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12013The anterior claustrum and spatial reversal learning in ratsGrasby, Katrina; Talk, Andrew
22005Cingulate Cortical Coding of Context-Dependent Latent InhibitionTalk, Andrew; Stoll, Elizabeth; Gabriel, Michael
32006Collaborative development of the Arrowsmith two node search interface designed for laboratory investigatorsSmalheiser, Neil R; Torvik, Vetle I; Talk, Andrew; West, Ruth; Bischoff-Grethe, Amanda; Burhans, Lauren B; Gabriel, Michael; Homayouni, Ramin; Kashef, Alireza; Martone, Maryann E; Perkins, Guy A; Price, Diana L
42017Differential Effects of Alcohol on Memory Performance in Adolescent Men and Women with a Binge Drinking HistoryVinader-Caerols, Concepcion; Talk, Andrew; Montanes, Adriana; Duque, Aranzazu; Monleon, Santiago
52014The effect of sleep on item recognition and source memory recollection among shift-workers and permanent day-workersMawdsley, Matthew; Grasby, Katrina; Talk, Andrew
62004Effects of Conditioning During Amygdalar Inactivation on Training-Induced Neuronal Plasticity in the Medial Geniculate Nucleus and Cingulate Cortex in Rabbits ('Oryctolagus cuniculus')Talk, Andrew; Kashef, Alireza; Gabriel, Michael
72004From Actions to Impressions: Cognitive Attribution Theory and the Formation of Corporate ReputationSjovall, Andrea M; Talk, Andrew
82017Graded expression of source memory revealed by analysis of gaze directionTalk, Andrew; Anton-Mendez, Ines; Pennefather, Bronte
92002Hippocampal function during behaviorally silent associative learning: Dissociation of memory storage and expressionTalk, A; Gandhi, CC; Matzel, LD
102004Independent generation of theta rhythm in the hippocampus and posterior cingulate cortexTalk, A; Kang, E; Gabriel, M
112001Medial Geniculate, Amygdalar and Cingulate Cortical Training-Induced Neuronal Activity during Discriminative Avoidance Learning in Rabbits with Auditory Cortical LesionsDuvel, AD; Smith, DM; Talk, A; Gabriel, M
122010The medial prefrontal cortex and memory of cue location in the ratRawson, Timothy; O'Kane, Michael; Talk, Andrew
132012A MRI-compatible system for whisker stimulationLi, Limin; Weiss, Craig; Talk, Andrew; Disterhoft, John F; Wyrwicz, Alice M
142013Multivariate Genetic Analysis of Learning and Early Reading DevelopmentByrne, Brian J; Wadsworth, Sally; Boehme, Kristi; Talk, Andrew; Coventry, William L; Olson, Richard K; Samuelsson, Stefan; Corley, Robin
152016Preconditioning of Spatial and Auditory Cues: Roles of the Hippocampus, Frontal Cortex, and Cue-Directed AttentionTalk, Andrew; Grasby, Katrina; Rawson, Tim; Ebejer, Jane
162012The prefrontal cortex is required for incidental encoding but not recollection of source information in rodentsParnell, Rebecca; Grasby, Katrina; Talk, Andrew
172001The Role of the Hippocampus in Trace Conditioning: Temporal Discontinuity or Task Difficulty?Beylin, AV; Gandhi, CC; Wood, GE; Talk, A; Matzel, LD; Shors, TJ
182018Spatial Cognition and Range Use in Free-Range Laying HensCampbell, Dana; Talk, Andrew; Loh, Ziyang A; Dyall, Tim R; Lee, Caroline

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