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1Dec-2021The impact of different Hormonal Growth Promotants (HGP) on desmin degradation and collagen content of various muscles from pasture and feedlot finished steer carcassesPacker, D T ; Geesink, G H ; Thompson, J M ; Polkinghorne, R J ; Ball, A B; McGilchrist, P 2-May-2022
2Jul-2019Ageing-freezing/thaw process affects blooming time and myoglobin forms of lamb meat during retail displayAlvarenga, Tharcilla I R C ; Hopkins, David L; Ramos, Eduardo M; Almeida, Amelia K ; Geesink, Geert 30-Oct-2019
3Dec-2018The impact of oestradiol only hormone growth promotants (HGPs) on the eating quality of pasture finished steer carcassesPacker, D T ; Geesink, G H ; Polkinghorne, R ; Thompson, J M ; Ball, A J; McGilchrist, P 30-Jun-2020
4Sep-2018Genetic correlations between meat quality traits and growth and carcass traits in Merino sheepMortimer, Suzanne I; Fogarty, Neal M; van der Werf, Julius H J ; Brown, Daniel J ; Swan, Andrew A ; Jacob, Robin H; Geesink, Gerrit H ; Hopkins, David L; Edwards, Janelle E Hocking; Ponnampalam, Eric N; Warner, Robyn D; Pearce, Kelly L; Pethick, David W10-May-2022
52018Genetic divergence in residual feed intake affects growth, feed efficiency, carcass and meat quality characteristics of Angus steers in a large commercial feedlotHerd, R M ; Arthur, P F ; Bottema, C D K; Egarr, A R; Geesink, G H ; Lines, D S; Piper, S ; Siddell, J P; Thompson, J M ; Pitchford, W S5-Jun-2024
6Nov-2016The influence of peri-conception and first trimester dietary restriction of protein in cattle on meat quality traits of entire male progenyAlvarenga, Tharcilla I R C ; Copping, Katrina J; Han, Xuemei ; Clayton, Edward H; Meyer, Richard J; Rodgers, Raymond J; McMillen, I Caroline; Perry, Viv E A; Geesink, Gerrit 5-Apr-2024
730-Apr-2016Quantification of the Biological Factors that Determine Lamb TendernessStarkey, Colin ; Geesink, Gerrit ; Hopkins, David; Oddy, Victor 24-Jan-2024
8Mar-2016Do sarcomere length, collagen content, pH, intramuscular fat and desmin degradation explain variation in the tenderness of three ovine muscles?Starkey, Colin P ; Geesink, Gerrit H ; Collins, Damian; Oddy, V Hutton ; Hopkins, David L.11-Jun-2024
92015Explaining the variation in lamb longissimus shear force across and within ageing periods using protein degradation, sarcomere length and collagen characteristicsStarkey, Colin P ; Geesink, Gerrit H ; Oddy, V Hutton ; Hopkins, David L11-Jun-2024
102014Health beneficial long chain omega-3 fatty acid levels in Australian lamb managed under extensive finishing systemsPonnampalam, Eric N; Butler, Kym L; Jacob, Robin H; Pethick, David W; Ball, Alexander; Hocking Edwards, Janelle E; Geesink, Geert ; Hopkins, David21-Jul-2015
112014Intramuscular fat in the 'longissimus' muscle is reduced in lambs from sires selected for leannessPannier, L; Pethick, D W; Geesink, Geert ; Ball, Alexander; Jacob, R H; Gardner, G E13-Aug-2015
122014Comparison of the growth and meat tenderness of Brahman and F1 Senepol � Brahman steersSchatz, T J; Thomas, S; Geesink, Geert 13-Aug-2015
132014Impacts of hanging method and high pre-rigor temperature and duration on quality attributes of ovine musclesKim, Y H B; Kerr, M; Geesink, Geert ; Warner, Robyn13-Aug-2015
