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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
126-Jul-2023Signatures of positive selection for scrotal circumference in three beef cattle breedsManzari, Z ; Johnston, D J ; Connors, N K ; Ferdosi, M H 19-Sep-2023
226-Jul-2023Breedplan single-step genomic evaluations delivers increased accuracies across all breeds and EBVsJohnston, D J ; Ferdosi, M H ; Connors, N K ; Cook, Jim ; Girard, C J ; Swan, A A 19-Sep-2023
326-Jul-2023Imputation accuracy for missing alleles in crossbred beef cattleWahinya, P K ; Ferdosi, M H 19-Sep-2023
426-Jul-2023Assessing the value of metafounders for genomic prediction in Australian Simmental beef cattleSantos, D J A; Connors, N K ; Gurman, P M ; Ferdosi, M H ; Miller, S P ; Swan, A A 19-Sep-2023
526-Jul-2023Heritability and repeatability of paternal haplotype recombination rate in beef cattle autosomesFerdosi, M H ; Masoodi, S; Khansefid, M19-Sep-2023
6Jun-2023Runs of homozygosity and cross-generational inbreeding of Iranian fat-tailed sheepAbdoli, Ramin; Mirhoseini, Seyed Ziaeddin; Ghavi Hossein-Zadeh, Navid; Zamani, Pouya; Moradi, Mohammad Hossein; Ferdosi, Mohammad ; Sargolzaei, Mehdi ; Gondro, Cedric 26-Sep-2023
722-May-2023Editorial: Genetics of reproduction for livestock speciesZamani, Pouya; Abdoli, Ramin; Ferdosi, Mohammad Hossein ; Eghbalsaied, Shahin26-Sep-2023
82022Efficient algorithms to identify duplicated genotypes in large datasetsFerdosi, M H ; Masoodi, S; Khansefid, M10-Oct-2023
92022Polled Accelerator – a unique application of genomic technologies to address a beef breeding challengeJohnston, D J ; Ferdosi, M H ; Cook, J ; Savage, D B 25-Jan-2024
102022A new metric to assess reference populations for genomic selection in Australian beef breedsMoore, K L ; Ferdosi, M H ; Girard, C G ; Walkom, S F ; Johnston, D J 25-Oct-2023
112021The effects of number of reference individuals on the accuracy of imputation from low and medium densities to high densityFerdosi, M H ; Connors, N K ; Khansefid, M12-Apr-2022
122021Evaluation of haplotype diversity of Australian beef populations using medium-density SNP genotypesFerdosi, M H ; Connors, N K ; Khansefid, M12-Apr-2022
132020Investigating the relationship between imputation accuracies and relatednessConnors, Natalie K ; Ferdosi, Mohammad 9-Jun-2021
142020A practical approach for optimised partitioning of genomic relationship across chromosomesKhansefid, Majid; Ferdosi, Mohammad 9-Jun-2021
152020Increasing the goodness-of-fit of genomic prediction model with addition of maternal genomic relationship matrixFerdosi, Mohammad ; Connors, Natalie ; Khansefid, Majid9-Jun-2021
16Sep-2019Genome-wide association study of first lambing age and lambing interval in sheepAbdoli, R; Mirhoseini, S Z; Ghavi Hossein-Zadeh, N; Zamani, P; Moradi, M H; Ferdosi, M H ; Gondro, C20-Apr-2020
1725-Jun-2019An Efficient Method to Calculate Genomic Prediction Accuracy for New IndividualsFerdosi, Mohammad H ; Connors, Natalie K ; Tier, Bruce 21-Apr-2020
189-Apr-2019Genome-wide association study of four composite reproductive traits in Iranian fat-tailed sheepAbdoli, R; Mirhoseini, S Z; Ghavi Hossein-Zadeh, N; Zamani, P; Ferdosi, M H ; Gondro, C20-Apr-2020
192019Genotype Panel Requirements for Inclusion into BREEDPLAN Single Step EvaluationsConnors, N K ; Ferdosi, M H 7-May-2020
202019Simple Example to Demonstrate the Effect of Allele Frequencies on the Genomic Relationship Matrix ValuesFerdosi, M H ; Connors, N K ; Boerner, V ; Johnston, D J 4-May-2020
212019Investigation into the Effects of Number of SNPs and Number of Reference Individuals on Imputation AccuracyFerdosi, M H ; Connors, N K 10-May-2020
222018Genomic selection in global diversity pools-a new paradigm for pre-breeding in canolaRaman, Harsh; Banks, Robert ; Liu, Shengyi; Raman, Rosy; Qiu, Yu; McVittie, Brett; Rohan, Maheswaran; Li, Li ; Ferdosi, Mohammad ; Menz, Ian; Cowling, Wallace15-Jul-2021
232018An efficient method to calculate accuracy of estimated breeding values for individuals without phenotypesFerdosi, Mohammad ; Connors, Natalie ; Tier, Bruce 14-May-2018
242018Implementation of single-step genomic BREEDPLAN evaluations in Australian beef cattleJohnston, David ; Ferdosi, Mohammad ; Connors, Natalie ; Boerner, Vinzent ; Cook, Jim ; Girard, Christian ; Swan, Andrew ; Tier, Bruce 14-May-2018
