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1Mar-2024Loss of a grooming enrichment impacts physical, behavioural, and physiological measures of welfare in grazing beef cattleJane Dickson, Emily ; Monk, Jessica E ; Lee, Caroline ; Mcdonald, Paul G ; Narayan, Edward; Campbell, Dana L M 29-Apr-2024
25-May-2023Hen Responses to Indoor Ultraviolet Light Supplementation and Sunlight Effects on Hen Ranging Behaviour in Free-Range Systems in AustraliaMd Sohel Rana; Walkden-Brown, Stephen ; Campbell, Dana ; Lee, Caroline 9-Aug-2023
328-Mar-2023Sex impacts pain behaviour but not emotional reactivity of lambs following ring tail dockingMarini, Danila ; Monk, Jessica E ; Campbell, Dana L M ; Lee, Caroline ; Belson, Sue; Small, Alison5-Dec-2023
415-Mar-2023Minimal effects of ultraviolet light supplementation on egg production, egg and bone quality, and health during early lay of laying hensRana, Md Sohel ; Clay, Jonathon ; Regmi, Prafulla; Campbell, Dana L M 11-May-2023
52023Future application of an attention bias test to assess affective states in sheepMonk, Jessica E ; Campbell, Dana L M ; Lee, Caroline 10-Apr-2024
615-Dec-2022Beef Cattle Preference and Usage of Environmental Enrichments Provided Simultaneously in a Pasture-Based EnvironmentDickson, Emily J ; Campbell, Dana L M ; Lee, Caroline ; Lea, Jim M; McDonald, Paul G ; Monk, Jessica E 22-Aug-2023
725-Oct-2022Shelter preferences of commercial free-range hensMd Sohel Rana; Campbell, Dana ; Lee, Caroline 9-Aug-2023
84-Sep-2022Egg production, egg and bone quality, and health of young laying hens under UV supplementationMd Sohel Rana; Campbell, Dana 9-Aug-2023
931-May-2022Relationship between sunlight and range use of commercial free-range hens in AustraliaRana, Md Sohel ; Lee, Caroline ; Lea, Jim M; Campbell, Dana L M 26-Aug-2022
1019-Apr-2022Hen ranging in relation to sunlight on commercial free-range farmsMd Sohel Rana; Campbell, Dana ; Lee, Caroline 9-Aug-2023
115-Apr-2022Impacts of Rearing Enrichments and Range Use on Production, Behaviour, Health and Welfare of Free-Range HensBari, Md Saiful ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen ; Campbell, Dana ; Morgan, Natalie 20-Nov-2023
1211-Feb-2022Cecal Microbiota of Free-Range Hens Varied With Different Rearing Enrichments and Ranging PatternsBari, Md Saiful ; Kheravii, Sarbast K ; Bajagai, Yadav S; Wu, Shu-biao ; Keerqin, Chake ; Campbell, Dana L M 12-May-2022
1331-Jan-2022Commercial Free-Range Laying Hens’ Preferences for Shelters with Different Sunlight Filtering PercentagesRana, Md Sohel ; Lee, Caroline ; Lea, Jim M; Campbell, Dana L M 26-Aug-2022
142022Increasing mud levels in a feedlot influences beef cattle behaviours but not preference for feedlot or pasture environmentsDickson, Emily J ; Campbell, Dana L M ; Monk, Jessica E ; Lea, Jim M; Colditz, Ian G ; Lee, Caroline 12-Apr-2024
158-Nov-2021Impacts of rearing enrichments and range use on production, behaviour, health and welfare of free-range hens-datasetBari, Md Saiful ; Campbell, Dana ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen 20-Nov-2023
168-Sep-2021Application of Ultraviolet Light for Poultry Production: A Review of Impacts on Behavior, Physiology, and ProductionRana, Md Sohel ; Campbell, Dana L M 19-May-2022
