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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Aug-2023Early-Season forecasting of citrus block-yield using time series remote sensing and machine learning: A case study in Australian orchardsSuarez, Luz Angelica ; Robson, Andrew ; Brinkhoff, James 30-Aug-2023
226-Jul-2023Identification of climate-resilient Merino sheep using satellite imagesde las Heras-Saldana, S ; Suarez , L A ; Wahinya, P K ; Bunter, K L ; Brown, D J 22-Aug-2023
32023Forecasting carrot yield with optimal timing of Sentinel 2 image acquisitionSuarez Cadavid, L A ; Robertson-Dean, Melanie ; Brinkhoff, J ; Robson, A 1-May-2024
43-Feb-2022Climatic Impacts on Productivity, Management and System Dynamics of Coastal Agriculture in BangladeshHasan, Md Kamrul ; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa Alexandra ; Suarez Cadavid, Luz Angelica 21-Nov-2023
512-Oct-2021Olive Tree Water Stress Detection Using Daily Multispectral ImageryBrinkhoff, James ; Schultz, Alex; Suarez, Luz Angelica ; Robson, Andrew J 18-Oct-2021
6Dec-2020Accuracy of carrot yield forecasting using proximal hyperspectral and satellite multispectral dataSuarez, Luz Angelica ; Robson, Andrew ; McPhee, John; O'Halloran, Julie; van Sprang, Celia4-Apr-2022
78-Sep-2017Multi-Spectral Imaging from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Enables the Assessment of Seasonal Leaf Area Dynamics of Sorghum Breeding LinesPotgieter, Andries B; George-Jaeggli, Barbara; Chapman, Scott C; Laws, Kenneth; Suárez Cadavi, Luz A ; Wixted, Jemima; Watson, James; Eldridge, Mark; Jordan, David R; Hammer, Graeme L4-Apr-2022
8Apr-2017The rate, extent and spatial predictors of forest loss (2000-2012) in the terrestrial protected areas of the PhilippinesApan, Armando; Suarez, Luz Angelica ; Maraseni, Tek; Castillo, Jose Alan4-Apr-2022
92017Detection of phenoxy herbicide dosage in cotton crops through the analysis of hyperspectral dataSuarez, L A ; Apan, A; Werth, J4-Apr-2022
10Oct-2016Hyperspectral sensing to detect the impact of herbicide drift on cotton growth and yieldSuarez, L A ; Apan, A; Werth, J29-Apr-2022
1128-Nov-2014Prioritising Carbon Sequestration Areas in Southern Queensland using Time Series MODIS Net Primary Productivity (NPP) ImageryApan, A; Suarez Cadavid, L A ; Richardson, L; Maraseni, T26-Jul-2022

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Angelica Suarez Cadavid
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Suarez Cadavid, Luz Angelica
Suarez, Luz Angelica
Suarez, L A
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Postdoctoral Research Fellow
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School of S&T - Physics and Electronics
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Suarez Cadavid
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Luz Angelica
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