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122-Aug-2023Remote Sensing Applications for Banana CropsAeberli, Aaron Joseph; Robson, Andrew ; Phinn, Stuart; Lamb, David William ; Johansen, Kasper3-Oct-2023
210-Nov-2022Remote Sensing applications for Banana Crops - DatasetAeberli, Aaron; Robson, Andrew ; Lamb, David ; Johansen, Kasper; Phinn, Stuart3-Oct-2023
39-Jun-2022A Change Management Approach to Unlocking the Value of Digital Agriculture for Family Farming BusinessesLeonard, Emma Catherine; Gregory, Susanne ; Wells, Reuben; Lamb, David ; Cowley, Frances 31-Aug-2022
45-Apr-2022RF Loss Through Eucalyptus Vegetation with Varying Water Content – Modelling and ExperimentPeden, Sonam ; Lamb, David ; Bradbury, Ronald ; Hedley, Mark16-Nov-2023
52022Airborne LiDAR and high resolution multispectral data integration in Eucalyptus tree species mapping in an Australian farmscapeVerma, Niva Kiran ; Lamb, David W ; Sinha, Priyakant 2-Oct-2020
62022A Comparison of Analytical Approaches for the Spectral Discrimination and Characterisation of Mite Infestations on Banana PlantsAeberli, Aaron; Robson, Andrew ; Phinn, Stuart; Lamb, David W ; Johansen, Kasper9-Apr-2024
710-Dec-2021A Tactical Approach to Unlocking the Value of Digital Agriculture for Family Farming BusinessesLeonard, Emma; Gregory, Susanne ; Lamb, David ; Cowley, Frances ; Wells, Reuben1-Sep-2022
8Dec-2021A two-point iteration method to predict canopy water content from RF lossPeden, Sonam ; Bradbury, Ronald C ; Lamb, David ; Hedley, Mark23-Feb-2022
9Nov-2021The Segmented Colour Feature Extreme Learning Machine: Applications in Agricultural RoboticsSadgrove, Edmund J ; Falzon, Greg ; Miron, David ; Lamb, David W 16-Nov-2021
1030-Aug-2021Prediction of Water Content of Eucalyptus Leaves Using 2.4 GHz Radio WavePeden, Sonam ; Bradbury, Ronald C ; Lamb, David William ; Hedley, Mark28-Feb-2022
1130-Jun-2021RF Loss Model for Tree Canopies with Varying Water ContentPeden, Sonam ; Bradbury, Ronald C ; Lamb, David William ; Hedley, Mark28-Feb-2022
1231-Mar-2021A Model for RF Loss through Vegetation with Varying Water ContentPeden, Sonam ; Bradbury, Ronald C ; Lamb, David William ; Hedley, Mark28-Feb-2022
1320-Jan-2021A Canopy Transpiration Model Based on Scaling Up Stomatal Conductance and Radiation Interception as Affected by Leaf Area IndexAlam, Muhammad Shahinur; Lamb, David William ; Warwick, Nigel W M 29-Apr-2021
142021Detection of Banana Plants Using Multi-Temporal Multispectral UAV ImageryAeberli, Aaron; Johansen, Kasper; Robson, Andrew ; Lamb, David W ; Phinn, Stuart17-Nov-2021
152021Investigating the potential of Sentinel-1 to detect varying spatial heterogeneity in pasture cover in grasslandsCrabbe, Richard A ; Lamb, David W ; Edwards, Clare28-Mar-2024
16Jul-2020Frost Monitoring Cyber-Physical System: A Survey on Prediction and Active Protection MethodsZhou, Ian; Lipman, Justin; Abolhasan, Mehran; Shariati, Negin; Lamb, David W 30-Nov-2020
176-May-2020Evaluating Remote Sensing Techniques for Assessing Phytophthora Root Rote Induced Canopy Decline Symptoms in Avocado OrchardsSalgadoe, Surantha ; Lamb, David ; Robson, Andrew 5-Jan-2024
186-May-2020Monitoring Pasture Species, Biomass and Canopy Heterogeneity Using Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar DataCrabbe, Richard Azu; Lamb, David William ; Trotter, Mark Graeme 10-Jan-2024