142014Pre-rigor carcass stretching counteracts the negative effects of high rigor temperature on tenderness and water-holding capacity – using lamb muscles as a modelWarner, Robyn D; Kerr, Matthew; Kim, Y H B; Geesink, Geert 20-Jul-2015
152014Genetic parameters for meat quality traits of Australian lamb meatMortimer, Suzanne; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Ponnampalam, E N; Ball, Alexander; Gilmour, A; Pethick, D W; Jacob, R H; Hopkins, David; Pannier, L; Pearce, K L; Gardner, G E; Warner, R D; Geesink, Geert ; Hocking Edwards, J E16-Jul-2015
162014Exogenous Proteases for Meat TenderizationBekhit, Alaa A; Hopkins, David L; Geesink, Geert ; Bekhit, Adnan A; Franks, Philip21-May-2014
172013SmartStretch™ Technology: III. The impact of medium voltage stimulation and SmartStretch™ technology on sheep topside ('m. semimembranosus') meat quality traits under commercial processing conditionsToohey, Edwina Skye; van de Ven, Remy; Thompson, John ; Geesink, Geert ; Hopkins, David L20-May-2014
182013The effects of the myostatin g+6723G>A mutation on carcass and meat quality of lambHope, Mitchell; Haynes, Fay Emma Milton ; Oddy, Hutton ; Koohmaraie, Mohammad; Al-Owaimer, Abdullah; Geesink, Geert 20-May-2014
192013Molecular value predictions: Associations with beef quality, carcass, production, behavior and efficiency phenotypes in Brahman cattleGreenwood, Paul; Cafe, Linda ; McIntyre, Brooke Louise; Geesink, Geert ; Thompson, John ; Polkinghorne, R; Pethick, D W; Robinson, Dorothy L 20-May-2014
202013Explaining the Variation in Shear Force of Lamb 'Longissimus' Muscle using Indicators of Protein Degradation, Muscle Contraction and Connective Tissue CharacteristicsStarkey, Colin; Geesink, Geert ; Oddy, Hutton ; Hopkins, David L1-Oct-2014
212012SmartStretch™ Technology: II. Improving the tenderness of leg meat from sheep using a meat stretching deviceToohey, Edwina Skye; van de Ven, Remy; Thompson, John ; Geesink, Geert ; Hopkins, David L17-Mar-2014
222012SmartStretch™ Technology: V. The impact of SmartStretch™ technology on beef topsides ('m. semimembranosus') meat quality traits under commercial processing conditionsToohey, Edwina Skye; van de Ven, Remy; Thompson, John ; Geesink, Geert ; Hopkins, David L17-Mar-2014
232012Rapid tenderisation of lamb 'M. longissimus' with very fast chilling depends on rapidly achieving sub-zero temperaturesJacob, Robin; Rosenvold, Katja; North, Michael; Kemp, Robert; Warner, Robyn; Geesink, Geert 10-Apr-2014
242012SmartStretch™ Technology. I. Improving the tenderness of sheep topsides (m. semimembranosus) using a meat stretching deviceThompson, John ; Toohey, E S; Ven, R Van de; Geesink, Geert ; Hopkins, D L25-Aug-2017
252011Genetic correlation estimates for lamb carcass compositionMortimer, S I; Swan, Andrew ; Ball, Alexander; Hopkins, David L; Jacob, R H; Warner, R D; Pearce, K L; Pethick, David W; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Hocking Edwards, J E; Geesink, Geert ; Gardner, Graham E27-Mar-2012
262011Tenderness of pre- and post rigor lamb longissimus muscleGeesink, Geert ; Sujang, Sadi; Koohmaraie, Mohammad18-Oct-2011
272011Cattle temperament: Persistence of assessments and associations with productivity, efficiency, carcass and meat quality traitsCafe, Linda ; Robinson, Dorothy L ; Ferguson, Drewe ; McIntyre, Brooke Louise; Geesink, Geert ; Greenwood, Paul28-Jun-2011
