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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
119-Mar-2024Practices and pain points in personal recordsBalogh, Matt ; Billingsley, William ; Paul, David ; Kennan, Mary Anne; Robertson-Dean, Melanie 17-May-2024
22024Diverging assessments: What, Why, and ExperiencesSakzad, Amin; Paul, David ; Sheard, Judithe; Brankovic, Ljiljana ; Skerritt, Matthew P; Li, Nan; Minagar, Sepehr; Simon; Billingsley, William 17-May-2024
311-Dec-2023Automated Livestock Vocalisation Detection in Farm Acoustic EnvironmentsBishop, James ; Welch, Mitchell ; Paul, David ; Kwan, Paul ; Falzon, Gregory 21-Dec-2023
4Oct-2023Developing an Extreme Learning Machine Based Approach to Weed Segmentation in PasturesFord, Jonathan ; Sadgrove, Edmund ; Paul, David 8-May-2024
5Jun-2023Opposition-based sine cosine optimizer utilizing refraction learning and variable neighborhood search for feature selectionAbed-alguni, Bilal H; Alawad, Noor Aldeen; Al-Betar, Mohammed Azmi; Paul, David 7-Jun-2023
627-Mar-2023Factors Contributing to Blockchain Technology Adoption as a Financial Management System in Healthcare OrganisationsAshoor, Ahmed Abdullah A; Khan, Ashfaq ; Paul, David 10-Aug-2023
714-Feb-2023DDoS Capability and Readiness - Evidence from Australian OrganisationsWiltshire, Ian Bernard ; Adapa, Sujana ; Paul, David John 21-May-2023
828-Jan-2023Automated Livestock Vocalisation Detection in Farm Acoustic EnvironmentsBishop, James ; Falzon, Gregory ; Welch, Mitchell ; Paul, David ; Meek, Paul 5-Feb-2023
92023How fast is fast? Defining velocity zones in women's rugby leagueCummins, Cloe ; Charlton, Glen ; Paul, David ; Buxton, Simon; Murphy, Aron 16-Jun-2022
102023An examination of the security of the TR-31 and AS 2805 schemesVan Der Merwe, Arthur ; Paul, David ; Schmalz, Jelena ; Schaerf, Timothy M 4-Oct-2023
112023Demystifying xAOSF/AOSR Framework in the Context of Digital Twin and Industry 4.0Ud Din, Fareed ; Paul, David 18-May-2023
12Nov-2022AOSR: an agent oriented storage and retrieval WMS planner for SMEs, associated with AOSF framework, under Industry 4.0Ud Din, Fareed ; Paul, David ; Henskens, Frans; Wallis, Mark; Hashmi, Muhammad Adnan12-Jul-2023
13Nov-2022Designing a RESTful Northbound Interface for Incompatible Software Defined Network ControllersAlghamdi, Abdullah ; Paul, David ; Sadgrove, Edmund 20-Jul-2023
149-Jul-2022Modelling Human Gait using a Nonlinear Differential EquationSchmalz, Jelena ; Paul, David ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Schmalz, Xenia; Cooper, Matthew ; Murphy, Aron11-Oct-2023
15Jun-2022Understanding the management of personal records at home: a virtual guided tourBalogh, Matt ; Billingsley, William ; Paul, David ; Kennan, Mary Anne16-Jul-2023
1622-May-2022Considerations When Designing Sponge-based Extendable-Output Functions for Lightweight and Mobile DevicesTori, Meaad; Paul, David ; Billlingsley, William 22-Jul-2023
17May-2022Womens Rugby League: Identifying speed zonesCummins, Cloe ; Buxton, Simon; Charlton, Glen ; Paul, David ; Murphy, Aron 26-Jul-2022
18Apr-2022Island-based Cuckoo Search with elite opposition-based learning and multiple mutation methods for solving optimization problemsAbed-alguni, Bilal H.; Paul, David 18-May-2022
199-Feb-2022Attributes of Personal Electronic RecordsBalogh, Matt ; Billingsley, William ; Paul, David ; Kennan, Mary Anne20-Jul-2023
203-Feb-2022Smart Farming with Wireless Visual Sensor NetworksAseel Hasan Edan Al-Nasar; Sadgrove, Edmund ; Fleming, Peter ; Falzon, Gregory ; Paul, David John 8-Aug-2023
212022Improved Salp swarm algorithm for solving single-objective continuous optimization problemsAbed-alguni, Bilal H; Paul, David ; Hammad, Rafat24-May-2022
2224-Nov-2021Biometric Identification of Cattle via Muzzle Print Patterns and Deep Learning in a Few-Shot Learning ContextShojaeipour, Ali ; Cowley, Frances ; Falzon, Gregory ; Paul Kwan; Paul, David 23-Nov-2023
23Nov-2021Automated Muzzle Detection and Biometric Identification via Few-Shot Deep Transfer Learning of Mixed Breed CattleShojaeipour, Ali ; Falzon, Greg ; Kwan, Paul ; Hadavi, Nooshin ; Cowley, Frances C ; Paul, David 28-Jan-2022
24Jul-2021Conceptualised Visualisation of Extended Agent Oriented Smart Factory (xAOSF) Framework with Associated AOSR-WMS SystemUd Din, Fareed ; Paul, David ; Henskens, Frans; Wallis, Mark17-Oct-2021
2529-Jun-2021Women's Rugby League: Positional Groups and Peak Locomotor DemandsCummins, Cloe ; Charlton, Glen ; Paul, David ; Shorter, Kath ; Buxton, Simon; Caia, Johnpaul; Murphy, Aron 18-Oct-2021