1915-Feb-2020Identifying Sheep Activity from Tri-Axial Acceleration Signals Using a Moving Window Classification ModelBarwick, Jamie ; Lamb, David William ; Dobos, Robin ; Welch, Mitchell ; Schneider, Derek ; Trotter, Mark 30-Oct-2020
207-Feb-2020Extracting Pasture Evapotranspiration Parameters from Proximal Sensing and Mathematical ModellingAlam, Muhammad Shahinur ; Lamb, David ; Mccarthy, Cheryl; Rahman, Muhammad ; Warwick, Nigel William 10-Jan-2024
21Feb-2020Discrimination of species composition types of a grazed pasture landscape using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 dataCrabbe, Richard A; Lamb, David ; Edwards, Clare 18-Nov-2020
228-Jan-2020Extracting pasture evapotranspiration parameters from proximal sensing and mathematical modelling - DatasetAlam, Muhammad Shahinur ; Lamb, David ; McIntyre, Cheryl ; Rahman, Muhammad ; Warwick, Nigel William 10-Jan-2024
232-Dec-2019Assessment of Canopy Porosity in Avocado Trees as a Surrogate for Restricted Transpiration Emanating from Phytophthora Root RotSalgadoe, Arachchige Surantha Ashan ; Robson, Andrew James ; Lamb, David William ; Dann, Elizabeth Kathryn1-Oct-2020
242-Oct-2019Embedded Machine-Learning For Variable-Rate Fertiliser Systems: A Model-Driven Approach To Precision AgricultureStover, Joshua Marc ; Falzon, Gregory ; Lamb, David 11-Mar-2020
2510-Apr-2019A Preliminary Investigation of the Potential of Sentinel-1 Radar to Estimate Pasture Biomass in a Grazed Pasture LandscapeCrabbe, Richard Azu; Lamb, David William ; Edwards, Clare; Andersson, Karl ; Schneider, Derek 31-Mar-2020
2625-Mar-2019A Non-Reference Temperature Histogram Method for Determining Tc from Ground-Based Thermal Imagery of Orchard Tree CanopiesSalgadoe, Arachchige Surantha Ashan ; Robson, Andrew James ; Lamb, David William ; Schneider, Derek 20-Jun-2019
27Mar-2019In-situ partitioning of evaporation and transpiration components using a portable evapotranspiration dome-A case study in Tall Fescue (Festuca arundinacea)Alam, Muhammad Shahinur; Rahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Lamb, David W 22-Apr-2019
2827-Jan-2019Discriminating between C3, C4, and Mixed C3/C4 Pasture Grasses of a Grazed Landscape Using Multi-Temporal Sentinel-1a DataCrabbe, Richard Azu; Lamb, David William ; Edwards, Clare 5-Nov-2020
29Jan-2019Reducing the influence of solar illumination angle when using active optical sensor derived NDVIAOS to infer fAPAR for spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)Rahman, Muhammad M ; Lamb, David W ; Samborski, S M19-Mar-2019
3027-Oct-2018The MEC-ELM and its Application in Robotic Vision for Pastoral LandscapesSadgrove, Edmund J ; Falzon, Gregory ; Miron, David J ; Lamb, David 23-Jan-2024
311-Jun-2018SensorNets - SMART Farms Soil Moisture NetworkGaire, Raj; Schneider, Derek ; Lamb, David ; Moore, Darren1-Jun-2018
322018Rapid measurement of pasture evapotranspiration components using proximal sensorsAlam, Muhammad Shahinur; Lamb, David W ; Rahman, Muhammad Moshiur 1-Apr-2019
332018An assessment of the potential of remote sensing based irrigation scheduling for sugarcane in AustraliaSinha, Priyakant ; Lamb, David W ; Robson, Andrew 28-Jul-2023
342018Predicting Lameness in Sheep Activity Using Tri-Axial Acceleration SignalsBarwick, Jamie ; Lamb, David ; Dobos, Robin C ; Schneider, Derek ; Welch, Mitchell ; Trotter, Mark17-Apr-2018