282011Temperament and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis function are related and combine to affect growth, efficiency, carcass, and meat quality traits in Brahman steersCafe, Linda ; Robinson, Dorothy L ; Ferguson, Drewe ; Geesink, Geert ; Greenwood, Paul28-Jun-2011
292010Quality of lamb meat from the Information Nucleus FlockWarner, RD; Jacob, RH; Hocking Edwards, JE; McDonagh, M; Pearce, K; Geesink, Geert ; Kearney, G; Allingham, P G; Hopkins, DL; Pethick, DW30-Sep-2011
302010Preliminary estimates of genetic parameters for carcass and meat quality traits in Australian SheepMortimer, S I; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Kitessa, S M; Ball, A; Hopkins, D L; Jacob, R H; Pethick, D W; Pearce, K L; Warner, R D; Geesink, Gerrit ; Hocking Edwards, J E; Gardner, G E; Ponnampalam, E N27-Apr-2011
312010Production and processing studies on calpain-system gene markers for tenderness in Brahman cattle: 2. Objective meat qualityCafe, Linda ; McIntyre, Brooke Louise; Robinson, Dorothy L ; Geesink, Geert ; Barendse, W; Pethick, David W; Thompson, John ; Greenwood, Paul28-Jun-2011
322010Production and processing studies on calpain-system gene markers for tenderness in Brahman cattle: 1. Growth, efficiency, temperament, and carcass characteristicsCafe, Linda ; McIntyre, Brooke Louise; Robinson, Dorothy L ; Geesink, Geert ; Barendse, W; Greenwood, Paul28-Jun-2011
332010Molecular Value Predictions: Associations With Beef Tenderness in Brahman CattleGreenwood, Paul; Cafe, Linda ; McIntyre, Brooke Louise; Robinson, Dorothy L ; Geesink, Geert ; Pethick, D W; Thompson, John 3-Jun-2011
342010Genetic and Environmental Factors Influencing the Levels of EPA Plus DHA in Lamb Meat in a Study Encompassing Most Sires and Finishing Systems in AustraliaKitessa, S M; Ponnampalam, E N; Pethick, D W; Hopkins, D L; Withers, R; Geesink, Geert ; Butler, K L; Young, P; Smith, G; Harvey, M; Jacob, R; Pearce, K; Williams, A J; Boyce, M3-Jun-2011
352010Genetic and production factors that influence the content of intramuscular fat in the meat of prime lambsPethick, David W; Pannier, L; Gardner, G E; Geesink, Geert ; Ball, Alexander; Hopkins, D L; Jacob, R H; Mortimer, S I; Pearce, K L9-Oct-2014
362009The Information Nucleus: Genetically Improving Australian Lamb ProductionMortimer, Susan; Pearce, Kelly; Jacobs, Robin; Hopkins, David L; Warner, Robin; Geesink, Gerrit ; Hocking Edwards, Janelle; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Ball, Alex8-Jun-2010
372006Contribution of postmortem muscle biochemistry to the delivery of consistent meat quality with particular focus on the calpain systemKoohmaraie, M.; Geesink, Geert 17-Nov-2009
382006Prediction of pork quality using visible/near-infrared reflectance spectroscopySavenije, B; Geesink, Geert ; van der Palen, J G P; Hemke, G17-Nov-2009
392006μ-Calpain is essential for postmortem proteolysis of muscle proteinsGeesink, Geert ; Kuchay, S; Chishti, A H; Koohmaraie, M25-Nov-2009
402005Quantification of calpastatin using an optical surface plasmon resonance biosensorGeesink, Geert ; van der Palen, JGP; Kent, MP; Veiseth, E; Hemke, G; Koohmaraie, M13-Dec-2011
412005Calpain 3/p94 is not involved in postmortem proteolysisGeesink, Geert ; Taylor, R G; Koohmaraie, M13-Dec-2011
422005Effect of Processing on Turkey Meat Quality and ProteolysisObanor, F; Morton, JD; Geesink, Geert ; Bickerstaffe, R13-Dec-2011

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