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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
119-Mar-2024Practices and pain points in personal recordsBalogh, Matt ; Billingsley, William ; Paul, David ; Kennan, Mary Anne; Robertson-Dean, Melanie 17-May-2024
22024Diverging assessments: What, Why, and ExperiencesSakzad, Amin; Paul, David ; Sheard, Judithe; Brankovic, Ljiljana ; Skerritt, Matthew P; Li, Nan; Minagar, Sepehr; Simon; Billingsley, William 17-May-2024
317-Nov-2023Data Sharing Ecosystems and the Creation of Value from DataWysel, Matthew ; Baker, Derek ; Billingsley, William 28-Nov-2023
418-Nov-2022Lightweight Mapping of Identify Verification Methods and Secondary Course Aspects: “Swiss Cheese” ModellingBillingsley, William 11-Oct-2023
5Jun-2022Understanding the management of personal records at home: a virtual guided tourBalogh, Matt ; Billingsley, William ; Paul, David ; Kennan, Mary Anne16-Jul-2023
622-May-2022Considerations When Designing Sponge-based Extendable-Output Functions for Lightweight and Mobile DevicesTori, Meaad; Paul, David ; Billlingsley, William 22-Jul-2023
79-Feb-2022Attributes of Personal Electronic RecordsBalogh, Matt ; Billingsley, William ; Paul, David ; Kennan, Mary Anne20-Jul-2023
8Oct-2021Data sharing platforms: How value is created from agricultural dataWysel, Matthew ; Baker, Derek ; Billingsley, William 26-Aug-2021
92021On the need for open teaching on the JamStackBillingsley, William 5-May-2022
102021Employing Authentic Analytics for More Authentic TasksBillingsley, William ; Fletcher, Peter 31-Mar-2022
112021An Accelerated CS0 for Online Mature-Age Part-Time StudentsBillingsley, William ; Vitale, Jonathan 15-Jul-2021
122021Asynchronous critiques via video to enable studio collaboration for employability skills in distance educationBillingsley, William ; Phan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing ; Kwan, Paul ; Gromik, Nicolas ; Torbay, Rosemary ; Fletcher, Peter R ; Subedi, Dambaru 3-Aug-2021
133-Jul-2020Thinking About ProgrammingBillingsley, William 4-Aug-2021
1429-Feb-2020Circuits Up!Billingsley, William 4-Aug-2021
152020Towards a shared narrative of playfulness in Online ClassesBillingsley, William 3-Aug-2021
162020Revisiting the intelligent book: Towards seamless intelligent content and continuously deployed coursesBillingsley, William 3-Aug-2021
172020Veautiful, The Coding Escape, and Circuits Up - a demo of reactive client-side materials inspired by the Intelligent BookBillingsley, William 4-Aug-2021
1827-May-2019The Case of the Fragmented ClassroomBillingsley, William 2-Aug-2021
1927-Feb-2019A Technologist's Agenda for Scriptable, Smart, Social, and Republishable CoursesBillingsley, William 22-Apr-2019
20Feb-2019Taking a Studio Course in Distributed Software Engineering from a Large Local Cohort to a Small Global CohortBillingsley, William ; Torbay, Rosemary ; Fletcher, Peter R ; Thomas, Richard N; Steel, Jim R H; Süß, Jörn Guy13-Oct-2019
212019Factors that influence teachers' decisions to use smartphone clicker apps to enhance teacher-student interactions in university classrooms in Saudi ArabiaAljaloud, Abdulaziz; Billingsley, William ; Kwan, Paul 18-Mar-2019
222019Saudi undergraduate students' perceptions of the use of smartphone clicker apps on learning performanceAljaloud, Abdulaziz; Gromik, Nicolas ; Kwan, Paul ; Billingsley, William 14-Mar-2019
232017Competitive reinforcement learning in Atari gamesMcKenzie, Mark; Loxley, Peter ; Billingsley, William ; Wong, Sebastien6-Nov-2017
242017Gamification in e-Mental Health: Development of a Digital Intervention Addressing Severe Mental Illness and Metabolic SyndromeShaw, Alec; Paul, David ; Billingsley, William ; Kwan, Paul ; Wilson, Rhonda 23-May-2018
252016Using a Video-Based Critique Process to Support Studio Pedagogies in Distance Education - A Tool and Pilot StudyBillingsley, William ; Ngu, Bing ; Phan, Huy ; Gromik, Nicolas ; Kwan, Paul H 16-Mar-2017
262016Data Affordances and the Dynamics of Constraints in RedesignBillingsley, William 14-Jul-2016
272016Indirect Interaction: A Computing Lecture for Five to Seven Year-OldsBillingsley, William ; Kwan, Paul H 15-Jun-2016
282015Research trends in student response systems: a literature reviewAljaloud, Abdulaziz; Gromik, Nicolas ; Billingsley, William ; Kwan, Paul H 11-Jan-2016
292014Towards a Supercollaborative Software Engineering MOOCBillingsley, William ; Steel, Jim R H15-Jun-2017
302013A Comparison of Two Iterations of a Software Studio Course Based on Continuous IntegrationBillingsley, William ; Steel, Jim26-Jun-2017
312012Using Continuous Integration of Code and Content to Teach Software Engineering with Limited ResourcesSub, Joern Guy; Billingsley, William 26-Jun-2017
322010Towards a Diagnostic Toolbox for Medical CommunicationBillingsley, William ; Gallois, Cindy; Smith, Andrew; Marks, Timothy; Bernal, Fernando; Watson, Marcus16-Feb-2018
332010COMLEX: Visualizing Communication for Research and Saving LivesBillingsley, William ; Gallois, Cindy; Smith, Andrew; Watson, Marcus16-Feb-2018
342009Intelligent Books: Combining Reactive Learning Exercises with Extensible and Adaptive Content in an Open-Access Web ApplicationBillingsley, William ; Robinson, Peter15-Feb-2018
352007Student proof exercises using MathsTiles and isabelle/HOL in an intelligent bookBillingsley, William ; Robinson, Peter24-Jan-2018
362006Writing questions for an intelligent book using external AIRehman, Kasim; Billingsley, William ; Robinson, Peter12-Feb-2018
372005Towards an intelligent online textbook for discrete mathematicsBillingsley, William ; Robinson, Peter2-May-2018

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