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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Oct-2023Developing an Extreme Learning Machine Based Approach to Weed Segmentation in PasturesFord, Jonathan ; Sadgrove, Edmund ; Paul, David 8-May-2024
2Nov-2022Designing a RESTful Northbound Interface for Incompatible Software Defined Network ControllersAlghamdi, Abdullah ; Paul, David ; Sadgrove, Edmund 20-Jul-2023
33-Feb-2022Smart Farming with Wireless Visual Sensor NetworksAseel Hasan Edan Al-Nasar; Sadgrove, Edmund ; Fleming, Peter ; Falzon, Gregory ; Paul, David John 8-Aug-2023
4Nov-2021The Segmented Colour Feature Extreme Learning Machine: Applications in Agricultural RoboticsSadgrove, Edmund J ; Falzon, Greg ; Miron, David ; Lamb, David W 16-Nov-2021
52021A RESTful Northbound Interface for Applications in Software Defined NetworksAlghamdi, Abdullah; Paul, David ; Sadgrove, Edmund 9-Nov-2021
61-May-2020Camera Trapping Technology and Related Advances: into the New MillenniumMeek, Paul D ; Ballard, Guy ; Falzon, Greg ; Williamson, Jaimen ; Milne, Heath ; Farrell, Robert ; Stover, Joshua ; Mather-Zardain, Atalya T; Bishop, James C ; Cheung, Elrond Ka-Wai ; Lawson, Christopher K ; Munezero, Amos M ; Schneider, Derek ; Johnston, Beau E ; Kiani, Ehsan ; Shahinfar, Saleh ; Sadgrove, Edmund J ; Fleming, Peter J S 12-Nov-2021
727-Oct-2018The MEC-ELM and its Application in Robotic Vision for Pastoral LandscapesSadgrove, Edmund J ; Falzon, Gregory ; Miron, David J ; Lamb, David 23-Jan-2024
82018Real-time object detection in agricultural/remote environments using the multiple-expert colour feature extreme learning machine (MEC-ELM)Sadgrove, Edmund ; Falzon, Gregory ; Miron, David ; Lamb, David 10-May-2018
92017Fast object detection in pastoral landscapes using a Colour Feature Extreme Learning MachineSadgrove, Edmund ; Falzon, Gregory ; Miron, David J ; Lamb, David 14-Jun-2017

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Sadgrove, Edmund J
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