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113-Jul-2023Dataset for Attrition Rate in Multi-Session Gradual Exposure Treatment for Specific Phobia: A Meta-AnalysisMalouff, John 25-Jul-2023
2Jan-2023The connection between mindfulness and flow: A meta-analysisSchutte, Nicola S ; Malouff, John M 1-Sep-2022
32023A meta-analytic investigation of the impact of curiosity-enhancing interventionsSchutte, Nicola S ; Malouff, John M 13-May-2022
42023The Association between the Five-factor Model of Personality and Problem Gambling: a Meta-analysisDudfield, Francine W H; Malouff, John M ; Meynadier, Jai 31-May-2022
52023Thinking about the best possible self: A unique individual difference characteristicSchutte, Nicola S ; Malouff, John M 22-Jul-2021
62-Nov-2022Datafile for meta-analysis on the efficacy of assertiveness training for social anxietyMalouff, John 9-Nov-2022
714-Oct-2022An Innovative Teaching Method: Including Students as Advisors in Professional WorkMalouff, John M 29-Mar-2023
81-Aug-2022Data for evaluating a novel teaching method -- 2022Malouff, John 2-Aug-2022
9Jul-2022The association between the five-factor model of personality and problem cannabis use: A meta-analysisWinters, Alex M; Malouff, John M ; Schutte, Nicola S 11-May-2022
1027-Jan-2022The Association between the Five-Factor Model of Personality and Problem Cannabis Use: A Meta-AnalysisSchutte, Nicola ; Malouff, John ; Winters, Alex26-Jan-2022
1117-Jan-2022Meta-Analysis of Associations Between Five-Factor Personality Traits and Social Media AddictionMalouff, John ; Meyandier, Jai17-Jan-2022
122022The association between optimism and telomere length: A meta-analysisSchutte, Nicola ; Malouff, John M 30-Nov-2020
1316-Nov-2021Psychological interventions intended to increase use of contraception decrease unintended pregnancies: A meta-analysis of randomised controlled trialsMalouff, John ; Schutte, Nicola ; Meynadier, Jai ; Swain, Le'Sa16-Nov-2021
143-Nov-2021Association between the five-factor model of personality and problem gambling: A meta-analysisDudfield, Francine; Malouff, John ; Meynadier, Jai4-Nov-2021
15Nov-2021Efficacy of psychological interventions for selective mutism in children: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsSteains, Sophie Y; Malouff, John M ; Schutte, Nicola S 9-Aug-2021
1623-Jun-2021The Association between Gratitude and Depression: A Meta-AnalysisIodice, Jo A; Malouff, John M ; Schutte, Nicola S 23-Sep-2021
17Mar-2021Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction, Affect and Mental HealthSchutte, Nicola S ; Malouff, John M 15-Mar-2019
186-Jan-2021TOPS Study 1: Thinking of the Possible Self Exploratory Factor Analysis and Concurrent and Discriminant Validity AnalysesSchutte, Nicola ; Malouff, John 13-Jan-2021
196-Jan-2021TOPS Study 2: Thinking of the Possible Self Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Sensitivity to Change Resulting from the Best Possible Self ExerciseSchutte, Nicola ; Malouff, John 13-Jan-2021
20Jan-2021Effects of Meeting Leader Training on Meeting AttendeesSchuleigh, Vivien E; Malouff, John M ; Schutte, Nicola ; Loi, Natasha 12-Mar-2021
212021Using Signature Strengths to Increase Happiness at WorkSchutte, Nicola S ; Malouff, John M 10-Nov-2020
222021Meta-analysis of associations between five-factor traits and social media addictionMeynadier, Jai ; Malouff, John ; Schutte, Nicola ; Loi, Natasha 22-Jul-2023
234-Dec-2020A Meta-Analytic Investigation of the Impact of Curiosity-Enhancing InterventionsMalouff, John ; Schutte, Nicola 11-Dec-2020
2430-Nov-2020The Association Between Gratitude and Depression: A Meta-AnalysisIodice, Jo; Malouff, John ; Schutte, Nicola 11-Dec-2020
2511-Nov-2020Efficacy of Psychological Interventions for Selective Mutism in Children: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsSteains, Sophie; Malouff, John ; Schutte, Nicola 19-Nov-2020