352018Real-time object detection in agricultural/remote environments using the multiple-expert colour feature extreme learning machine (MEC-ELM)Sadgrove, Edmund ; Falzon, Gregory ; Miron, David ; Lamb, David 10-May-2018
362018Categorising sheep activity using a tri-axial accelerometerBarwick, Jamie ; Lamb, David ; Dobos, Robin ; Welch, Mitchell ; Trotter, Mark 3-May-2018
372018A refined method for rapidly determining the relationship between canopy NDVI and the pasture evapotranspiration coefficientAlam, Muhammad Shahinur; Lamb, David ; Rahman, Moshiur M 23-Apr-2018
382018Quantifying the severity of phytophthora root rot disease in avocado trees using image analysisSalgadoe, Arachchige Surantha Ashan; Robson, Andrew ; Lamb, David ; Dann, Elizabeth; Searle, Christopher10-May-2018
392018Connecting Australian farmers: Gateways, Gatekeepers and a Forgotten SolutionLamb, David 6-Jun-2018
4016-Oct-2017Hardware and embedded algorithms for real time variable rate fertiliser applicationsStover, Joshua ; Falzon, Greg ; Jensen, Troy; Schroeder, Bernard; Lamb, David W 4-Jun-2019
412017Determining pasture evapotranspiration using active optical sensor derived normalized difference vegetation indexAlam, Muhammad S; Lamb, David ; Rahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Bradbury, Ronald ; McCarthy, Cheryl29-Jun-2018
422017Fast object detection in pastoral landscapes using a Colour Feature Extreme Learning MachineSadgrove, Edmund ; Falzon, Gregory ; Miron, David J ; Lamb, David 14-Jun-2017
432017The role of directional LAI in determining the fAPAR-NDVI relationship when using active optical sensors in tall fescue ('Festuca arundinacea') pastureRahman, Muhammad Moshiur ; Lamb, David 13-Jul-2017
442017Monitoring the kinetics of heterogeneous crystal growth using an Intrinsic Exposed Core Optical Fiber SensorBoerkamp, Martijn; Lamb, David ; Lye, Peter 9-Mar-2017
452017On-animal motion sensing using accelerometers as a tool for monitoring sheep behaviour and health statusBarwick, Jamie ; Lamb, David ; Trotter, Mark ; Dobos, Robin C21-Feb-2018
462017Telecommunications and Australian Agriculture: Will Top-Down Meet Bottom-Up?Lamb, David 27-Mar-2018
472017A Review of On-Farm Telecommunications Challenges and Opportunities in Supporting a Digital Agriculture Future for AustraliaLamb, David 28-Mar-2018
482017Accelerating precision agriculture to decision agriculture: Enabling digital agriculture in AustraliaLeonard, Emma; Rainbow, Rohan; Laurie, A; Lamb, David ; Llewellyn, R; Perrett, Ed; Sanderson, Jay; Skinner, Andrew; Stollery, T; Wiseman, Leanne; Wood, G ; Zhang, Airong; Trindal, Jane; Baker, I; Barry, Simon; Darragh, L; Darnell, Ross; George, A; Heath, Richard; Jakku, Emma29-Mar-2018
492017Estimating pasture biomass with active optical sensorsAndersson, Karl ; Trotter, M; Robson, Andrew ; Schneider, Derek ; Frizell, Lucy ; Saint, Ashley ; Lamb, David ; Blore, C30-May-2018
502016Risk mapping of redheaded cockchafer ('Adoryphorus couloni') (Burmeister) infestations using a combination of novel k-means clustering and on-the-go plant and soil sensing technologiesCosby, Amy ; Falzon, Gregory ; Trotter, M ; Stanley, John ; Powell, Kevin ; Lamb, David 15-Apr-2017

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