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19-Jun-2023Helminth infections in laying chickens in Australia: prevalence, diagnosis, and improved methods of worm egg storage and multiplicationYesuf, Anwar Shifaw ; Ruhnke, Isabelle ; Elliott, Timothy ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen ; Sharpe, Brendan Douglas 9-Aug-2023
230-Mar-2023An initial study on the use of machine learning and radio frequency identification data for predicting health outcomes in free-range laying hensWelch, Mitchell ; Sibanda, Terence Zimazile ; De Souza Vilela, Jessica ; Kolakshyapati, Manisha ; Schneider, Derek ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 2-Nov-2023
314-Feb-2023Sex Effects and the Use of the ANCOVA Model: Approaches to Make the Use of As-Hatched Broilers in Research More PowerfulEngland, Ashley ; Wu, Shubiao ; Qassim, Sarbast ; Gharib Naseri, Kosar ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 9-Aug-2023
4Oct-2022Ascaridia galli eggs obtained from fresh excreta, worm uteri or worms cultured in artificial media differ in embryonation capacity and infectivityShifaw, Anwar ; Ruhnke, Isabelle ; Elliott, Timothy ; Sharpe, Brendan; Feyera, Teka ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W 25-Mar-2024
521-Jul-2022Propagation and anthelmintic efficacy testing of nematode parasites of chickens in AustraliaDewo, Teka Feyera ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen ; Elliott, Timothy Peter ; Sharpe, Brendan Douglas ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 14-Nov-2023
62022Intestinal gene expression profile in free-range laying hens with divergent behaviour and body weightde las Heras-Saldana, S ; Kolakshyapati, M ; Kheravii, S K ; Wu, S B ; Sibanda, T Z ; Ruhnke, I 1-May-2023
72022Differences in gut microbiome in free-range laying hensde las Heras-Saldana, S ; Kolakshyapati, M ; Pilla, R; Suchodolski, J S; Kheravii, S K ; Sibanda, T Z ; Wu, S B ; Ruhnke, I 18-Oct-2022
82-Nov-2021The Black Soldier Fly Larvae in Broiler Dietsde Souza Vilela, Jessica ; Andrew, Nigel ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 14-Nov-2023
9Nov-2021Comparison of the Modified McMaster and Mini-FLOTAC methods for the enumeration of nematode eggs in egg spiked and naturally infected chicken excretaShifaw, Anwar ; Feyera, Teka ; Elliott, Timothy ; Sharpe, Brendan ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 25-Oct-2021
10Oct-2021The Response of Layer Hen Productivity and Egg Quality to an Additional Limestone Source When Offered Diets Differing in Calcium Concentrations and the Inclusion of PhytaseRuhnke, Isabelle ; Akter, Yeasmin; Sibanda, Terence Zimazile ; Cowieson, Aaron J; Wilkinson, Stuart; Maldonado, Stephanie; Singh, Mini; Hughes, Patrick; Capraole, Dylana; Bucker, Stephan; O’Shea, Cormac John17-Dec-2021
11Oct-2021Comparative therapeutic efficacies of oral and in-water administered levamisole, piperazine and fenbendazole against experimental Ascaridia galli infection in chickensFeyera, Teka ; Ruhnke, Isabelle ; Sharpe, Brendan ; Elliott, Tim ; Shifaw, Anwar ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W 11-Jul-2021
12Sep-2021Black Soldier Fly larvae in broiler diets improve broiler performance and modulate the immune systemde Souza Vilela, Jessica ; Andronicos, Nicholas M ; Kolakshyapati, Manisha ; Hilliar, Matthew ; Sibanda, Terence Z ; Andrew, Nigel R ; Swick, Robert A ; Wilkinson, Stuart ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 28-Jul-2021
13May-2021Global and regional prevalence of helminth infection in chickens over time: a systematic review and meta-analysisShifaw, Anwar ; Dewo, Teka Feyera ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W ; Sharpe, Brendan ; Elliott, Timothy ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 14-Jul-2021
1420-Apr-2021The Black Soldier Fly larvae in broiler diets-datasetde Souza Vilela, Jessica ; Ruhnke, Isabelle ; Andrew, Nigel 14-Nov-2023
1523-Feb-2021Nutrition, feeding and laying hen welfareBryden, W L; Li, X; Ruhnke, I ; Zhang, D; Shini, S13-Jul-2021