266-Nov-2020How Psychology Teachers Can Widely Disseminate Their Innovative Teaching MethodsMalouff, John M ; Emmerton, Ashley J30-Nov-2020
2728-Oct-2020Mindfulness as a Coping Method: A Teacher's ExperiencesSantos, Anabela Caetano; Freitas, Eunice; Malouff, John ; Cefai, Carmel30-Nov-2020
2829-Jul-2020Government-mandated warnings on cannabis legally sold for recreational useMalouff, John M ; Schutte-Malouff, Ben P6-Oct-2020
29Jun-2020Mate preference priorities in the East and West: A cross‐cultural test of the mate preference priority modelThomas, Andrew G; Jonason, Peter K; Blackburn, Jesse D; Kennair, Leif Edward Ottesen; Lowe, Rob; Malouff, John ; Stewart-Williams, Steve; Sulikowski, Danielle; Li, Norman P18-Mar-2021
306-May-2020Applying a Needs-Based Framework to Enhance Organisational MeetingsSchuleigh, Vivien; Malouff, John ; Schutte, Nicola 4-Jan-2024
316-May-2020Developing, Validating, and Testing the Explanatory Value of the Diversity of Social Identity ScaleAllan, Robert ; Malouff, John ; Schutte, Nicola ; McNeil, Dominic 5-Jan-2024
3230-Apr-2020Trait Perspective Taking and Romantic Relationship Satisfaction: A Meta-AnalysisCahill, Vanessa A; Malouff, John M ; Little, Callie W ; Schutte, Nicola S 21-Sep-2020
331-Jan-2020Connections between curiosity, flow and creativitySchutte, Nicola S ; Malouff, John M 11-Nov-2019
342020Meditation and telomere length: a meta-analysisSchutte, Nicola S ; Malouff, John M ; Keng, Shian-Ling10-Sep-2020
3522-Nov-2019Developing, Validating, and Testing the Explanatory Value of the Diversity of Social Identity ScaleAllan, Rob; Malouff, John 16-Oct-2020
36Aug-2019Increasing curiosity through autonomy of choiceSchutte, Nicola S ; Malouff, John M 15-Mar-2019
3710-Jul-2019A Meta‐Analysis of the Relationship between Curiosity and CreativitySchutte, Nicola S ; Malouff, John M 11-Nov-2019
38Jul-2019Enhancing Meetings: The Impact of Leader BehaviorSchuleigh, Vivien E; Malouff, John M ; Schutte, Nicola S ; Loi, Natasha M 6-Oct-2020
3910-Apr-2019Preliminary Experimental Evaluation of a Behavioral-Cognitive Method of Increasing Life ExcitementPoole, Allison E; Malouff, John M 7-Apr-2021
40Apr-2019The Impact of Signature Character Strengths Interventions: A Meta-analysisSchutte, Nicola S ; Malouff, John M 18-Mar-2019
41Apr-2019The Efficacy of Interventions Aimed at Reducing Procrastination: A Meta‐Analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsMalouff, John M ; Schutte, Nicola S 4-Apr-2019
4225-Feb-2019Health Check: how often do people have sex?Malouff, John 12-Mar-2021
4324-Jan-2019Dataset for Prompting Help-Seeking to Reduce Psychological Distress: A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Internet InterventionMalouff, John 24-Jan-2019
44Dec-2018Effects of teaching empathy online: A randomized controlled trialSentas, Eva; Malouff, John M ; Harris, Bernadette; Johnson, Caitlin E12-Mar-2021
45Sep-2018Meta-Analysis of the Efficacy of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Social AnxietyChesham, Rachel K ; Malouff, John M ; Schutte, Nicola S 3-Apr-2019
465-Jan-2018Allegations of child sexual abuse in parenting disputes: An examination of judicial determinations in the Family Court of AustraliaFerguson, Claire ; Wright, Sarah; Death, Jodi; Burgess, Kylie; Malouff, John 12-Mar-2021
472018What constitutes evidence that fear appeals have positive effects on health behaviour? Commentary on Kok, Peters, Kessels, ten Hoor, and Ruiter (2018)Malouff, John M 28-May-2018
482018Mindfulness and connectedness to nature: A meta-analytic investigationSchutte, Nicola ; Malouff, John M 28-May-2018
496-Oct-2017Research Check: can 'Lightning Process' coaching program help youths with chronic fatigue?Malouff, John ; Hodges, Lynette12-Mar-2021
5011-Jan-2017Children learn empathy growing up, but can we train adults to have more of it?Malouff, John 12-Mar-2021

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