252017A genome-wide scan to detect signatures of recent selection in Australian Merino sheepMontazeri, M; Asadi Fozi, Masood; Esmailizadeh, A; Ferdosi, Mohammad ; Van Der Werf, Julius H 5-Jun-2018
262017Development of the beef genomic pipeline for BREEDPLAN single step evaluationConnors, Natalie ; Cook, Jim ; Girard, Christian ; Tier, Bruce ; Gore, Klint ; Johnston, David ; Ferdosi, Mohammad 31-May-2018
272017A Simple Method for Evaluating the Genotype Quality of the Sire X Chromosome Using Half‑Sib FamiliesFerdosi, Mohammad ; Johnston, David ; Al-Mamun, Hawlader A; Gondro, Cedric 5-Jul-2018
282016Study of the optimum haplotype length to build genomic relationship matricesFerdosi, Mohammad ; Henshall, John; Tier, Bruce 21-Apr-2017
292016Identifying recombination events and haplotypes in beef cattle from half‐sib familiesFerdosi, Mohammad ; Boerner, Vinzent ; Tier, Bruce 23-May-2017
302016A genomic scan for detection of selection signatures using snp data in Australian merino sheepMontazeri, M; Asadi Fozi, M; Esmaeilizadeh Koshkoieh, A; Ferdosi, M H ; van Der Werf, J 13-Jul-2021
312016Efficient algorithms for using genotypic dataFerdosi, Mohammad Hossein ; van der Werf, Julius ; Gondro, Cedric ; Tier, Bruce 24-Nov-2016
322016Local and global patterns of admixture and population structure in Iranian native cattleKarimi, Karim; Strucken, Eva ; Moghaddar, Nasiroddin ; Ferdosi, Mohammad ; Esmailizadeh, Ali; Gondro, Cedric 8-Dec-2016
332016RNA Sequencing Applied to Livestock Productionde las Heras-Saldana, Sara ; Al-Mamun, Hawlader A; Ferdosi, Mohammad ; Khansefid, Majid; Gondro, Cedric 20-Jan-2017
342015Genome-wide association study of body weight in Australian Merino sheep reveals an orthologous region on OAR6 to human and bovine genomic regions affecting height and weightAl-Mamun, Hawlader A; Kwan, Paul H ; Clark, Sam A ; Ferdosi, Mohammad ; Tellam, Ross; Gondro, Cedric 21-Aug-2015
352015Which Genomic Relationship Matrix?Tier, Bruce ; Meyer, Karin ; Ferdosi, Mohammad 20-May-2016
362014A fast method for evaluating opposing homozygosity in large SNP data setsFerdosi, Mohammad ; Boerner, Vinzent 1-Jun-2017
372014'hsphase': an R package for pedigree reconstruction, detection of recombination events, phasing and imputation of half-sib family groupsFerdosi, Mohammad ; Kinghorn, Brian ; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Lee, Seung Hwan; Gondro, Cedric 16-Jul-2015
382014Evaluation of the BEAGLE Haplotype Reconstruction Algorithm: Using Half Sib Families to Evaluate the Accuracy of Haplotype ReconstructionFerdosi, M H ; van der Werf, J H J ; Tier, B ; Gondro, C 8-Mar-2016
392014Detection of recombination events, haplotype reconstruction and imputation of sires using half-sib SNP genotypesFerdosi, Mohammad ; Kinghorn, Brian ; Gondro, Cedric ; Van Der Werf, Julius H 29-Aug-2014
402014Performance of different SNP panels for parentage testing in two East Asian cattle breedsStrucken, Eva ; Gudex, Boyd ; Gondro, Cedric ; Ferdosi, Mohammad ; Lee, H K; Song, K D; Gibson, John ; Kelly, M; Piper, E K; Porto-Neto, L R; Lee, S H26-Aug-2014
412013Effect of genotype and pedigree error on detection of recombination events, sire imputation and haplotype inference using the HSPhase algorithmFerdosi, Mohammad H ; Kinghorn, Brian P ; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Gondro, Cedric 6-Mar-2014
422012Protective effect of kombucha tea against acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity in mice: a biochemical and histopathological studyAbshenas, Jalil; Derakhshanfar, Amin; Ferdosi, Mohammad ; Hasanzadeh, Saeid17-Mar-2014
432012SNP-based parentage assignment in sheep: Application in Australian FlocksKijas, James; van der Werf, Julius ; Ferdosi, Mohammad ; Bell, Amy; Gill, Sam; Gore, Klint ; Driver, Felice; Maddox, Jill; Henshall, John20-Jul-2021
442011چگونگی استفاده از روش SSCP-PCR براي بررسی چند شکلی ژن لپتین گوسفند کرمانیShojaei, M; Mohammadabadi, M R; Fozi, M Asadi; Esmailizadeh, K A; Ferdowsi, M H ; Torabi, A; Tayyarzadeh, M; Mirzakhani, H16-Jul-2021

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Dr Mohammad Ferdosi
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Ferdosi, Mohammad
Ferdosi, M H
Ferdosi, Mohammad H
Ferdosi, Mohammad Hossein
Ferdowsi, M H
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Senior Research Fellow - Genomics
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Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit
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