Q ; Little, Callie W ; Alaba, Simon H ; Coventry, William L 3-Jan-2023
4Nov-2022Teaching the Teachers the Genetics of Learning: An Application of the Mixed Blessings ModelLarsen, Sally A ; Little, Callie W ; Byrne, Brian 20-May-2022
521-Jul-2022Mapping the Development of Australian Students’ Literacy and Numeracy Skills: 2008-2018Larsen, Sally Anne ; Coventry, William ; Whannell, Robert ; Grasby, Katrina; Little, Callie 17-Nov-2023
62022The codevelopment of reading and attention from middle childhood to early adolescence: A multivariate latent growth curve studyLarsen, Sally A ; Little, Callie W ; Coventry, William L 19-May-2022
72021Exploring the Associations Between Delayed School Entry and Achievement in Primary and Secondary SchoolLarsen, Sally A ; Little, Callie W ; Coventry, William L 31-Mar-2021
8Nov-2020Exploring the Influence of Early Childhood Education and Care on the Etiology of AchievementLittle, Callie W ; Larsen, Sally ; Byrne, Brian ; Logan, Jessica A R; Olson, Richard K; Coventry, William L 31-Mar-2021
9Aug-2020Estimating classroom-level influences on literacy and numeracy: A twin studyGrasby, Katrina L; Little, Callie W ; Byrne, Brian ; Coventry, William L ; Olson, Richard K; Larsen, Sally ; Samuelsson, Stefan31-Mar-2021
102-Jun-2020The Academic Development Study of Australian Twins (ADSAT): Research Aims and DesignLarsen, Sally A ; Little, Callie W ; Grasby, Katrina; Byrne, Brian ; Olson, Richard K; Coventry, William L 31-Mar-2021
1130-Apr-2020Trait Perspective Taking and Romantic Relationship Satisfaction: A Meta-AnalysisCahill, Vanessa A; Malouff, John M ; Little, Callie W ; Schutte, Nicola S 21-Sep-2020
122020Comment on Asbury and Wai (2019), "Viewing Education Policy through a Genetic Lens," Journal of School ChoiceByrne, Brian ; Little, Callie W ; Olson, Richard K; Larsen, Sally A ; Coventry, William L ; Weymouth, Rachel31-Mar-2021
135-Aug-2019Differential Influences of Genes and Environment Across the Distribution of Reading AbilityMcGowan, Dipti; Little, Callie W ; Coventry, William L ; Corley, Robin; Olson, Richard K; Samuelsson, Stefan; Byrne, Brian 26-Mar-2021
1421-Mar-2019Identical Genes, Unique Environments: A Qualitative Exploration of Persistent Monozygotic-Twin Discordance in Literacy and NumeracyLarsen, Sally ; Byrne, Brian J ; Little, Callie ; Coventry, William ; Ho, Connie S; Olson, Richard K; Stevenson, Annette C 28-Oct-2020

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