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126-Jul-2023Genetic evaluation of coat type for Australian AngusSamaraweera, A M ; Aliloo, H ; Byrne, A; Duff, C J ; Clark, S A 19-Sep-2023
226-Jul-2023Genomic prediction using imputed whole-genome sequence in Australian Angus cattleKamprasert, N; Aliloo, H ; Van Der Werf, J ; Duff, C ; Clark, S 19-Sep-2023
326-Jul-2023Genomic prediction of consumer satisfaction traits of Australian beefLynn, A M; McGilchrist, P ; Aliloo, H ; Polkinghorne, R ; Forutan, M; Hayes, B J; Clark, S A 19-Sep-2023
426-Jul-2023Detection of signatures of selection in Australian beef cattleAliloo, H ; Walmsley, B J ; Donoghue, K A; Clark, S A 19-Sep-2023
59-Feb-2023Genomic regions in Australian cattle associated with consumer satisfaction of beefLynn, A M; McGilchrist, P ; Aliloo, H ; van der Werf, J H J ; Polkinghorne, R ; Clark, S A 25-Jul-2023
69-Feb-2023Estimation of variance components for female longevity in Australian Angus cattle using random regression modelsAliloo, H ; Clark, S 25-Jul-2023
71-Feb-2023Predicting phenotypes of beef eating quality traitsForutan, Mehrnush; Lynn, Andrew; Aliloo, Hassan ; Clark, Samuel A ; McGilchrist, Peter ; Polkinghorne, Rod ; Hayes, Ben J25-Jul-2023
810-Sep-2021Genomic evaluation of milk yield in a smallholder crossbred dairy production system in IndiaAl Kalaldeh, Mohammad ; Swaminathan, Marimuthu; Gaundare, Yuvraj; Joshi, Sachin; Aliloo, Hassan ; Strucken, Eva M ; Ducrocq, Vincent; Gibson, John P 20-Apr-2022
92-Mar-2021SNP panels for the estimation of dairy breed proportion and parentage assignment in African crossbred dairy cattleGebrehiwot, Netsanet Z ; Strucken, Eva M ; Marshall, Karen; Aliloo, Hassan ; Gibson, John P 24-Jun-2021
10Mar-2021Inference of Ancestries and Heterozygosity Proportion and Genotype Imputation in West African Cattle PopulationsGebrehiwot, Netsanet Z ; Aliloo, Hassan ; Strucken, Eva M ; Marshall, Karen; Al Kalaldeh, Mohammad ; Missohou, Ayao; Gibson, John P 14-Jun-2021
112021The impact of reference composition and genome build on the accuracy of genotype imputation in Australian Angus cattleAliloo, Hassan ; Clark, Samuel A 4-May-2022
127-Dec-2020The patterns of admixture, divergence, and ancestry of African cattle populations determined from genome-wide SNP dataGebrehiwot, Netsanet Z ; Strucken, Eva ; Aliloo, Hassan ; Marshall, K; Gibson, John 16-Feb-2021
134-Nov-2020Application of Genomic Data to Map Genetic Diversity and Enable Genetic Improvement in African Cattle, with Particular Reference to Smallholder Dairy CattleGebrehiwot, Netsanet Zergaw; Gibson, John ; Strucken, Eva ; Mrode, Raphael; Aliloo, Hassan 2-Jan-2024
149-Jun-2020Ancestral Haplotype Mapping for GWAS and Detection of Signatures of Selection in Admixed Dairy Cattle of KenyaAliloo, Hassan ; Mrode, Rapheal; Okeyo, A M; Gibson, John P 16-Aug-2021
152019Selection of small SNP panels to predict dairy breed proportions of African crossbred cattleGebrehiwot, Netsanet; Gibson, John ; Aliloo, Hassan ; Marshall, Karen; Strucken, Eva 1-May-2020
162019Genetic Structure and Differentiation Among African Bos Taurus Cattle BreedsGebrehiwot, N Z ; Strucken, E M ; Aliloo, H ; Marshall, K; Gibson, J P 11-May-2020
172019Genetic Variation and Estimating Breeding Values for Small-holder Crossbred Dairy Cattle in IndiaAl kalaldeh, M ; Gaundare, Y; Swaminathan, M; Joshi, S; Aliloo, H ; Strucken, E M ; Ducrocq, V; Gibson, J P 11-May-2020
18Oct-2018Genetic structure of the DGEA crossbred dairy cattle population in Kenya. An internal report for ADGG and collaboratorsAliloo, H ; Gibson, J P 16-Nov-2021
19Oct-2018The feasibility of using low-density marker panels for genotype imputation and genomic prediction of crossbred dairy cattle of East AfricaAliloo, H ; Mrode, R; Okeyo, A M; Ni, G ; Goddard, M E; Gibson, J P20-Jun-2019
202018The impact of modelling and pooled data on the accuracy of genomic prediction in small holder dairy dataMrode, R; Coffey, M; Ojango, J; Mujibi, D; Okeyo, M; Strucken, E M ; Gibson, J P ; Aliloo, H 14-Mar-2019
212018Optimal design of low density marker panels for genotype imputationAliloo, H ; Mrode, R; Okeyo, A M; Ojango, J; Dessie, T; Rege, J E O; Goddard, M E; Gibson, J P 17-Jul-2019
22Feb-2017Including nonadditive genetic effects in mating programs to maximize dairy farm profitabilityAliloo, H ; Pryce, J E; Gonzalez-Recio, O; Cocks, B G; Goddard, M E; Hayes, B J20-Jun-2019
232016Accounting for dominance to improve genomic evaluations of dairy cows for fertility and milk production traitsAliloo, Hassan ; Pryce, Jennie E; Gonzalez-Recio, Oscar; Cocks, Benjamin G; Hayes, Ben J20-Jun-2019
242015Validation of markers with non-additive effects on milk yield and fertility in Holstein and Jersey cowsAliloo, Hassan ; Pryce, Jennie E; Gonzalez-Recio, Oscar; Cocks, Benjamin G; Hayes, Ben J20-Jun-2019
252015A Genome-Wide Association Study of Non-Additive Effects for Milk Yield and Fertility in Holstein and Jersey Dairy CattleAliloo, H ; Pryce, J E; Gozalez-Recio, O; Cocks, B G; Hayes, B J13-Oct-2019
262015Genetic markers with non-additive effects on milk and fertility in Holstein and Jersey cowsAliloo, H ; Pryce, J E; Gonzales-Recio, O; Cocks, B G; Hayes, B J13-Oct-2019
27Sep-2014Accounting for heterogeneity of phenotypic variance in Iranian Holstein test-day milk yield recordsAliloo, H ; Miraie-Ashtiani, S R; Moradi Shahrbabak, M; Urioste, J I; Sadeghi, M20-Jun-2019
28May-2013Comparison of Poisson, probit and linear models for genetic analysis of number of inseminations to conception and success at first insemination in Iranian Holstein cowsAbdollahi-Arpanahi, R; Penagaricano, F; Aliloo, H ; Ghiasi, H; Urioste, J I20-Jun-2019

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