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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
126-Jul-2023Australian beef cattle breeding objectivesGudex, B W ; Williams, P J; Walmsley, B J 18-Sep-2023
226-Jul-2023Quantifying the linkage between genetics represented in the Southern Multi-Breed project and the wider Australian beef populationsMoore, K L ; Walkom, S F ; Siddell, J P; Walmsley, B 20-Sep-2023
326-Jul-2023Progress of the Southern Multi-Breed Resource Population: Hard-to-measure phenotypes to drive genomic selectionWalmsley, B J ; Moore, K L ; Walkom, S F ; Clark, S A ; Granleese, T; Donoghue, K A20-Sep-2023
426-Jul-2023Detection of signatures of selection in Australian beef cattleAliloo, H ; Walmsley, B J ; Donoghue, K A; Clark, S A 19-Sep-2023
526-Jul-2023Age at puberty, days to calving and first parity return to oestrus in Australian temperate beef breedsDonoghue, K A; Rippon, R; Wolcott, M ; Moore, K L ; Clark, S A ; Walmsley, B J 18-Sep-2023
6Jul-2022Consequences of using different economic selection index methods on greenhouse gas emissions in beef cattleWalmsley, B J 25-Oct-2023
722-Mar-2022Genetic Improvement of Carcase Value in LivestockSarker, Nipa Rani ; Hermesch, Susanne ; Walmsley, Bradley John 25-Sep-2023
82022Economic value and production characteristics of table honeyFrost, E A ; Chapman, N C ; Banks, R G ; Walkom, S F ; Hermesch, S 22-Sep-2023
9Nov-2021Variance components estimation for body length and area traits derived from image analysis of live pigsSarker, N R ; Walmsley, B J ; Hermesch, Susanne 20-Sep-2022
10Nov-2021Estimation of genetic correlations between primal cut weights and length or area traits in live pigsSarker, N R ; Walmsley, B J ; Hermesch, Susanne 2-Nov-2022
112021Selection for increased visual muscling increases carcass leanness without compromising predicted Meat Standards Australia eating-quality indexWalmsley, B J ; Cafe, L M ; Wilkins, J F; McPhee, M J 28-Mar-2024
122021Using MateSel to aid sire allocation in genomic reference populations - Southern Multi-breed an exampleWalkom, S F ; Donoghue, K A; Arthur, P F; Clark, S A ; Walmsley, B J 4-Feb-2022
132021Addressing scur phenotyping challenges with the Southern Multi-Breed ProjectConnors, N K ; Walmsley, B J ; Donoghue, K A12-Apr-2022
142021Southern Multi-breed resource population: Generation of cohorts one and twoDonoghue, K A; Walmsley, B J ; Siddell, J P; Granleese, T; Penrose, L; Arthur, P F12-Apr-2022
152021Initiating the Southern Multi-Breed Resource populationWalmsley, B J ; Donoghue, K A; Johnston, D J ; Clark, S A ; Siddell, J P; Walkom, S F ; Granleese, T ; Arthur, P F8-Aug-2022
162021Improving carcase value by incorporating primal weights into pig breeding objectivesSarker, N R ; Walmsley, B J ; Hermesch, Susanne 26-May-2022
17Sep-2020A method for deriving the genetic matrix needed for selection across combinations of breedsBarwick, Stephen A ; Johnston, David J ; Walmsley, Bradley J ; Jeyaruban, M Gilbert ; Boerner, Vinzent 2-Aug-2020
18Aug-2020Live animal predictions of carcass components and marble score in beef cattle: model development and evaluationMcPhee, M J ; Walmsley, B J ; Dougherty, H C ; McKiernan, W A; Oddy, V H 17-Aug-2020
19Nov-2019Desirebull, A Decision Support Tool to Simplify Genetic Information for Effective Use by Commercial Beef ProducersPenrose, L A; Suarez, M; Walmsley, B J 25-May-2020
20Nov-2019Genetic Parameters for Primal Cut Weights in PigsSarker, N R; Walmsley, B J ; Hermesch, Susanne 25-May-2020