162-Feb-2021Technological Quality, Amino Acid and Fatty Acid Profile of Broiler Meat Enhanced by Dietary Inclusion of Black Soldier Fly Larvaede Souza Vilela, Jessica ; Alvarenga, Tharcilla I R C ; Andrew, Nigel R ; McPhee, Malcolm ; Kolakshyapati, Manisha ; Hopkins, David L; Ruhnke, Isabelle 23-Mar-2021
172021Increasing energy and amino acid levels in layer diets improved laying performance but not egg quality in ranging free-range hensSibanda, T Z ; Welch, M ; Schneider, D ; Kolakshyapati, M ; Ramirez-Cuevas, S; Ruhnke, I 26-Jul-2021
182021No evidence of Levamisole resistance in Ascaridia galli on a freerange egg farm in AustraliaFeyera, T ; Sharpe, B ; Elliott, T ; Ruhnke, I ; Shifaw, A; Walkden-Brown, S W 26-Jul-2021
192021Inclusion of Black Soldier Fly larvae in a meat chicken diet has minor effect on caeca microbiotade Vilela Souza, J V ; Kheravii, S K ; Bajagayi, Y S; Kolakshyapati, M ; Wu, S ; Ruhnke, I 26-Jul-2021
202021Comparison of the mini-FLOTAC and Modified McMaster Methods for enumeration of Ascaridia galli eggs in chicken excretaShifaw, A ; Feyera, T ; Walkden-Brown, S W ; Elliott, T ; Sharpe, B ; Ruhnke, I 27-Jul-2021
214-Nov-2020The Impact of Body Condition and Range Use on Free-Range Laying Hens - Identifying and Managing Performance StrategiesKolakshyapati, Manisha ; Ruhnke, Isabelle ; Morgan, Natalie ; Taylor, Peta ; Wu, Shubiao 18-Dec-2023
224-Nov-2020Characterising and Managing Commercial Free-Range Laying Hen Sub-PopulationsSibanda, Terence Zimazile ; Ruhnke, Isabelle ; Morgan, Natalie ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen 2-Jan-2024
2318-Oct-2020Managing Free-Range Laying Hens - Part B: Early Range Users Have More Pathology Findings at the End of Lay but Have a Significantly Higher Chance of Survival - An Indicative StudySibanda, Terence Zimazile ; O'Shea, Cormac J; de Souza Vilela, Jessica ; Kolakshyapati, Manisha ; Welch, Mitchell ; Schneider, Derek ; Courtice, Jodi; Ruhnke, Isabelle 13-Jul-2021
2421-Sep-2020Frequent Visits to an Outdoor Range and Lower Areas of an Aviary System Is Related to Curiosity in Commercial Free-Range Laying HensKolakshyapati, Manisha ; Taylor, Peta Simone ; Hamlin, Adam ; Sibanda, Terence Zimazile ; de Souza Vilela, Jessica ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 1-Jul-2021
2527-Aug-2020Characterising and Managing Commercial Free-Range Laying Hen Sub-populations - DatasetSibanda, Terence Zimazile ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 2-Jan-2024
264-Aug-2020Curiosity, fearfulness and use of aviary space in commercial free-range hensKolakshyapati, Manisha ; Taylor, Peta Simone ; Hamlin, Adam ; Sibanda, Terence Zimazile ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 26-Jul-2021
2729-Jul-2020The influence of light of different wavelengths on laying hen production and egg qualityEngland, Ashley ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 13-Jul-2021
286-Jun-2020Managing Free-Range Laying Hens-Part A: Frequent and Non-Frequent Range Users Differ in Laying Performance but Not Egg QualitySibanda, Terence Zimazile ; Kolakshyapati, Manisha ; Welch, Mitchell ; Schneider, Derek ; Boshoff, Johan ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 13-Jul-2021
29Jun-2020Body weight and range usage affect net energy utilisation in commercial free-range laying hens when evaluated in net energy chambersKolakshyapati, Manisha ; Wu, Shu-Biao ; Sibanda, Terence Z ; Ramirez-Cuevas, Santiago; Ruhnke, Isabelle 27-Aug-2020
3020-May-2020The association between range usage and tibial quality in commercial free-range laying hensSibanda, T Z ; Flavel, R ; Kolakshyapati, M ; Welch, M ; Schneider, D ; Ruhnke, I 13-Jul-2021
31May-2020Effect of pecking stones and age on feather cover, hen mortality, and performance in free-range laying hensIqbal, Zafar ; Drake, Kelly ; Swick, Robert Alfonso ; Taylor, Peta Simone ; Perez-Maldonado, Rider Anderson; Ruhnke, Isabelle 1-Jul-2021
32May-2020Characterising Free-Range Layer Flocks Using Unsupervised Cluster AnalysisSibanda, Terence Zimazile ; Welch, Mitchell ; Schneider, Derek ; Kolakshyapati, Manisha ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 13-Jul-2021
