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126-Jul-2023Genetic parameters and lambda values for post-weaning production traits in Merino sheepde las Heras-Saldana, S ; Gurman, P ; Swan, A A ; Brown, D J 22-Aug-2023
226-Jul-2023Genetic benchmarking of Maternal sheep flocks using genomic testingBrown, D J ; Gurman, P M ; Swan, A A 18-Sep-2023
326-Jul-2023Application of an empirical approach for predicting accuracy for genomic evaluationsMoore, K L ; Gurman, P M ; Johnston, D J 19-Sep-2023
426-Jul-2023Assessing the value of metafounders for genomic prediction in Australian Simmental beef cattleSantos, D J A; Connors, N K ; Gurman, P M ; Ferdosi, M H ; Miller, S P ; Swan, A A 19-Sep-2023
526-Jul-2023Validation of calving ease EBVs examining the impact of genetic groups and single-step on predictive abilityGurman, P M ; Li, L ; Jeyaruban, M G ; Johnston, D J ; Girard, C J ; Swan, A A 20-Sep-2023
626-Jul-2023Utility of pooled DNA samples for estimating a flock profileGurman, P M ; Gore, K ; Brown, D J 20-Sep-2023
715-Jun-2023The genetic and phenotypic associations between lamb survival outcomes and other traits recorded at lambingBunter, K L ; Brown, D J ; Gurman, P M ; Li, L ; Swan, A A 7-Sep-2023
82023Approximating prediction error variances and accuracies of estimated breeding values from a SNP–BLUP model for genotyped individualsLi, Li ; Gurman, P M ; Swan, A A ; Tier, B 18-Apr-2024
915-Jul-2022Investigation of methods for inclusion of systematic environmental effects in weaning and post-weaning weights for meat sheep in large-scale genetic evaluationPaneru, Uddhav ; Brown, D J ; Gurman, P M ; Van Der Werf, Julius 26-Jul-2022
10Jul-2022Genetic benchmarking of carcase traits in Terminal sheep flocks possible with genomic testingBrown, D J ; Gurman, P M ; Swan, A A 25-Oct-2023
11May-2022Development of breeding values for susceptibility to virulent footrot in sheep: A strategy to accommodate variable disease progression at time of scoringWalkom, S F ; Bunter, K L ; Raadsma, H W; Gurman, P M ; Brown, D J ; Gibson, W; Wilding, E; Ferguson, M B29-Jul-2022
124-Jan-2022The genomic structure of isolation across breed, country and strain for important South African and Australian sheep populationsNel, Cornelius; Gurman, Phillip ; Swan, Andrew ; van der Werf, Julius ; Snyman, Margaretha; Dzama, Kennedy; Gore, Klint ; Scholtz, Anna; Cloete, Schalk29-Jul-2022
13Jan-2022Genomic prediction in a numerically small breed population using prioritized genetic markers from whole-genome sequence dataMoghaddar, Nasir ; Brown, Daniel J ; Swan, Andrew A ; Gurman, Phillip M ; Li, Li ; Van Der Werf, Julius H 26-Aug-2021
142022Variance component estimation for single-step genomic BLUP for Australian terminal sire sheepGurman, P M ; Li, L ; Swan, A A ; Moghaddar, N ; Van Der Werf, J H J 21-Jul-2023
152021New genomically enhanced reproduction breeding values for Merino sheep allow targeted selection for conception rate, litter size and ewe rearing abilityBunter, K L ; Swan, A A ; Gurman, P M ; Brown, D J 29-Apr-2021
162021Multivariate analyses using two genomic relationship matrices to weight predictive SNP markersGurman, P M ; Li, L ; Swan, A A ; Moghaddar, N ; Van Der Werf, J H J 12-Apr-2022
172021The effect of GDF9 on litter size in Australian sheepMoghaddar, N ; Bunter, K L ; Swan, A A ; Li, L ; Gurman, P M ; van der Werf, J H J 12-Apr-2022
182021Single-step genomic evaluation of lambing ease in Australian terminal sire breed sheepLi, L ; Gurman, P M ; Swan, A A ; Brown, D J 22-Apr-2022
192021Evaluating the benefits of including predictive SNP markers in single step evaluation in sheep using cross-validationLi, L ; Gurman, P M ; Swan, A A ; Moghaddar, N ; van der Werf, J H J 11-May-2022
202020Partitioning of variance between multiple relationship matrices in BLUP analysesGurman, Phillip M ; Li, Li ; Swan, Andrew A ; Moghaddar, Nasir ; van der Werf, Julius H J 9-Jun-2021
212019Evolution of Genetic Evaluation for Ewe Reproductive PerformanceGurman, P M ; Brown, D J ; Swan, A A ; Boerner, V ; Bunter, K L ; McMillan, A J 4-May-2020
222019Validation of Single Step Genomic Best Linear Unbiased Prediction in Beef CattleJeyaruban, M G ; Gurman, P M ; Johnston, D J ; Swan, A A ; Banks, R G ; Girard, C J 17-May-2020
232019Adjusting the Genomic Relationship Matrix for Breed Differences in Single Step Genomic Blup AnalysesGurman, P M ; Brown, D J ; Boerner, V ; Swan, A A ; Bunter, K L 5-May-2020
24Dec-2018Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Salmonellosis from the Consumption of Australian Pork: Minced Meat from Retail to Burgers Prepared and Consumed at HomeGurman, Phillip M ; Ross, Tom; Kiermeier, Andreas17-Jul-2022
252018Cross-validation of single step BLUP applied to terminal sire sheep in AustraliaGurman, P M ; Swan, A A ; Boerner, V ; Brown, D J 4-Jul-2019
262018Estimating breeding values for animals with genotype only when genetic group effects are importantSwan, A A ; Gurman, P M ; Boerner, V ; Brown, D J ; Clark, S ; Gore, K ; Granleese, T ; van der Werf, J H J 3-Aug-2020
272018Single-Step Genetic Evaluations in the Australian Sheep IndustryBrown, D J ; Swan, A A ; Boerner, V ; Li, L ; Gurman, P M ; McMillan, A J ; van der Werf, J H J ; Chandler, H R; Tier, B ; Banks, R G 4-Jul-2019
2816-Feb-2016Thermal inactivation of Salmonella spp. in pork burger pattiesGurman, P M ; Ross, T; Holds, G L; Jarrett, R G; Kiermeier, A17-Jul-2022
2911-Nov-2015Predictive modelling of Salmonella spp. inactivation in pork burger patties of varying fat contentsGurman, Phillip ; Holds, G; Jarrett, R G; Ross, T; Kiermeier, A23-May-2024

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