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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
126-Jul-2023Imputation accuracy for missing alleles in crossbred beef cattleWahinya, P K ; Ferdosi, M H 19-Sep-2023
226-Jul-2023Preliminary evaluation of the impact of visual traits on lifetime ewe performanceWahinya, P K ; Brown, D J ; Walkom, S F ; Bird-gardiner, T ; Clarke, B E; Smith, J L; Swan, A A 18-Sep-2023
326-Jul-2023Identification of climate-resilient Merino sheep using satellite imagesde las Heras-Saldana, S ; Suarez , L A ; Wahinya, P K ; Bunter, K L ; Brown, D J 22-Aug-2023
421-Aug-2022Optimization of Dairy Cattle Breeding Programs with Genotype by Environment Interaction in KenyaWahinya, Peter K ; Jeyaruban, Gilbert M ; Swan, Andrew A ; van der Werf, Julius H J 7-Jun-2023
5May-2022Breeding objectives for dairy cattle under low, medium and high production systems in the tropicsWahinya, P K ; Jeyaruban, M G ; Swan, A A ; van der Werf, J H J 7-Jun-2023
610-Mar-2022Genetic parameters for methane emissions in Australian sheep measured in portable accumulation chambers in grazing and controlled environmentsWahinya, P K ; Oddy, V H ; Dominik, S ; Brown, D J ; Macleay, C A; Paganoni, B; Thompson, A N; Donaldson, A J; Austin, K ; Cameron, M ; Van Der Werf, J H J 17-Aug-2023
72021Proposed genetic improvement strategies for dairy cattle in KenyaWahinya, P K ; Swan, A A ; Jeyaruban, M G 13-Apr-2022
84-Nov-2020Strategies for Genetic Improvement of Dairy Cattle Under Low, Medium and High Production Systems in KenyaWahinya, Peter Kiongo ; Jeyaruban, Mariathasan Gilbert ; Swan, Andrew 14-Dec-2023
9Nov-2020Genetic parameters for test-day milk yield, lactation persistency, and fertility in low-, medium-, and high-production systems in KenyaWahinya, P K ; Jeyaruban, M G ; Swan, A A ; Gilmour, A R; Magothe, T M29-Apr-2021
10Sep-2020Estimation of genetic parameters for milk and fertility traits within and between low, medium and high dairy production systems in Kenya to account for genotype-by-environment interactionWahinya, Peter K ; Jeyaruban, Gilbert ; Swan, Andrew ; Magothe, Thomas29-Apr-2021
11Nov-2019Genetic Parameters of First Lactation Milk Yield Under Low, Medium and High Production Systems in Kenya, using Test-Day Random Regression ModelWahinya, P K ; Magothe, T M; Swan, A A ; Jeyaruban, M G 31-Jul-2020
122018Genetic analysis of dairy cattle performance under extensive, semi-intensive and intensive production systems under tropical climate in KenyaWahinya, Peter Kiongo ; Magothe, T M; Swan, A ; Jeyaruban, M G 7-Jul-2019

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Wahinya, Peter Kiongo
Wahinya, P K
Wahinya, Peter K
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Research Fellow - Merino Lifetime Productivity and Genetic Evaluation R&D
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Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
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Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit
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