2129-Apr-2019Methods and consequences of including reduction in greenhouse gas emission in beef cattle multiple-trait selectionBarwick, Stephen A ; Henzell, Anthony L ; Herd, Robert M ; Walmsley, Bradley J ; Arthur, Paul F20-Apr-2020
222019Phenotypic Variation in Retail Beef Yield in Angus CattleDonoghue, K A; Cafe, L M; Walmsley, B J ; Duff, C J7-May-2020
232019The Influence Feed Cost has on Changing Beef Cattle Greenhouse Gas EmissionsWalmsley, B J ; Henzell, A L ; Barwick, S A 25-Jun-2020
24May-2018Methods and consequences of including feed intake and efficiency in genetic selection for multiple-trait meritBarwick, Stephen A ; Henzell, Anthony L ; Walmsley, Brad J ; Johnston, David J ; Banks, Robert G 21-Jun-2019
252018Modelling systems to describe maternal productivity, with the aim of improving beef production efficiency by eliciting practice changeWalmsley, B J ; Oddy, V H 23-Jun-2019
262018Divergent breeding values for fatness or residual feed intake in Angus cattle. 5. Cow genotype affects feed efficiency and maternal productivityHebart, M L; Accioly, J M; Copping, K J; Deland, M P B; Herd, R M ; Jones, F M; Laurence, M; Lee, S J; Lines, D S; Speijers, E J; Walmsley, B J ; Pitchford, W S20-Jun-2019
272018Divergent breeding values for fatness or residual feed intake in Angus cattle. 4. Fat EBVs' influence on fatness fluctuation and supplementary feeding requirementsAccioly, J M; Copping, K J; Deland, M P B; Hebart, M L; Herd, R M ; Lee, S J; Jones, F M; Laurence, M; Speijers, E J; Walmsley, B J ; Pitchford, W S20-Jun-2019
282018GxE for beef cattle breeding objectives as a consequence of differences in cow feed costWalmsley, B J ; Barwick, S A 8-Jul-2019
292018A review of factors influencing key biological components of maternal productivity in temperate beef cattleWalmsley, B J ; Lee, S J; Parnell, P F; Pitchford, W S21-Jun-2019
302018Divergent genotypes for fatness or residual feed intake in Angus cattle. 7. Low-fat and low-RFI cows produce more liveweight and better gross margins than do high-fat and high-RFI cows when managed under the same conditionsAnderton, L; Accioly, J M; Copping, K J; Deland, M P B; Hebart, M L; Herd, R M ; Jones, F M; Laurence, M; Lee, S J; Speijers, E J; Walmsley, B J ; Pitchford, W S20-Jun-2019
312017Genetic Trends in the Estimated Feed Intake of Angus CattleWalmsley, Bradley J ; Henzell, Anthony L ; Barwick, Stephen 4-Jul-2018
322017Genetic and Phenotypic Characterization of MSA Index and its Association with Carcase and Meat Quality Traits in Angus and Brahman CattleJeyaruban, M Gilbert ; Johnston, David ; Walmsley, Bradley J 5-Jul-2018
332017Live animal assessments of rump fat and muscle score in Angus cows and steers using 3-dimensional imagingMcPhee, Malcolm J ; Walmsley, Bradley J ; Skinner, B; Littler, B; Siddell, J; Cafe, L; Wilkins, J F; Oddy, Hutton ; Alempijevic, A5-Jun-2018
342015Extended Cow Liveweight Modelling for Beef Cattle Breeding ObjectivesWalmsley, Bradley J ; Wolcott, Matthew L ; Pitchford, W S; Johnston, David ; Barwick, Stephen 20-May-2016
352015Selection For Reduced Mature Cow Weight Should Not Reduce Body Condition Unless Accompanied By Selection For Increased FatPitchford, W S; Lee, S J; Donoghue, K ; Walmsley, Bradley J 20-May-2016

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Dr Brad Walmsley
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Walmsley, Brad
Walmsley, B J
Walmsley, Brad J
Walmsley, Bradley J
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Senior Research Scientist - Beef Genetics
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Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit
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