3329-Jan-2020Body weight sub-populations are associated with significant different welfare, health and egg production status in Australian commercial free-range laying hens in an aviary systemSibanda, T Z ; Kolakshyapati, Manisha ; Walkden-Brown, S W ; de Souza Vilela, J ; Courtice, J M; Ruhnke, I 13-Jul-2021
342020Validation of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system for aviary systemsSibanda, T Z ; Dawson, B ; Welch, M ; Schneider, D ; Boshoff, J ; Kolakshyapati, M ; Ruhnke, I 26-Jul-2021
352020Black Soldier Fly larvae in meat chicken diets modifies the fattyacid profile in chicken breast meatde Souza Vilela, J ; Alvarenga, T I R C ; Hopkins, D; Kolakshyapati, M ; McGilchrist, P ; Ruhnke, I 26-Jul-2021
362020A comparison of eggshell mineral composition between cage and free-range eggs via inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometryDao, H T ; Swick, R A ; Nguyen, T V; Hunt, P W; Hine, B C; Lisle, L ; Ruhnke, I 2-Jun-2021
372020Flock use of the range is associated with the use of different components of a multi-tier aviary system in commercial free-range laying hensSibanda, T Z ; Walkden-Brown, S W ; Kolakshyapati, M ; Dawson, B ; Schneider, D ; Welch, M ; Iqbal, Z ; Cohen-Barnhouse, A ; Morgan, N K ; Boshoff, J ; Ruhnke, I 1-Jul-2021
382020Viability and development of Ascaridia galli eggs recovered in artificial media followed by storage under different conditionsFeyera, T ; Ruhnke, I ; Sharpe, B; Elliott, T ; Campbell, D L M ; Walkden-Brown, S W 27-Jul-2021
3917-Dec-2019The impacts of Ascaridia galli on performance, health, and immune responses of laying hens: new insights into an old problemSharma, Nisha ; Hunt, Peter W ; Hine, Brad C; Ruhnke, Isabelle 14-Jul-2021
40Dec-2019Various bone parameters are positively correlated with hen body weight while range access has no beneficial effect on tibia health of free-range layersKolakshyapati, M ; Flavel, R J ; Sibanda, T Z ; Schneider, D ; Welch, M C ; Ruhnke, I 30-Oct-2020
411-Oct-2019Body weight is associated with welfare, health and egg production status in commercial free-range laying hensSibanda, T Z ; Kolakshyapati, M ; de Souza Vilela, J ; Courtice, J; Ruhnke, Isabelle 26-Jul-2021
421-Oct-2019Range usage or body weight has minor effect on the gastrointestinal passage rate of commercial free-range laying henKolakshyapati, M ; Nguyen, T V; Sibanda, T Z ; Ruhnke, I 26-Jul-2021
431-Oct-2019Black soldier fly larvae does not compromise broiler meat qualityde Souza Vilela, J ; Alvarenga, T I R C ; Kolakshyapati, M ; McGilchrist, P ; Ruhnke, I 26-Jul-2021
4413-Sep-2019Insect protein in animal nutritionde Souza Vilela, J ; Andrew, N R ; Ruhnke, I 21-Mar-2021
45Sep-2019Determination of gastrointestinal passage rate using three different markers in laying hensKolakshyapati, Manisha ; Bailey, Craig; Sibanda, Terence Zimazile ; Morgan, Natalie ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 1-Jul-2021
46Jun-2019Feed particle selection and nutrient intake altered by pecking stone consumption and beak length in free-range laying hensIqbal, Zafar ; Drake, Kelly ; Swick, Robert A ; Perez-Maldonado, Rider A; Ruhnke, Isabelle 18-Mar-2019
471-Mar-2019Enzymes and/or combination of organic acid and essential oils supplementation in pasture-fed free-range laying hens increased the digestibility of nutrients and non-starch polysaccharidesIqbal, Zafar ; Metzger, Florian; Singh, Mini; Morgan, Natalie ; Swick, Robert A ; Perez-Maldonado, Rider A; M’Sadeq, Shawkat A; Zentek, Jürgen; Ruhnke, Isabelle 1-Jul-2021
4811-Feb-2019Improving Performance of Free-Range Laying HensIqbal, Zafar ; Ruhnke, Isabelle ; Swick, Robert 10-May-2023
49Jan-2019Analysis of antibody levels in egg yolk for detection of exposure to Ascaridia galli parasites in commercial laying hensDao, Thi Hiep ; Hunt, Peter W ; Sharma, Nisha ; Swick, Robert A ; Barzegar, Shahram ; Hine, Brad; McNally, Jody; Ruhnke, Isabelle 3-Jun-2019
502019Free-range laying hens: using technology to show the dynamics and impact of hen movementRuhnke, I ; Boshoff, J ; Cristiani, I V ; Schneider, D ; Welch, M ; Sibanda, T Z ; Kolakshyapati, M 30-Oct-2020

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