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1Jul-2022Youth, politics, and youth-led political violence in NepalShrestha, Ramesh; Subedi, Dambaru 2-Sep-2022
22022Religion, Extremism and Buddhist-Muslim Relations in Sri LankaSubedi, D B 14-Mar-2023
32022The Emergence of Populist Nationalism and 'Illiberal' Peacebuilding in Sri LankaSubedi, DB 14-Oct-2021
4Dec-2021Power, identity and precarity: Sex workers' "lived experience" of violence and social injustice in BangladeshSultana, Habiba; Subedi, DB 30-Nov-2021
5Sep-2021Rise of Competitive Authoritarianism in BangladeshMostofa, Shafi M D; Subedi, D B 21-Sep-2020
618-Feb-2021How is Myanmar's Military Coup Revealing the Youth's Changing Political Culture?Subedi, D B ; Garnett, Johanna 4-Jul-2022
75-Feb-2021Myanmar's military has used surveillance, draconian laws and fear to stifle dissent before. Will it work again?Subedi, D B ; Garnett, Johanna 4-Jul-2022
82021From a 'cultural logic' to an 'institutional logic': The politics of human rights in Pacific Island CountriesSubedi, Dambaru ; Nanau, Gordon; Magar, Dip29-Sep-2021
92021Populism, authoritarianism, and charismatic-plebiscitary leadership in contemporary Asia: a comparative perspective from India and MyanmarSubedi, D B ; Scott, Alan 18-Jun-2021
102021Asynchronous critiques via video to enable studio collaboration for employability skills in distance educationBillingsley, William ; Phan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing ; Kwan, Paul ; Gromik, Nicolas ; Torbay, Rosemary ; Fletcher, Peter R ; Subedi, Dambaru 3-Aug-2021
11Apr-2020De-mystifying Buddhist religious extremism in Myanmar: confrontation and contestation around religion, development and state-buildingSubedi, D B ; Garnett, Johanna 15-May-2020
122020Countering violent extremism through state-society partnerships: a case study of de-radicalisation programmes in IndonesiaAgastia, I Gusti Bagus Dharma; Perwita, Anak Agung Banyu; Subedi, D B 15-May-2020
132020Post-Conflict Crime and Violence in Nepal: Trends, Dynamics and DriversSubedi, D B 29-Jul-2020
142019Economic rehabilitation of terrorists: What can be learned from disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration programmes?Subedi, D B 29-Jun-2020
152018Sri Lanka's Developmental Path to Reconciliation: Narratives and Counter-Narratives from the MarginsSubedi, Dambaru B 14-Jun-2018
162018Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific: A Concluding Review of Ten Case StudiesJenkins, Bertram A ; Jenkins, Kathryn A ; Subedi, Dambaru B 14-Jun-2018
172018Combatants to Civilians Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Maoist Fighters in Nepal's Peace ProcessSubedi, D B 15-May-2020
182018Reconciliation in Conflict-Affected Communities: Practices and Insights from the Asia-PacificJenkins, Bertram A ; Subedi, Dambaru B ; Jenkins, Kathryn A 14-Jun-2018
192018The Nexus Between Reintegration of Ex-combatants and Reconciliation in Nepal: A Social Capital ApproachSubedi, Dambaru B ; Jenkins, Bertram A 14-Jun-2018
202018Introduction: Reconciliation - A Transformatory Process Across Culture and SocietyJenkins, Kathryn A ; Subedi, Dambaru B ; Jenkins, Bertram A 14-Jun-2018
212017The April Uprising: How a Nonviolent Struggle Explains the Transformation of Armed Conflict in NepalSubedi, D B ; Bhattarai, Prakash15-May-2020
222017Early Warning and Response for Preventing Radicalization and Violent ExtremismSubedi, Dambaru B 21-May-2017
232017Myanmar's 'Rohingya issue' is a regional refugee crisis - ASEAN must interveneSubedi, Dambaru B 18-Jul-2018
242017Managing Armed Groups in Myanmar's Peace Process: Security Sector Governance as a Way ForwardSubedi, Dambaru B 12-Feb-2018
252016Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism: Engaging Peacebuilding and Development ActorsSubedi, Dambaru B ; Jenkins, Bertram A 4-Nov-2016
262016Caste System and Resistance: The Case of Untouchable Hindu Sweepers in BangladeshSultana, Habiba; Subedi, Dambaru B 11-Dec-2017
272015Security Dimension of Post-conflict Recovery: Nepal's Experience in Disarmament and Demobilisation of People's Liberation Army FightersSubedi, Dambaru B 1-Jun-2015
282014Does cash induce corruption in DDR programmes? Unpacking the experience from NepalSubedi, Dambaru B 27-Jun-2014
292014Discontents and Resistance of 'Unverified' Ex-combatants and Challenges to their Rehabilitation in NepalSubedi, Dambaru Ballav 30-Apr-2015
302014Dealing with Ex-Combatants in a Negotiated Peace Process: Impacts of Transitional Politics on the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Programme in NepalSubedi, Dambaru B 23-Dec-2014
312014Ex-combatants, Security and Post-conflict Violence: Unpacking the Experience from NepalSubedi, Dambaru B 29-Aug-2014
322014Cultivating Peace: Contexts, Practices and Multidimensional ModelsWare, Helen ; Jenkins, Bertram A ; Branagan, Marty ; Subedi, Dambaru B 18-Nov-2014
332014Mobilising Insurgents: Ideology, Coercion and Security in the Maoist Insurgency in NepalSubedi, Dambaru B 18-Nov-2014
342014Conflict, Combatants, and Cash: Economic Reintegration and Livelihoods of Ex-combatants in NepalSubedi, Dambaru B 2-May-2014
352013From civilian to combatant: armed recruitment and participation in the Maoist conflict in NepalSubedi, Dambaru B 7-Mar-2014
362013"Pro-Peace Entrepreneur" or "Conflict Profiteer"? Critical Perspective on the Private Sector and Peacebuilding in NepalSubedi, Dambaru B 8-Apr-2013
372012Economic Dimension of Peacebuilding: Insights into Post-conflict Economic Recovery and Development in NepalSubedi, Dambaru B 2-Jan-2013
382012Spaces for the Private Sector in Post Conflict Economic Recovery in NepalSubedi, Dambaru B 3-Jul-2017
392011Rehabilitation and reintegration of the Maoist ex-combatants in Nepal: issues, challenges and potential lessonsSubedi, Dambaru Ballav 15-Oct-2012

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