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12-Jun-2023Integrating Remote Sensing and Weather Variables for Mango Yield Prediction Using a Machine Learning ApproachTorgbor, Benjamin Adjah; Rahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Brinkhoff, James ; Sinha, Priyakant ; Robson, Andrew 7-Jul-2023
224-Nov-2022Potential of Time-Series Sentinel 2 Data for Monitoring Avocado Crop PhenologyRahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Robson, Andrew ; Brinkhoff, James 12-Dec-2022
329-Jun-2022Assessing the potential of Sentinel-1 in retrieving mango phenology and investigating its relation to weather in Southern GhanaTorgbor, Benjamin Adjah; Rahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Robson, Andrew ; Brinkhoff, James 27-Jul-2022
42022Assessing the Potential of Sentinel-2 Derived Vegetation Indices to Retrieve Phenological Stages of Mango in GhanaTorgbor, Benjamin Adjah; Rahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Robson, Andrew ; Brinkhoff, James ; Khan, Azeem 31-Jan-2022
521-Apr-2020Integrating Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Time Series Data for Yield Prediction of Sugarcane Crops at the Block LevelRahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Robson, Andrew 31-Jul-2020
67-Apr-2020Exploring the Potential of High Resolution Satellite Imagery for Yield Prediction of Avocado and Mango CropsRahman, Moshiur ; Robson, Andrew ; Salgadoe, Surantha ; Walsh, Kerry; Bristow, Mila6-Jul-2021
7Aug-2019Estimation of fruit load in mango orchards: tree sampling considerations and use of machine vision and satellite imageryAnderson, N T; Underwood, J P; Rahman, M M ; Robson, A ; Walsh, K B2-May-2019
8Mar-2019In-situ partitioning of evaporation and transpiration components using a portable evapotranspiration dome-A case study in Tall Fescue (Festuca arundinacea)Alam, Muhammad Shahinur; Rahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Lamb, David W 22-Apr-2019
9Jan-2019Reducing the influence of solar illumination angle when using active optical sensor derived NDVIAOS to infer fAPAR for spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)Rahman, Muhammad M ; Lamb, David W ; Samborski, S M19-Mar-2019
102018A refined method for rapidly determining the relationship between canopy NDVI and the pasture evapotranspiration coefficientAlam, Muhammad Shahinur; Lamb, David ; Rahman, Moshiur M 23-Apr-2018
112018'Sugar from Space': Using Satellite Imagery to Predict Cane Yield and VariabilityMuir, Jasmine ; Robson, Andrew ; Rahman, M M 21-Jul-2019
122018Rapid measurement of pasture evapotranspiration components using proximal sensorsAlam, Muhammad Shahinur; Lamb, David W ; Rahman, Muhammad Moshiur 1-Apr-2019
132018Exploring the Potential of High Resolution WorldView-3 Imagery for Estimating Yield of MangoRahman, Muhammad ; Robson, Andrew ; Bristow, Mila19-Mar-2019
142018Fruit load estimation in mango orchards - a method comparisonUnderwood, J P; Rahman, M M ; Robson, A ; Walsh, K B; Koirala, A; Wang, Z6-Jul-2021
152017Using Worldview Satellite Imagery to Map Yield in Avocado (Persea americana): A Case Study in Bundaberg, AustraliaRobson, Andrew ; Rahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Muir, Jasmine 12-Feb-2018
162017Determining pasture evapotranspiration using active optical sensor derived normalized difference vegetation indexAlam, Muhammad S; Lamb, David ; Rahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Bradbury, Ronald ; McCarthy, Cheryl29-Jun-2018
172017Multi-temporal landsat algorithms for the yield prediction of sugarcane crops in AustraliaRahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Muir, Jasmine ; Robson, Andrew 30-May-2018
182017The role of directional LAI in determining the fAPAR-NDVI relationship when using active optical sensors in tall fescue ('Festuca arundinacea') pastureRahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Lamb, David 13-Jul-2017
192016Evaluating remote sensing technologies for improved yield forecasting and for the measurement of foliar nitrogen concentration in sugarcaneRobson, Andrew ; Rahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Falzon, Gregory ; Verma, Niva ; Johansen, Kasper; Robinson, Nicole; Lakshmanan, Prakash; Salter, Barry; Skocaj, Danielle4-Jan-2018
202016Trigonometric correction factors renders the fAPAR-NDVI relationship from active optical reflectance sensors insensitive to solar elevation angleRahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Lamb, David 9-Aug-2016
212016A Novel Approach for Sugarcane Yield Prediction Using Landsat Time Series Imagery: A Case Study on Bundaberg RegionRahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Robson, Andrew 23-Jan-2017
222016Evaluating satellite remote sensing as a method for measuring yield variability in Avocado and Macadamia tree cropsRobson, Andrew ; Rahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Muir, Jasmine ; Saint, Ashley ; Simpson, Chad; Searle, Chris27-Feb-2017
232016Multi-temporal remote sensing for yield prediction in sugarcane cropsRahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Robson, Andrew 6-Feb-2017
242015Using Active Optical Sensing for Determining Pasture Growth Rate Using a Light Use Efficiency ModelRahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Lamb, David ; Guppy, Christopher ; Stanley, John 8-Jan-2016
252015The impact of solar illumination angle when using active optical sensing of NDVI to infer fAPAR in a pasture canopyRahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Lamb, David ; Stanley, John 2-Jun-2015
262015Root-zone ECa measurement using EM38 and investigation of spatial interpolation techniquesRahman, Muhammad 20-Jul-2021
272014Use of proximal sensors to evaluate at the sub-paddock scale a pasture growth-rate model based on light-use efficiencyRahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Lamb, David ; Stanley, John ; Trotter, Mark 14-May-2014
282014Methodology for measuring fAPAR in crops using a combination of active optical and linear irradiance sensors: a case study in Triticale (X 'Triticosecale' Wittmack)Rahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Stanley, John ; Lamb, David ; Trotter, Mark 22-Sep-2014
292014PA meets Lot - Integrating in-situ Sensor Data and Biomass Prediction Tools for Crops and PasturesRahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Lamb, David ; Stanley, John ; Trotter, Mark 13-Mar-2017
302014NDVI 'Depression' In Pastures Following GrazingRahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Lamb, David ; Stanley, John ; Trotter, Mark 1-Jun-2017
3118-Jun-2007Solar drying of Jackfruit juice by developed hohenheim type dryerAbedin, M J; Rahman, M M 13-Sep-2023
3212-Jun-2006Effect of storage relative humidity (RH) on germination and vigour of wheat seedMiah, M A B; Rahman, M M ; Emon, M S H; Islam, M A11-Sep-2023
3312-Jun-2006Effect of storage relative humidity on germination and vigour of soybean seedMiah, M A B; Rahman, M M ; Hoque, M M; Baque, M A11-Sep-2023
3420-Jul-2005Selection of optimum cropping pattern for maximum return through computer programmingRahman, M M ; Roy, A P; Rabbani, M A; Mandal, A K13-Sep-2023

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