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126-Jul-2023Breedplan single-step genomic evaluations delivers increased accuracies across all breeds and EBVsJohnston, D J ; Ferdosi, M H ; Connors, N K ; Cook, Jim ; Girard, C J ; Swan, A A 19-Sep-2023
226-Jul-2023Signatures of positive selection for scrotal circumference in three beef cattle breedsManzari, Z ; Johnston, D J ; Connors, N K ; Ferdosi, M H 19-Sep-2023
326-Jul-2023Assessing the value of metafounders for genomic prediction in Australian Simmental beef cattleSantos, D J A; Connors, N K ; Gurman, P M ; Ferdosi, M H ; Miller, S P ; Swan, A A 19-Sep-2023
411-Feb-2021Comparison of Gene Editing Versus Conventional Breeding to Introgress the POLLED Allele Into the Tropically Adapted Australian Beef Cattle PopulationMueller, Maci L; Cole, John B; Connors, Natalie K ; Johnston, David J ; Randhawa, Imtiaz A S; Van Eenennaam, Alison L5-May-2021
52021Evaluation of haplotype diversity of Australian beef populations using medium-density SNP genotypesFerdosi, M H ; Connors, N K ; Khansefid, M12-Apr-2022
62021Addressing scur phenotyping challenges with the Southern Multi-Breed ProjectConnors, N K ; Walmsley, B J ; Donoghue, K A12-Apr-2022
72021The effects of number of reference individuals on the accuracy of imputation from low and medium densities to high densityFerdosi, M H ; Connors, N K ; Khansefid, M12-Apr-2022
8Aug-2020Modeling rapid introgression of the POLLED allele via gene editing in a Northern Australian beef cattle populationMueller, M L; Cole, J B; Connors, N K ; Johnston, D J ; Randhawa, I A S; Van Eenennaam, A L8-Aug-2021
92020Investigating the relationship between imputation accuracies and relatednessConnors, Natalie K ; Ferdosi, Mohammad 9-Jun-2021
102020Increasing the goodness-of-fit of genomic prediction model with addition of maternal genomic relationship matrixFerdosi, Mohammad ; Connors, Natalie ; Khansefid, Majid9-Jun-2021
11Nov-2019Comparison of Gene Editing Versus Conventional Breeding to Introgress the Polled Allele into the Tropically Adapted Australian Beef Cattle PopulationMueller, M L; Cole, J B; Connors, N K ; Johnston, D J ; Randhawa, I A S; Van Eenennaam, A L25-May-2020
1225-Jun-2019An Efficient Method to Calculate Genomic Prediction Accuracy for New IndividualsFerdosi, Mohammad H ; Connors, Natalie K ; Tier, Bruce 21-Apr-2020
132019Correcting Sampling Bias in Microsatellite Marker Testing for PollednessConnors, N K ; Banks, R G ; Johnston, D J 6-May-2020
142019Genotype Panel Requirements for Inclusion into BREEDPLAN Single Step EvaluationsConnors, N K ; Ferdosi, M H 7-May-2020
152019Investigation into the Effects of Number of SNPs and Number of Reference Individuals on Imputation AccuracyFerdosi, M H ; Connors, N K 10-May-2020
162019Simple Example to Demonstrate the Effect of Allele Frequencies on the Genomic Relationship Matrix ValuesFerdosi, M H ; Connors, N K ; Boerner, V ; Johnston, D J 4-May-2020
172019Changes to poll DNA testing for Australian beef cattleConnors, Natalie K ; Banks, Rob ; Johnston, David J 19-Jul-2021
182018Current status of Australia's diagnostic poll haplotype testConnors, Natalie ; Tier, Bruce ; Johnston, David 14-May-2018
192018An efficient method to calculate accuracy of estimated breeding values for individuals without phenotypesFerdosi, Mohammad ; Connors, Natalie ; Tier, Bruce 14-May-2018
202018Implementation of single-step genomic BREEDPLAN evaluations in Australian beef cattleJohnston, David ; Ferdosi, Mohammad ; Connors, Natalie ; Boerner, Vinzent ; Cook, Jim ; Girard, Christian ; Swan, Andrew ; Tier, Bruce 14-May-2018
212017Development of the beef genomic pipeline for BREEDPLAN single step evaluationConnors, Natalie ; Cook, Jim ; Girard, Christian ; Tier, Bruce ; Gore, Klint ; Johnston, David ; Ferdosi, Mohammad 31-May-2018
222016Breeding polled cattle in AustraliaConnors, Natalie ; Tier, Bruce 12-Apr-2017
232016Increased accuracy of the Poll DNA marker test for Australian beef cattleConnors, Natalie ; Tier, Bruce ; Johnston, David 18-Dec-2017
242016Design strategies to address the effect of hydrophobic epitope on stability and in vitro assembly of modular virus-like particleTekewe, Alemu; Connors, Natalie K ; Middelberg, Anton P J; Lua, Linda H L22-Apr-2024
2515-Aug-2015A rapid and simple screening method to identify conditions for enhanced stability of modular vaccine candidatesTekewe, Alemu; Connors, Natalie ; Sainsbury, Frank; Wibowo, Nani; Lua, Linda H L; Middelberg, Anton P J24-Apr-2024
266-Jan-2015Predicting recombinant protein expression experiments using molecular dynamics simulationSchaller, Andrea; Connors, Natalie K ; Oelmeier, Stefan A; Hubbuch, Jürgen; Middelberg, Anton P J1-May-2024
272015Computational study of elements of stability of a four-helix bundle protein biosurfactantSchaller, Andrea; Connors, Natalie K ; Dimitrijev Dwyer, Mirjana; Oelmeier, Stefan A; Hubbuch, Jurgen; Middelberg, Anton P J30-Apr-2024
282015Biomolecular engineering of virus-like particles aided by computational chemistry methodsZhang, Lin; Lua, Linda H L; Middelberg, Anton P J; Sun, Yan; Connors, Natalie K 21-Apr-2024

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