26Jun-2021AOSR 2.0: A Novel Approach and Thorough Validation of an Agent-Oriented Storage and Retrieval WMS Planner for SMEs, under Industry 4.0Ud Din, Fareed ; Paul, David ; Ryan, Joe; Henskens, Frans; Wallis, Mark17-Oct-2021
27May-2021Womens rugby league: positional groups and peak locomotor demandsCummins, Cloe ; Charlton, Glen ; Paul, David ; Shorter, Kath ; Buxton, Simon; Caia, JohnPaul; Murphy, Aron 25-Jul-2022
281-Jan-2021Formal specification at model-level of model-driven engineering using modelling techniquesJnanamurthy, H K; Henskens, Frans; Paul, David ; Wallis, Mark5-Jun-2023
292021A RESTful Northbound Interface for Applications in Software Defined NetworksAlghamdi, Abdullah; Paul, David ; Sadgrove, Edmund 9-Nov-2021
30Nov-2020Positional groups and peak locomotor demands in women's rugby leagueCummins, Cloe ; Caia, John-Paul; Buxton, Simon; Charlton, Glen ; Paul, David ; Murphy, Aron 26-Jul-2022
31Mar-2020Validating Time Efficiency of AOSR 2.0: A Novel WMS Planner Algorithm for SMEs, under Industry 4.0Ud Din, Fareed ; Paul, David ; Ryan, Joe; Henskens, Frans; Wallis, Mark31-Aug-2020
322020Revitalising and Validating the Novel Approach of xAOSF Framework Under Industry 4.0 in Comparison with Linear SCUd Din, Fareed ; Paul, David ; Ryan, Joe; Henskens, Frans; Wallis, Mark26-Aug-2020
332020Multi-level analysis of IEC 61131-3 languages to detect clonesJnanamurthy, H K; Jetley, Raoul; Henskens, Frans; Paul, David ; Wallis, Mark; Sudarsan, S D17-Oct-2021
342020Hybridizing the Cuckoo Search Algorithm with Different Mutation Operators for Numerical Optimization ProblemsAbed-alguni, Bilal H; Paul, David J 5-Apr-2019
3515-Mar-2019Computational Modelling of Behavioural Mergers and Acquisitions Pricing TheoryAgarwal, Nipun; Kwan, Paul ; Paul, David 16-Jan-2024
362019Analysis of Industrial Control System Software to Detect Semantic ClonesJnanamurthy, H K; Raoul, Jetley; Henskens, Frans; Paul, David ; Wallis, Mark; Sudarsan, S D2-Sep-2020
372019Agent-Oriented Smart Factory (AOSF): An MAS Based Framework for SMEs Under Industry 4.0Ud Din, Fareed ; Henskens, Frans; Paul, David ; Wallis, Mark26-Aug-2020
3829-Jun-2018On Farm Validation of ASKBILL - A Sheep Wellbeing and Productivity Application for Australian IndustryGoodacre, M; Kemmis, L S; Paul, D ; Kahn, L P ; Shahinfar, S ; Fitzgerald, P T 20-Jun-2019
392018Clone Detection in Model-Based Development Using Formal Methods to Enhance Performance in Software DevelopmentJnanamurthy, H K; Henskens, Frans; Paul, David ; Wallis, Mark2-Sep-2020
402018Formalisation of Problem and Domain Definition for Agent Oriented Smart Factory (AOSF)Ud Din, Fareed ; Henskens, Frans; Paul, David ; Wallis, Mark2-Sep-2020
412018Behavioral merger and acquisition pricing: Application to Verizon mergers with AOL and YahooAgarwal, Nipun; Kwan, Paul H ; Paul, David 18-Feb-2018
422018Merger and acquisition pricing using agent based modellingAgarwal, Nipun; Kwan, Paul ; Paul, David 28-Mar-2018
4320-Jan-2017Merger & Acquisition Pricing Using Agent Based ModellingAgarwal, Nipun; Kwan, Paul ; Paul, David 17-Jan-2024
442017Development of an online smoking cessation program for use in hospital and following discharge: Smoke-free recoveryMcCrabb, Sam; Balogh, Zsolt; Wallis, Mark; Paul, David ; Henskens, Frans; Skelton, Eliza; Bonevski, Billie; Baker, Amanda L; Harris, Ian A; Attia, John; Lott, Natalie; Naylor, Justine; Doran, Christopher; George, Johnson; Wolfenden, Luke5-Sep-2017
452017Gamification in e-Mental Health: Development of a Digital Intervention Addressing Severe Mental Illness and Metabolic SyndromeShaw, Alec; Paul, David ; Billingsley, William ; Kwan, Paul ; Wilson, Rhonda 23-May-2018
462016A Comparison Study of Cooperative Q-learning Algorithms for Independent LearnersAbed-Alguni, Bilal; Paul, David ; Chalup, Stephan; Henskens, Frans25-Feb-2016
472016Implementation and Evaluation of a Component-Based framework for Internet ApplicationsWallis, Mark; Henskens, Frans; Paul, David ; Hannaford, Michael16-Aug-2016
482016Verification of Interactive Automated Air Traffic Control System in a Model Driven ApproachHK, Jnanamurthy; Henskens, Frans; Paul, David 13-Mar-2017
492015A multi-agent cooperative reinforcement learning model using a hierarchy of consultants, tutors and workersAbed-alguni, Bilal H; Chalup, Stephan K; Henskens, Frans A; Paul, David 29-Sep-2015
502014Consumer Participation in Quality Improvements for Chronic Disease Care: Development and Evaluation of an Interactive Patient-Centered Survey to Identify Preferred Service InitiativesFradgley, Elizabeth A; Paul, Christine L; Bryant, Jamie; Roos, Ian A; Henskens, Frans A; Paul, David 5-Apr-2018

