Tharcilla Rodrigues Costa Alvarenga

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131-Jul-2023Relationship between carcase traits of Bos taurus genotypes and ultrasound measurements across six stages of growth from weaning through to long-feedlot finishingI R C Alvarenga, Tharcilla ; Almeida, Amelia K ; McPhee, Malcolm ; Siddell, Jason p; Walmsley, Brad ; Greenwood, Paul L; Wolcott, Matthew L 7-May-2024
226-Jul-2023Relationships of sire breeding values for Merino production traits with eating quality of lambMortimer, S I; Holman, B W B; Fowler, S M; Alvarenga, T I R C ; Hopkins, D L; Egerton-Warburton, K L; Smith, J L; Hine, B C; Swan, A A 19-Sep-2023
3Jul-2021Is meat from cull cows tougher?Alvarenga, Tharcilla I R C ; Palendeng, Mario; Thennadil, Suresh; McGilchrist, Peter ; Cafe, Linda M ; Almeida, Amelia K ; Hopkins, David L20-Apr-2022
4Mar-2021Associations of feed efficiency with circulating IGF-1 and leptin, carcass traits and meat quality of lambsMontelli, N L L L; Alvarenga, T I R C ; Almeida, A K ; Alvarenga, F A P; Furusho-Garcia, I F; Greenwood, P L; Pereira, I G14-Apr-2022
52-Feb-2021Technological Quality, Amino Acid and Fatty Acid Profile of Broiler Meat Enhanced by Dietary Inclusion of Black Soldier Fly Larvaede Souza Vilela, Jessica ; Alvarenga, Tharcilla I R C ; Andrew, Nigel R ; McPhee, Malcolm ; Kolakshyapati, Manisha ; Hopkins, David L; Ruhnke, Isabelle 23-Mar-2021
62020Black Soldier Fly larvae in meat chicken diets modifies the fattyacid profile in chicken breast meatde Souza Vilela, J ; Alvarenga, T I R C ; Hopkins, D; Kolakshyapati, M ; McGilchrist, P ; Ruhnke, I 26-Jul-2021
71-Oct-2019Black soldier fly larvae does not compromise broiler meat qualityde Souza Vilela, J ; Alvarenga, T I R C ; Kolakshyapati, M ; McGilchrist, P ; Ruhnke, I 26-Jul-2021
8Jul-2019Ageing-freezing/thaw process affects blooming time and myoglobin forms of lamb meat during retail displayAlvarenga, Tharcilla I R C ; Hopkins, David L; Ramos, Eduardo M; Almeida, Amelia K ; Geesink, Geert 30-Oct-2019
92019Impact of dietary protein levels on adrenaline sensitivity of beef cattleAlvarenga, F A P ; Lean, I J; Alvarenga, T I R C ; McGilchrist, P 22-Apr-2024
10Nov-2016The influence of peri-conception and first trimester dietary restriction of protein in cattle on meat quality traits of entire male progenyAlvarenga, Tharcilla I R C ; Copping, Katrina J; Han, Xuemei ; Clayton, Edward H; Meyer, Richard J; Rodgers, Raymond J; McMillen, I Caroline; Perry, Viv E A; Geesink, Gerrit 5-Apr-2024

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Tharcilla Rodrigues Costa Alvarenga
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Rodrigues Costa Alvarenga, Tharcilla
Alvarenga, Tharcilla I R C
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Rodrigues Costa Alvarenga
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School of Environmental and Rural Science
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