1718-Jun-2021Laying hen preference testing for UV light spectrum and varying intensitiesMd Sohel Rana; Campbell, Dana ; Lee, Caroline 9-Aug-2023
18Jun-2021Preference testing for UV light spectrum and intensity in laying hensRana, Md Sohel; Cohen-Barnhouse, Andrew M ; Lee, Caroline ; Campbell, Dana L M 18-Aug-2022
1925-Jan-2021Relationship between Range Use and Fearfulness in Free-Range Hens from Different Rearing EnrichmentsBari, Md Saiful ; Allen, Simon S; Mesken, Jarrod ; Cohen-Barnhouse, Andrew M ; Campbell, Dana L M 29-Jan-2021
202021Skeletal health of layers across all housing systems and future research directions for AustraliaCampbell, D L M 29-Jan-2021
212021Free-range egg production: its implications for hen welfareCampbell, D L M ; Bari, M S ; Rault, J-L29-Jan-2021
2230-Sep-2020Virtual Fence Responses Are Socially Facilitated in Beef CattleKeshavarzi, Hamideh; Lee, Caroline ; Lea, Jim M; Campbell, Dana L M 29-Jan-2021
2328-Sep-2020Poultry welfare monitoring: wearable technologiesCampbell, Dana L M ; Erasmus, Marisa A2-Feb-2021
24Sep-2020Analysis of Cattle Social Transitional Behaviour: Attraction and RepulsionXu, Haocheng; Li, Shenghong; Lee, Caroline ; Ni, Wei; Abbott, David; Johnson, Mark; Lea, Jim M; Yuan, Jinhong; Campbell, Dana L M 29-Jan-2021
2514-Aug-2020Relationships Between Rearing Enrichments, Range Use, and an Environmental Stressor for Free-Range Laying Hen WelfareBari, Md Saiful ; Downing, Jeff A; Dyall, Tim R; Lee, Caroline ; Campbell, Dana L M 1-Feb-2021
2614-Aug-2020Rearing Enrichments Affected Ranging Behavior in Free-Range Laying HensCampbell, Dana L M ; Dyall, Tim R; Downing, Jeff A; Cohen-Barnhouse, Andrew M ; Lee, Caroline 29-Jan-2021
2730-Jul-2020Attention Bias Test Measures Negative But Not Positive Affect in Sheep: A Replication StudyMonk, Jessica E ; Lee, Caroline ; Dickson, Emily; Campbell, Dana L M 4-Sep-2020
2820-Jun-2020Virtual Fencing Technology Excludes Beef Cattle from an Environmentally Sensitive AreaCampbell, Dana L M ; Ouzman, Jackie; Mowat, Damian; Lea, Jim M; Lee, Caroline ; Llewellyn, Rick S29-Jan-2021
292020Effects of outdoor ranging on external and internal health parameters for hens from different rearing enrichmentsBari, Md Saiful ; Laurenson, Yan C S M ; Cohen-Barnhouse, Andrew M ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W ; Campbell, Dana L M 1-Feb-2021
302020Early rearing enrichments influenced nest use and egg quality in free-range laying hensBari, M S ; Cohen-Barnhouse, A M ; Campbell, D L M 28-Jan-2021
312020Viability and development of Ascaridia galli eggs recovered in artificial media followed by storage under different conditionsFeyera, T ; Ruhnke, I ; Sharpe, B; Elliott, T ; Campbell, D L M ; Walkden-Brown, S W 27-Jul-2021
3211-Dec-2019Virtual Fencing Is Comparable to Electric Tape Fencing for Cattle Behavior and WelfareCampbell, Dana L M ; Lea, Jim M; Keshavarzi, Hamideh; Lee, Caroline 29-Jan-2021
3325-Nov-2019Application of open field, tonic immobility, and attention bias tests to hens with different ranging patternsCampbell, Dana L M ; Dickson, Emily J; Lee, Caroline 1-Feb-2021
3410-Jul-2019An attention bias test to assess anxiety states in laying hensCampbell, Dana L M ; Taylor, Peta S ; Hernandez, Carlos E; Stewart, Mairi; Belson, Sue; Lee, Caroline 29-Jan-2021