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David Paul
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Paul, David
Paul, David J
Paul, D
Paul, David John
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Associate Professor in Computational Science
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Dr David Paul is a computer scientist interested in the Internet and distributed systems, privacy and security, and applied computer science. He completed his studies at the University of Newcastle, where he obtained Bachelors degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science in 2004, before completing Honours in Computer Science in 2005 and a PhD titled "Deliberate Cooperation in Service-Oriented Environments: Dynamic Transactional Workflows for Web Services" in 2012. From 2005-2015, Dr Paul was employed by the Schizophrenia Research Institute, developing an interest in eHealth, while also teaching casually at the University of Newcastle. In 2014, he also started some work with the Health Behaviour Research Group, developing Web applications to conduct and assist with research. In 2015 he accepted a position as a Lecturer in Computational Science at the University of New England in the School of Science and Technology, contributing to a complete redesign of all Computer Science curricula for which the entire Computational Science team was awarded a School of Science and Technology Teaching Award in 2017, and Dr Paul was awarded a School of Science and Technology Development Award for the development of the introductory programming unit COSC110. Since starting at the University of New England, Dr Paul's research interests have broadened into areas such as agriculture and sports science. He has been successful in a number of research grants and supervision of research students. Dr Paul is especially interested in using technology in multidisciplinary settings where they can be of practical use. Dr Paul has extensive experience combining multiple disparate datasets to allow more powerful analysis and modelling than would be possible with any single dataset on its own, while still ensuring privacy even for very sensitive data. While working for the Australian Schizophrenia Research Bank, Dr Paul helped design and develop a system that combines clinical neurophysiological, genetic, and brain image data to create the largest brain research project ever undertaken in Australia. This has resulted in an improved understanding of one of the most perplexing mental disorders around, and the system continues to support further research. As part of his work with the Health Behaviour Research Group, Dr Paul was co-developer of QuON, a system to allow researchers to electronically conduct surveys and aggregate the collected data which has been used by multiple institutions around Australia. The closed-source version of this system adds features that can be difficult to achieve in other online survey systems, such as supporting stratified randomised values, complex branching, automatic creation and dissemination of customised documents, and the automated sharing of metadata with ANDS systems. The skills and experience from his work in mental health were also useful when helping the SheepCRC create the ASKBILL system, which notifies farmers of unusual risks to their sheep. This system combines livestock and pasture information with historic and forecast weather conditions to predict when sheep are at risk from heat or chill events, flystrike, or worm burden. This allows a farmer to more efficiently manage their farm, while also improving the welfare of the animals. Another system, RamSelect allows farmers to improve the genetic profile of their flock by entering desired criteria (e.g. a wool farmer might be interested in finer thread diameter, while a meat farmer would be more interested in animals' growth rates) and ranking rams currently for sale that would best meet the farmer's requirements, without needing to understand the complexities of the genetics involved. While still interested in the areas of mental health and agriculture (for example, Dr Paul has been involved in the development of an Android app to help treat metabolic syndrome, and continues to work in projects related to agriculture), he is also interested in expanding to other application areas. These include more traditional computer science areas such as optimisation and software defined networking, and external areas such as finance and sports science.
School of S&T - Computer Science
Faculty of Science, Ag, Business and Law
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