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19-Jun-2023Helminth infections in laying chickens in Australia: prevalence, diagnosis, and improved methods of worm egg storage and multiplicationYesuf, Anwar Shifaw ; Ruhnke, Isabelle ; Elliott, Timothy ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen ; Sharpe, Brendan Douglas 9-Aug-2023
221-Jul-2022Propagation and anthelmintic efficacy testing of nematode parasites of chickens in AustraliaDewo, Teka Feyera ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen ; Elliott, Timothy Peter ; Sharpe, Brendan Douglas ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 14-Nov-2023
3Nov-2021Comparison of the Modified McMaster and Mini-FLOTAC methods for the enumeration of nematode eggs in egg spiked and naturally infected chicken excretaShifaw, Anwar ; Feyera, Teka ; Elliott, Timothy ; Sharpe, Brendan ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 25-Oct-2021
4Oct-2021Comparative therapeutic efficacies of oral and in-water administered levamisole, piperazine and fenbendazole against experimental Ascaridia galli infection in chickensFeyera, Teka ; Ruhnke, Isabelle ; Sharpe, Brendan ; Elliott, Tim ; Shifaw, Anwar ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W 11-Jul-2021
5May-2021Global and regional prevalence of helminth infection in chickens over time: a systematic review and meta-analysisShifaw, Anwar ; Dewo, Teka Feyera ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W ; Sharpe, Brendan ; Elliott, Timothy ; Ruhnke, Isabelle 14-Jul-2021
62021Comparison of the mini-FLOTAC and Modified McMaster Methods for enumeration of Ascaridia galli eggs in chicken excretaShifaw, A ; Feyera, T ; Walkden-Brown, S W ; Elliott, T ; Sharpe, B ; Ruhnke, I 27-Jul-2021
72021No evidence of Levamisole resistance in Ascaridia galli on a freerange egg farm in AustraliaFeyera, T ; Sharpe, B ; Elliott, T ; Ruhnke, I ; Shifaw, A; Walkden-Brown, S W 26-Jul-2021
82014Investigations into an acute paralysis syndrome in broiler chickensSharpe, Brendan Douglas ; Katz, Margaret E ; Reece, R; Renz, Katrin ; Walkden-Brown, Steve W 12-Apr-2016

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