357-Jun-2019The influence of pharmacologically-induced affective states on attention bias in sheepMonk, Jessica E ; Lee, Caroline ; Belson, Sue; Colditz, Ian G; Campbell, Dana L M 29-Jan-2021
361-Jan-2019A review of environmental enrichment for laying hens during rearing in relation to their behavioral and physiological developmentCampbell, D L M ; de Haas, E N; Lee, C 28-Jan-2021
3722-Dec-2018Temporary Exclusion of Cattle from a Riparian Zone Using Virtual Fencing TechnologyCampbell, Dana L M ; Haynes, Sally J; Lea, Jim M; Farrer, William J; Lee, Caroline 29-Jan-2021
38Dec-2018Impact of on-range choice feeding with black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) on flock performance, egg quality, and range use of free-range laying hensRuhnke, Isabelle ; Normant, Camille; Campbell, Dana L M ; Iqbal, Zafar ; Lee, Caroline ; Hinch, Geoff N ; Roberts, Julie 28-Feb-2019
3916-Nov-2018Using Radio-Frequency Identification Technology to Measure Synchronised Ranging of Free-Range Laying HensCampbell, Dana L M ; Horton, Brian J; Hinch, Geoff N 29-Jan-2021
4021-Aug-2018A Framework to Assess the Impact of New Animal Management Technologies on Welfare: A Case Study of Virtual FencingLee, Caroline ; Colditz, Ian G; Campbell, Dana L M 28-Jan-2021
41Mar-2018Virtual fencing of cattle using an automated collar in a feed attractant trialCampbell, Dana L M ; Lea, Jim M; Haynes, Sally J; Farrer, William J; Leigh-Lancaster, Christopher J; Lee, Caroline 1-Feb-2021
422018Early enrichment in free-range laying hens: effects on ranging behaviour, welfare and response to stressorsCampbell, Dana ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Downing, J A; Lee, C19-Mar-2018
432018Spatial Cognition and Range Use in Free-Range Laying HensCampbell, Dana ; Talk, Andrew ; Loh, Ziyang A; Dyall, Tim R; Lee, Caroline 15-Jun-2018
442018The impact of range use on caecal microbiota composition in free-range laying hensRuhnke, I ; Normant, C; Raj, R V; Suchodolski, J; Campbell, D L M ; Kheravii, S K ; Wu, S-B 26-Jul-2021
452018The impact of early-life intervention on microbiota composition in free-range laying hensRuhnke, I ; Campbell, D L M ; Raj, R V; Suchodolski, J; Kheravii, S K ; Wu, S-B 2-May-2024
461-Nov-2017Laying hens in aviaries with different litter substrates: Behavior across the flock cycle and feather lipid contentCampbell, Dana ; Ali, A B A; Karcher, D M; Siegford, J M27-Apr-2022
4718-Sep-2017Tech-Savvy Beef Cattle? How Heifers Respond to Moving Virtual Fence LinesCampbell, Dana L M ; Lea, Jim M; Farrer, William J; Haynes, Sally J; Lee, Caroline 29-Jan-2021
481-Sep-2017Nest use and patterns of egg laying and damage by 4 strains of laying hens in an aviary systemVillanueva, S; Ali, A B A; Campbell, D L M ; Siegford, J M29-Apr-2022
49Sep-2017Towards a taxonomy of stereotypic behaviours in the American mink (Neovison vison), a model Carnivore: Homogeneous or heterogeneous?Polanco, Andrea; Campbell, Dana L M ; Díez-León, María; Mason, Georgia28-Apr-2022
50Mar-2017Comparison of wood shavings and chopped straw as bedding material for fur-farmed American mink (Neovison vison)Campbell, Dana L M ; Lester-Saenz, Amber H; Link, Jane E; Bursian, Steven J28-Apr-2022

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